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My V Bride. Chapter 88

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My V Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 88

Anita’s MOM

The soldier came to me and stood before me. “I’ll beat the hê-Ll out of you woman.”

Anita appeared and shouted; “Mike, what are you trying to do?”

Mike turned to her and replied; “Let me teach this woman some hard lessons.”

I smirked.

“Oh no! I don’t want trouble” Anita ran to him and dragged him away.

“Thank your fate.” The man said and I watched as Anita dragged him inside the house.

I was angry that the glass of my window broke but I was just going to let it go.

I walked inside my car and drove away.


Three Months later!

Fred’s POV

“Sonia, what’s going on? It’s being five good months that we have been making love and I always relë-ase inside you, but you are still not pregnant or are you using drugs?” I asked.

“I’m not using drugs, I don’t know the cause aslo.”

“And have you complained to the doctor?”I asked.

” You are asking as if it’s my problem, I’m not surprised since Anita is about to deliver your baby.” She said angrily.

I walked to her and sat beside her.

“Common! Don’t even talk like that, you know how much I love you, I can count the number of times I have seen Anita, the pregnancy inside Anita was a mistake , it would not in any way affect our marriage.” I said.

She was quiet and kept looking away.

“Fine ,let’s see a doctor then.” I said.


Sonia and I sat before the doctor who had just tested her.

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“Your womb is okay and I couldn’t find anything wrong with you. I could have assume that the problem is with your husband but he had already impregnated someone else ,so the problem could not be from him.” The doctor explained.

“What do I do?” Sonia asked.

“I really can not say. Medically, there is nothing that you can do than to keep trying.” The doctor answered.

Sonia lowered her head sadly and I curved my arms around her.

“Common baby!” We both stood and walked out.

As I drove home, I kept glancing at her, she looked sad and seems to be thinking a lot.

“Sonia, would you stop thinking?” I asked.

“I should stop thinking? Hmmm….It’s not that easy, could I be barren?”

“Never, you are not, don’t think like that Sonia.”