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My V Husband. Chapter 6

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My V. Husband.

Chapter 6

Rose’s POV

Just as I was about to place my mouth there, he stood up fearfully, sweats were already forming on his body like something out of the world was happening to him.

I kept looking at him in deep surprise mixed with frustration. “Ethan!”

“Rose! Your mouth will deflower me!” He said pitifully and I almost felt like crying.

What kind of husband have I married now?

“Ethan…okay sit, I’ve got a question for you.”

He went to sit at the edge of the bed with his legs on the floor.

“Hum! Ethan, are we going to have babies in his relationship?”

“Sure.” He replied bluntly.

“Really? How do we make that happen?”

“How else, my wife?”

“Hey! You are calling me your wife? So you know I’m your wife?”

“Of course, I do. And I’m your husband.”

I grinned briefly. “You haven’t answer my question, if we do not make Love, how else are we gonna have babies?”

“Remember Mary the mother of Jesus, she never made Love and gave birth, yet Joseph was the father of child.”

I folded my hands at his words and felt like I was hearing the wrong thing.

“Young man, do I look like Mary to you? Did an Angel appear to me that I will give birth?”

“Maybe an angel will appear to you, who knows.” He said and looked away.

“Ethan, you are frustrating me. It’s not possible for us to have babies without us having to make Love, don’t you get that? Check google…it’s even logical…how can you be expecting me to give birth without us making Love.”

He kept quiet.

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“Or…maybe you have someone else outside.”

He looked at me all of a sudden. “I swear to you Rose, you are the only woman in my life, the love of my life, my sweet potato, my honey, my pepper and…” He probably got short of words and went silent as he lowered his head sullenly.

“Ha ha… Who is your pepper? So because you called me potato and honey, you decided to add pepper?”

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