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My V Bride. Chapter 57

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 57

Fred’s POV

A Month later!

I have neither made love with the pregnant woman neither have I made love with Sonia.

But I’ve got intentionally close with the woman than Sonia. Sometimes, I would be in the same room with the woman from morning till night.

As a matter of fact, I had not spoken to Sonia for the past two weeks.

The pregnant lady bears Anita, I was helpless and couldn’t do things I really wish to do cause I’ve got no money.

I had just finished eating, the AC in the house was exhausted and if Sonia and I were on good terms, I would have told her to refill it.

I went outside to sit on a stool in a bit to receive fresh air, Sonia alighted from a cab at a distance away from home.

She walked with her hand bag and as she wanted to walk in, she stopped.

We stopped greeting a while ago so I wasn’t expecting her greetings.

“You hurt me Fred.” She lamented.

I turned to her, deep down inside of me, I had been expecting her to start a conversation with me.

“Your broke me totally by entangling me with a different man.” I said.

She bite her lips painfully and her eyes were pregnant with tears already.

“You now love the woman right?” She asked.

“You made me to.” I replied.

“You will never understand me.” She said.

“I won’t….so what?”

“I want to file for divorce, I will just accept my fate and live single all my life.” She said.

I wasn’t expecting to hear that from her. Yes! I was planning to divorce her before but I will be lying if I say that I stopped loving her.

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I love her with passion and hearing that she’s already thinking of divorce hurts me.

“Do whatever you want.” I said indifferently.

” Fred!”

“Why are you calling my name? Didn’t you get me stuck with the lady?” I asked, I was so bitter inside but I was hiding it.

“Can’t we run away from this woman, I’ve worked and saved enough money, she will never find us again.” Sonia said.

“Why don’t you know more than us running away, can’t we stay and fight our battles?” I asked.

“I’m actually thinking this; What if the pregnancy in the woman is not mine? ” I asked

Her face became dull and she adjusted back in fear.

“What’s it?” I asked.

She shook her head and said; “Did she tell you?”

“Tell me what, again?” I was confused.