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On The Lioness Tail. Episode 24

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Episode 24.

He caught her up before she could get to her horse

She slapped his hand off and pulled out her sword, pointed it towards him.

“Kaya… please listen to me first…

She lowered her sword and took a foot closer to him.

“How long…?

Yuri looked at her confused. He didn’t understand the question.

“I said how long have you been bedding your slave?

He breathed deeply.

“…Answer the question now!

She screamed at him.

“Kaya…Kaya…is about three times. But that was before I met you. I don’t touch a woman when I’m going to war or some other important task but whenever I return… Leni made herself available for me to ease off. Kaya…ever since our path crossed I have never being with another woman not until today. You are meant to marry as a virgin and I totaly respected that and has never demanded anything awkward from you. I have never touched a woman ever since the gods brought you into my life. I did nothing with Leni today… except for a kiss…I can swear on my sword.

Kaya stood, anger rising as she stared at him. She put back her sword.
Yuri made an attempt to touch her, she drew her sword angrily and hit him right on the shoulder where he had a deep cut during the arena fight.

Yuri winced in serious pain, he staggered back as fresh blood began to run down from his shoulder.

“If you ever touch me again with your filthy hand, I will harvest your manhood from it’s root and throw it to the dogs to feast on. Keep your distance and I don’t want to see you in Zukumo kingdom Yuri…

She put back her sword, moved closer to him and began to speak calmly.

“….i went too hot on you back at the arena. I didn’t calculate my words and spoke angrily because I did not want any further blood shed. All I wanted was peace and for the whole fight to end. You fought so well Yuri and I made me very proud, deep down I began thanking the gods for blessing me with your special kind. Your type is rare and I wanted you more than ever…

Yuri swallowed hard, he didn’t know where the talk was heading to. He gasped out hoping it will end well. Kaya continued.

… When you left angrily, I decided to come after you and apologies and also shower you your well deserved praise which I left out back during our misunderstanding. My parents gave their permission because they also cared about you. But getting here only for you to surprise me instead. How can you even have appetite to bed a woman with all this injuries on your body?

He didn’t utter a word or try to reply her.
Kaya turned and moved towards her horse when Yuri didn’t say anything.

Yuri bit his lips while sucking through the pain that Kaya brought back to live.
He did not even know what to say or do to pacify her.

“What do you want me to do? I will sell Leni off, I will travel down to abyss, the darkest place on earth for your sake, I will even return back to the lioness cave, accept any fight challenge, do anything for you Kaya. Please…all I ask is for you to forgive me. I have wronged you… I’m sorry Kaya.

“If you want to prove anything to me start by bringing me the head of your slave girl while I wait.

Yuri looked at her stunned. Kaya wanted Leni’s head? He has to kill Leni and bring her head to Kaya in order to prove how much he loves her.

He looked on, speechless and hoping Kaya was only joking but she shouted it like a command again.

Yuri swallowed hard, took few steps back.
Leni has done no wrong that is deserving of death except that she never hide the truth of wanting him.
Those cold and scary night that he kept dreaming of war and dead men rising to attack him in a battle, Leni kept him warm and her mare touch sent sweet sensation all over his spine.

“Kaya… please. I have known you to be loving and compassionate.. kindly reconsider your request. I will sell Leni, asked other slave to flog her until her flesh falls off, I will have her tortured if you want but killing a vulnerable woman who has no deep offense is not my kind of person.

Kaya didn’t say anything as they stared at each other. Heart beating thunderously.

Yuri later said.

“…. alright..I will have another do it if you want. Her head will be brought to you if that will make you happy…

Kaya curved a smile and said.

“Nobody else, except you. You have to be the one to bring me her head. Whatever you have to do all I want to see is her head while I wait… the day is growing dark. I don’t have much time to waste here. Leni’s head is all I asked for and want it now. I have an idea… bring Leni here, right in my presence and cut off her head. I want to watch it happen and enjoy every show of it. You wanted to cut off your opponent arm and me stopping you from such a barbaric act was my only offence that brought us to this stage. Since you enjoys a show of human blood then I’m your guest this time. you claims to love me then do my bidding without further delay.

Yuri breathed deeply before nodding.

“Give me a little time…i..hmmm…I will be back with your request.

He turned and asked a servant to fetch Leni.
And in no time Leni was standing before Kaya and Yuri.

“Go ahead and cut off her head.
Kaya barked.

Leni hearing that fell to her knees. Crying and begging Kaya. She lay at Kaya’s leg with head bowed pleading seriously.

Kaya kicked her away and asked Yuri to cut her head off.

Yuri asked that his sword be brought to him and a servant came with it and handed it over to him with a bow before running off.

Leni screamed out in terror. Other servants came out to watch the horrific scene that was about to happen.

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Yuri grabbed Leni by the hair and pulled her to her knees, he brought out his sword.
Leni shut her eyes and did not stop begging Kaya but immediately she saw her master brings out sword to slaughter her she went numb.
Only tears could be seen running down her face.

She has mistaken her master’s passion in bed for love. When she first saw the fierce looking yet beautiful mistress with him she knows she was trouble and has gone to plead to her to leave Yuri alone. One of the worst mistakes of her life.

When her master retuned earlier wounded, it was her chance to show how much she had missed his touch, the sweet taste of his mouth and warmth of his body. She has yawn for him for so long and decided to make good use of the opportunity.
She never knew it will lead to her death.
She wish for another chance to live.
A chance she will never misuse but it seems that such will never be hers again.
She remained still, waiting for whatever that will come next.

Yuri swallowed hard severally before raising his sword high.

Some of the slaves covered their eyes.

As he was about to lower his sword Kaya raised her hand, ordering him to stop.

“Let her go. You have proven your stupid point which means nothing to me. I don’t want you still…stay away from me Yuri. You are a harden man…

Yuri left Leni, she laid facedown crying and thanking Kaya.
She later scrambled away before Kaya will change her mind.

Kaya saddled her horse and was about to leave but Yuri blocked the way.
He beat his chest hard as more blood fell off from his wounded body, Yuri didn’t care about the pain or the blood.

“You have to run me over Kaya for you to be able to pass. My name is Yuri, the greatest worrior in eleven kingdoms. I have never loved or cared for a woman like I loved you and I won’t let you hurt me this way. You can’t leave me Kaya…no. I will never let go of you. Except you never loved me. You pointed a sword at me at the arena, challenging me to a fight… All I wanted was to fight and prove how deeply i loved you. I was ready to fight any man that tries to challenge that fact… I was emotionally wounded when you hit a sword out of my hand and dares me to go after my opponent that cut my body open and could have killed me if the gods has allowed it. Nobody born of a woman dares do what you did to me in a battle ground. I saw you speaking to prince Dhaki the man who caused all of this and i thought he was trying to win you over with his lullaby. I was angry for many reasons and returned home. I wasn’t thinking right and wasn’t in a good frame of mind when Leni came in. I do not blame anyone for my wrongs…I should have asked her to leave me alone but i didn’t. I wanted to forget what you did to me…get my mind together before coming back to Zukumo. I deeply apologies Kaya… please…for the sake of the gods… forgive me. Be merciful and don’t count on my wrongs…I will never in my life time wrong you again. Kaya, don’t leave me I beg you. I’m incomplete without you. But if you insist in leaving then run me over with your horse, kill me with your own hands, put a sword to my heart so that I will stop living…that is the only way I will be able to forget you…

Kaya made her horse to jump over Yuri who was shocked at Kaya’s level of energy.

She rode off quickly and as fast as she could.

She arrived Zukumo late. her father and mother were still up.

“How did it go? We got so worry for unknown reason and decided to wait up hoping you will return. Are you okay…

Chief Dre asked.

Kaya nodded.

“I’m alright father. I want to wash off and head to bed. My head is pounding…I need to rest.

Opa spoke.
“Kaya… what happened. You looked beaten. Is about the fight challenge or did Yuri upset you..

“No, is about me mother. I don’t know or understand the gods anymore. Maybe the fight shouldn’t have happened in the first place, or probably Yuri isn’t the right one. I just don’t know the ways of the gods or what exactly they mean with the signs they showed me. I’m exhausted from thinking…hmm! But i will be alright.

Chief Dre gasped out.

“I’m sorry Kaya…I don’t know what exactly you are passing through but the gods are wise and never makes mistake. They chosed you because they know you are the only one capable of overcoming any challenge thrown at you. They made you strong from the womb. I’m certain you will scale through. You will make a great leader for the people of Zukumo and beyond. I’m sorry that I didn’t stop the fight when the heat was on…I saw how uncomfortable you were. The crowd seems to be having the best moment and I wanted to let everyone enjoy the show because it was obvious Yuri was highly favored by the gods. I’m sorry Kaya. But remember… Yuri fought hard for you because he loves you…I know Dhaki too tries to show off his skills but Yuri has the gods favor for reasons i don’t know. If you don’t want Yuri…is okay. I’m still alive and will make sure you are happy and make the right choice for a husband. Since you are not sure of the present man…Yuri, should we start another search for a suitor ..by making announcement and taking messages around kingdoms in this coming week?

Kaya wasn’t sure of what to reply her father.
She was tired and needed to rest.
But what if she misinterpreted the gods riddle concerning a man who’s finger was eaten by the beast?
What if Yuri isn’t the one they referred to?

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“Alright father!

That was her only reply as she bid them goodnight.

After few days, another search for a suitor began.

Messages were sent out to different Kingdoms and different great men started coming to see if they will be qualified.

Kaya wasn’t relaxed or happy even as fine, wealthy men came to seek her hand in marriage.
She didn’t find any of them appealing.
More men continued to come.

“Why is there another search for suitor? What happened to Yuri? That young man appears to be the chosen one and you were quiet taken by him. What is the problem?

Bambira asked Kaya
Kaya didn’t want to tell anybody about Yuri but she always feels comfortable talking to her grandmother concerning anything.

“Yuri…I caught him bedding his beautiful slave girl. Grandma Bambi…she was right in his chamber naked and they were entangled together… right in his chamber…

She quickly looked away so that her grandmother won’t see her troubled face.

Bambira saw she was trying hard to blink back tears

“Is okay to cry. You can’t be strong all the time my child. Tears doesn’t make you weak rather it refine our strength and shows that we’re still human. Let it out. You loved him right…?

Kaya for the very first time released herself and allowed the tears to flow freely.
She wiped her eyes.

“Grandma…I didn’t realize how much…I loved him until I saw him with another woman. Is a scene that I can’t wish for my enemy. Yuri broke me into pieces. I can’t stand him or bear him touching me. It will disgust me to the marrow. I will choose a suitor soon, I just haven’t found any one who is worthy of that yet. I will be fine…I hate unnecessary emotions caused by Yuri. I just can’t get him off my head…I feel so messed up. I can’t believe I’m crying over a man…

“Maybe you should forgive him and stop beating yourself so hard. I’m sorry that he hurt you. I’m not taking side with him but Yuri is a strong willed man who loves you passionately. I don’t know the reason why he fell into another woman’s arm. men like Yuri maybe egoistic but they can stoop low when their heart becomes vulnerable. I saw you child…i saw the way you jumped into the fighting ground and pointed a sword towards Yuri. I don’t know what he said or did that brought about such ill actions but it was clear he left angrily because of what you did. And ever since then you have been sad and none of the new fine suitor is appealing to you. Is either Yuri or you chose another. A choice have to be made sooner or later.

Kaya was silent as the grandmother was talking.
She later explained to her grandmother how she realized her wrongs and decided to go and apologies only to catch him in the arm of his naked slave girl.

Bambira spoke softly yet a word of wisdom only the old can give.

The last day came for her to finally make her choice.
Many men from different kingdom gathered waiting for Kaya.

Kaya saw Dhaki among the new suitors.

pulled him aside and began to question him on why he came.

“I came back again after getting another message that the princess of Zukumo kingdom, chief Dre’s daughter. princess Kaya is in search for a suitor. What of Yuri… you rejected me because of him. Did he hurt you?… you found out he isn’t right for you? I came back before another man will claim what is mine. Kaya…we are meant to be can’t you see? No man will love you like I do or be able to make a great leader like I will. I cherish you, you are like the first beat of the rain in autumn. The loveliest among all. You have the strength of many men, the wisdom of the old and the beauty like the purest sun. Your smile echos like the…

Somebody spoke behind them.
They turned at the same time and shock at who they were staring at.

The almighty Yuri looked back at prince Dhaki with a big frown on his face.

“I thought I beat you and your men during the fight challenge and you promised to stay away from Kaya .A royalty was meant to keep his every word… what sort of a man are you that breaks his promise..? Your poet sound like an over used line… why not get something doing with your life?

A disappointed Dhaki faced Yuri.
“Jagwa died after two days. He didn’t survive the sword to his heart. I wish you were the one dead and forgotten. You have become a big threat to me and the love of my life. You don’t deserve her which maybe why she rejected you in the first place… Kaya loves me and can never love you… never. Mark my words… you are mean, wicked and self centered and do not know how to love a woman. You can’t even sing a lovely poem to her. You can’t make a good leader neither will Kaya ever chose you. She will never be yours let’s watch and see….

Kaya interrupted Dhaki.

“That’s enough. Please excuse me prince Dhaki…I want to speak to Yuri in private.

Dhaki later left while Kaya waited until he was gone before raising a hand to strike Yuri.

“I warned you that I don’t want to see you in Zukumo. What are you doing here?

“I heard the news of you searching for a suitable man to marry and came as every other man here asking for your hand in marriage. I want to start all over Kaya. I was going straight to see your father when I saw you talking to Dhaki. If you want me dead then rejecting me is the fastest way to kill me because my life isn’t mine ever since you left me. I brought a small poisoned dagger knife… just in case you decide to kill me. I will rather die in Zukumo kingdom than back at Fiji, I will be glad to die in the hand of the only woman I ever loved… Kaya.

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Kaya rolled her eyes as Yuri presented her with a small dagger.

“…is the fastest way to kill me. Take it and dig it to my heart because I’m not living Zukumo kingdom until you have truly forgiven me. Kaya…!

Yuri swallowed hard as he urged her to take the knife but she didn’t.

“If you are looking for who to kill you then go somewhere else and search. Zukumo soil is not for blood shed. And if you think you can use this format and return back to my life then you are a joker. I’m done with you Yuri…I don’t hate you. I forgive you outrightly but don’t want to have anything intimate with you. I’m still nursing my heart from the shock you gave me, there’s no place for you in it again…

She made attempt to walk away but Yuri stopped her.

“Is this how you are going to rule Zukumo because a ruler is meant to be compassionate and forgive truly. Is obvious you haven’t forgiven me Kaya. Do you want prince Dhaki or one of those men out there? Your reason for wanting Dhaki is it because of his enticing poet… I can’t compose like him but the only poet I can think off right now is “take this dagger, gurge out my heart and throw it to the dust because I can’t breathe well without you…I don’t know if any of that makes sense…I..I..

Kaya suddenly started laughing, a surprised Yuri paused and saw that it was a real laughter, she wasn’t being sarcastic.

“Your line of poet sound so horrible. Dhaki may be far better with that. Swallow your pride and go so that he can tutor you. Take lessons from him that you can use to woe your next woman.

She said it calmly and not in an angry way.

Yuri smiled. He stammered a little then kept quiet.

Kaya looked into his eyes for the first time since they started the conversation sending sensation all over his body.

Yuri moved uncomfortably. Not knowing what to say.

“I have miss you.

She finally admitted out loud shocking Yuri who stammered again. He wish she knew how much her absence within few weeks had caused him.

“I love you so much Kaya, beyond words can say. I thought I will never see you again…

Kaya moved closer to him and said.

“I was very angry with you Yuri and didn’t want to see you ever again. But seeing you now is a relief but don’t get your hopes up because that doesn’t mean that you stand a chance..

Yuri gently drew her to himself before she could speak further, she didn’t reject rather she wrapped her hand around him. Holding him tight.

He kissed her forehead while holding onto her like his life depends on it.

Somebody cleared throat loudly close to them
Kaya quickly loosen up from Yuri.

It was Bambira, her grandmother.

Kaya went to her and whispered something into her ears making the elderly woman to smile.

“Your father is asking of you. I decided to stretch my old legs in search of you. Prince Dhaki is with your father, and other suitors too. I guess is time to finally pick a husband.

Bambira looked at Yuri, who bowed his head in greeting.
She gently tapped his shoulder. She took Kaya by the hand and left, Yuri followed behind.

When Kaya got to where everyone was gathered, the men turned to face her. Yuri stood watching. Kaya looked over at Dhaki smiling.
Dhaki retuned the smile with full force and knew that Kaya probably wants him.

“I don’t think the search for a suitor should continue. Every man should return to his kingdom, I have already made my choice which will stand from this day onward. I have a big wedding to plan…

Yuri looked at her puzzled wondering what she was talking about. Did he mistake her words, hug, and her actions. he thought he had a chance even though she has made it clear initially? Who did Kaya chose to be her husband? What is he supposed to do now… return to Fiji and then what next? His heart was beating uncontrollable. He looked over at a happy Dhaki then back at Kaya who was smiling at his horrible dance.

Other men on the same quest dropped their kind wishes to her as they turned to leave.

Dhaki laughed out loud. He didn’t need to be told that Kaya has chosen him.
Kaya didn’t mention any man’s name but he knew she chosed him by her action.

He laughed very loud so that Yuri can hear him and crawl up in shame. He was throwing a dance step around Kaya who stood watching him with a curved smile on her lips.

She looked over at Yuri who looked away broken.
Yuri wish he can talk to somebody who will plead on his behalf for Kaya to reconsider him but it already late.
Kaya hates him and will never be his.

His life is shattered in dust because of a horrible mistake.

A grown man like him can’t be seen crying. Definitely not right here because all he wanted to do is to wail out his soul.

Lossing Kaya was like loosing everything he ever valued. He may never be able to get over it.

He turned like other men, not knowing where exactly to go or what to do.

Yuri noticed Bambira watching him, he didn’t want the elderly woman to mistake his sad face, Yuri tries to smile towards her but he couldn’t cancel his sad demeanor

He will walk round Zukumo kingdom and pass a night somewhere around, probably Uzan will offer him a shelter. He just wanted to be close to Kaya. He may spend few days before finally returning to Fiji.

As he made attempt to leave, someone called his name.
It wasn’t Bambira who was still watching him but Kaya herself.

He turned back and looked at her, she was walking towards him.

Maybe she wants to give him either insult or a final goodbye words.

Whichever one that comes he deserves it.