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On The Lioness Tail. Episode 23

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Episode 23.

Kaya paced up and down the room while Yuri continued wrapping up his hand.

“Calm down Kaya… stop getting all worked up…

Kaya came to sit beside him.

“Why do you want to do this? There’s no point in all of this fight. I want you Yuri and fighting to prove what has been ordained already is of no use… I

Yuri interrupted as he stood.

“You can’t talk me out of this Kaya. I will do anything to prove how much I love you and deserve to be in your life. If I have to earn it there’s no better time than now. I will be a coward if I chickened out. I can’t turn down the fight challenge. Despite I won’t be fighting prince Dhaki but a strongest warrior in his kingdom… I’m not worried one bit.

“What if you are defeated. Yuri… have you ever think about it at all? What if they defeat you…that will be far more shameful than turning the invite down at this point before the fight starts. You still have time to think about it…

Yuri moved to the room window.

“Prince Dhaki and his team defeating me is the risk I’m willing to take. Is better I get defeated in the battle ground which I doubt greatly than to cowardly turn down a fight challenge. Kaya haven’t i said it enough that I’m willing to do anything for you? Anything Kaya which includes fighting to secure your heart. I want to deserve you in every way possible and have you all to myself just like I have given all of myself out to you. Stop worrying about me…I will be fine. I have beaten men far bigger than them, I fought the lioness twice for your people and once for mine after the Chief fell ill and nobody was willing to journey to the cave and die. I took the risk and that was how I got to know more about tekah leaf. Each of this time I was staring death face to face and yet I scaled through. I fought, sustained deep scars but most importantly is that i survived. The gods saved me from the lioness tearing my flesh into pieces. Kaya, none of them have seen or done what I did so they can’t challenges me to a fight and I won’t feed them dust as meal. Everyone of them which includes prince Dhaki will go home both in shame and in pain after the fight is done. I want you to watch me fight…it will be a great honor and a whole boast of energy knowing you are among the crowded audience watching this fight challenge…

Kaya moved to hug him but he stepped away.

“I really want to hold you, kiss you and bury my head in your bossom but the fight is coming up tomorrow and I don’t touch a woman either a day to a fight or the main day of the fight. I purify myself and stay away from drinks, women and any form of distraction. I want a fresh flow of energy and to keep every bad energy at a distance. Please, take no offense but if you insist in hugging me I will have no choice than to break this self discipline that has in time turned into a law. Anything for you my queen…

Kaya smiled, Yuri returned the smile.

She stepped out allowing him to be and not caused further distraction to him.

Even without him wining the fight she was proud of the strong willed man that the gods has decided to bless her with.

The fight challenge was endorsed by the Chief of Zukumo kingdom, chief Dre and announcement was made all around the kingdom.

The following day people from Zukumo kingdom and other Kingdoms started filling up the arena where the fight will take place.
Hawkers brought in their wares to sell. It was a good time to sell all sorts of drinks, packed food and fruits.
Some of them were even selling costums for the big fight which was tagged “a fight for princess Kaya’s heart”

Dhaki arrived with his men and his father was also there to witness it.
King of Fiji kingdom was also around and well seated with other chiefs.

Dhaki saw Kaya sitting in between her mother and grandmother, she was looking at the arena, her mind seems to be occupied.

Dhaki smiled to himself, she will prove to her that he was the only man for her.

Yuri doesn’t have a chance to face the tick skin warrior he brought.
Jagwa was the strongest man in seven Kingdoms and has a lot of kill to his name.
He has never been defeated in a battle before.
He was too strong for a mare man like Yuri to challenge him.
Is an insult to his personality.

Yuri maybe a warrior and have the physics of one but he is nothing compared to Jagwa. Which is why he decided to pay any thing just to have Jagwa represent him in the fight.

Dhaki watched Kaya closely hoping she will look at his end but she didn’t.
She later stood, say something to her mother before walking out.
Dhaki followed her with his eyes, watching to see where she was going.

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Two servants followed her behind, she sent them back.
Dhaki saw his opportunity to talk with her.

She was going towards the hawkers square.
She purchased three packs of cold lemonade tea and some dates which was packed into a leather bag for her.

Dhaki suddenly showed up from nowhere.

“Hey Kaya… how’re you?

Kaya nodded without a word.

“… Kaya, I don’t know why you suddenly dislike me. Everything about us was moving on fine, we were about to be married and all of a sudden Yuri showed up and… things are no longer how it used to be. You cancelled our wedding, All the love we shared… doesn’t it mean anything to you? Don’t you want a man like me to rule alongside you? What is it you want me to do Kaya? This fight match is only to prove to you how much I really want to be in your life. Yuri doesn’t stand a chance with Jagwa… the warrior fighting on my behalf. I’m not a well trained warrior…I could have faced him myself. Kaya…I love you and want you to reconsider me. Yuri is not a man for you. He’s not even a royalty or has the ability to compose lovely poetic rhyme.. those love songs that sweeps you off your feet…he…

The announcement for the fight to begin was made.
Dhaki saw Yuri coming from one direction with his sword securely on his side.

Kaya haven’t seen him yet, is a good time to make him feel bad.

Kaya without replying Dhaki tries to move pass him but he suddenly held her hands.

The crowd of people were tripping in and out. People were buying different things. It was also a good moment for sellers.

A hawker selling chicken kebab almost pushed Dhaki down as she was rushing to attend to some ladies who came to watch the fight.
Dhaki cursed under his breath as he regain back his balance.

Dhaki waited for Yuri to get closer, he moved his body close to Kaya who took a step away from him.

Yuri saw him finally, standing and talking with Kaya.

He grind his teeth angrily, he was being led by the palace guards to the arena. He wondered what Dhaki was discussing with Kaya.
Yuri continued looking at them as Kaya said something probably harsh to Dhaki before walking away.

Dhaki turned and looked at Yuri’s direction and smile.

Yuri moved a facial muscle before looking away.

Dhaki felt satisfied that Yuri saw them.
Although Kaya has warned him off but he was happy that he had opportunity to speak to her.

Kaya had wanted fresh air which was why she took a stroll to the hawkers square and decided to purchase cold drink for her mother and grandmother too.
She wasn’t expecting to see Dhaki and wasn’t in the mood to listen to whatever he had to say but she listened anyway. Dhaki trying to remind her of the past or talk down on Yuri will never make her reconsider him.
He was boastful and full of himself.
She prays the gods will favor Yuri and he will beat Jagwa or whatever Dhaki called him.
She also prayed the fight won’t be too bloody.

The whistle began to blow for everyone to settle down.
And after the whistle blower stopped a loud bell rang as the two warriors were guided out to the sandy ground where the fight will take place and everyone will be able to watch from wherever they are.

Yuri looked up at where Kaya was seated with her people.
She was also looking at him.

He stared at his opponent, Jagwa was a foot taller than him. he appears like a giant who swallowed a stone
He looked too harden and mean.

Dhaki was smiling from ear to ear as he watched Yuri looking at Jagwa appearance.
Yuri probably didn’t know what he was put against. He doesn’t know the kind of warrior he will be challenging and seeing Jagwa appearance alone scares him off. Dhaki thought.

Jagwa looked at Yuri and knew the fight won’t take time.
Within a short time his opponent will be lying in a pull of blood because he will make sure he cuts him real hard and may even disemboweled him if he wishes

The fight started with another rang of the bell.
The two warriors pulled out their sword and started what they know how to do best.

Jagwa hit Yuri hard and he lost his balance and stumbled back.

Dhaki and his supporters cheered loudly and praise Jagwa.

Yuri was watching keenly to master all the weakness of his opponent.
He continued receiving both blow and dodging swords untill he finally knew exactly how to attack.

While he was quiet and allowing Jagwa to hit him there were cheers from Dhaki and his people.
He looked up at Kaya and saw how uncomfortable she was.
It seems that Fiji and Zukumo kingdom was also in his support because they were silently watching and hoping that he won’t be defeated.

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Yuri suddenly charged towards Jagwa. His sword cut through his cheeks and he screamed out a warrior angry cry and came with full force at Yuri.
Yuri saw his opportunity and hit him hard, cutting through his arm.
Jagwa’s sword fell off from his hand.
Yuri allowed him to pick up his sword.

Jagwa thought Yuri will finish him up when his sword fell off but surprisingly he didn’t.
Yuri waited for him to pick up his sword and start again

They charged at each other.
The two warriors continued hitting and dodging from each others blow until Yuri suddenly went straight to Jagwa’s face when he less expected it.
Yuri hit him right in the eyes, blinding him.
Jagwa staggered but didn’t fall until Yuri dropped his sword and used a hand blow straight to his second eyes.
Jagwa fell to the ground and tries to get up despite having a two blackened eyes.. Yuri finally used his sword to cut through his face.
A pound of fresh skin fell off from Jagwa.
Blood gushed out and he screamed out in pain as he remained on the ground.

People cheered loudly. All Yuri’s supporters were singing his praise.
He looked up at Kaya and saw that she was neither smiling nor frowning. Her face was still as she watched him.

Dhaki seeing that Jagwa was defeated, called one of his strong guards to follow him.
They rushed out to the arena fighting ground with sword in hand.

People looked on wondering what was happening.

Yuri was about stepping away when he saw Dhaki and another man charging towards him.

“I challenge you myself, you son of a nobody that thinks you can claim what is fully mine. Yuri, I will show you that you are not worthy of princess Kaya and will never rule Zukumo kingdom with her. I’m the rightful person and nothing will stop me from getting married to my woman.

Yuri made a funny face as he cleaned blood from his sword.

“Prince Dhaki…I don’t fight boys. Go and challenge your kind or bring somebody far bigger than the warrior you brought. You came with a guard to fight me…how pathetic…

Dhaki wasn’t giving up even as Yuri made attempt to leave.

“You are nothing but a hungry dog. Bastard… fight me…I challenge you. Fight us and if you are strong enough to beat us I will hands up but I know for sure that you will be dead and is your dead body they will carry out of here.

Yuri ignored him.
the Man with him hit Yuri and ran back, while Dhaki packed sand and threw at Yuri.
Daring Yuri to fight. Dhaki continued jumping up and down like a frog as he dares Yuri further.

The crowd started shouting that Yuri should fight the two men.

Yuri looked up at Kaya and she shakes her head, urging him not to fight.

Yuri took another step to leave, Dhaki pushed his partner to go and hit him. The man slapped Yuri with his sword and ran back.

As Yuri turned angrily, Dhaki packed another handful of sand and threw at Yuri. Yuri closed his eyes to avoid it getting in. But it was too late as some entered his eyes and he began blinking continuesly.
Dhaki saw his opportunity and together with his partner they went straight at Yuri.

Yuri was able to dodge their several blows.
Yuri noticed that Jagwa has also stood from the ground and was angrily coming at him.
The sand in his eyes was distracting him.
Dhaki and his partner continued hitting from different angles which he dodged some.

Something cut through his arm and blood started dropping on the ground.

Dhaki’s partner cut him deeply.
Jagwa threw his sword at him which hit his shoulder slicing his skin.

Yuri was attacked on every side.

Kaya saw what was going on and asked the whistle blower to end the fight but it seems the crowd were enjoying the show.

Kaya ran off she has to go and help Yuri.
She doesn’t want the fight to end horribly or result in death which is what will happen if nothing is done.

Yuri picked up the sword that Jagwa threw at him and targeted his heart as he threw it right back and it entered the warrior’s chest.
He fell back, bleeding and struggling with his life.

Something hit Yuri, slicing off another part of his skin.
Another sword came straight at his stomach and he doged it.
Dhaki and his partner didn’t give up.

Yuri got hold of Dhaki and held his throat with one hand.
Dhaki began to struggle with his breath as he started begging for his life.
Dhaki’s partner came at Yuri
Yuri threw Dhaki towards where Jagwa lay bleeding.
Dhaki’s partner was about running away when Dhaki caught him and raised his sword to cut off his hand

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He was about doing that when somebody suddenly hit him from behind and his sword fell off from his hand.
Yuri turned and saw Kaya. He was shocked.

Hefty men came to carry Jagwa out.
Their are medicine men on ground who will attend to him, they hope he will survive.
Dhaki who was thrown hard to the ground passed out was also carried away while his partner escaped.

“Enough… enough of the blood fight Yuri. The spectators has seen how mighty that you are…no more blood shed in Zukumo soil. Put yourself together. Go so that the medicine men will attend to your injuries.

Yuri’s heart was beating heavily ad he faced Kaya.

“You saw how I was attacked and how my body is covered with my own blood and you dares stopped me from taking my own pound of fresh? My desire was to cut his arm so that he will never forget this day. You shouldn’t have stopped me Kaya…my pride is bruised so badly…

Kaya angrily pointed a sword towards him.
“Then go after him and touch him Yuri and watch me take up this fight. You will then have me to contend with.

Yuri spat to the sand and said.

“I will never fight a woman… even if you are the strongest one alive, that doesn’t change the fact that you are a woman….I still won’t fight you.

The way Yuri said it annoys Kaya.

“You are a coward Yuri. You won’t fight me because I’m a woman or because you are afraid of getting whooped. I will break down your ego and make you see that you are nothing without the help of the gods. You saw me beat ten hoodlums in the wood, they are men like you. Don’t you dare challenge me…

Yuri saw the anger in Kaya’s eyes. Her eyes burns fiercely.

“Are you angry because I beat prince Dhaki down to prove how much of a man that I am? I saw both of you talking before the fight started. If you want him then go for him… I guess that is what you are trying to tell me…

Yuri started walking away. Kaya followed.

” All i said is that the bloody fight is enough. Everyone can see that you have won why do you still want to cut off his arms… Zukumo land is not a place for blood shed. This shouldn’t be about your pride getting bruised Yuri… you are forgetting the reason for the fight and allowing anger to rule your every being. I won’t have that in my kingdom. You have to go through me first if you are thirsty for blood…

Yuri ignored her.
He asked his horse to he brought to him immediately.
He mounted his horse and left Kaya without a word.

The crowd began to depart.
Hawkers continued to hawk their wares and didn’t give a care who won the fight or who loosed

Gradually everybody left.

Kaya told her parents that she was going after Yuri and they gave her a go ahead.

She climbed her own horse and left.
When she arrived at Fiji, she went straight to Yuri’s house.

As Yuri arrived, Leni saw how angry and bloody he was she quickly went into his chamber to attend to him and maybe he will want her in bed just to feel relaxed but Yuri barked at her to leave.

As she was leaving he changed his mind and asked Leni to come over and attend to his wounds
Maybe he will be able to feel relaxed after Kaya bruised his ego.

After she finished cleaning his wounds

Leni put off her cloth and stood naked, she seductively went to Yuri and began to touch him.
Yuri wasn’t relaxed even with the touch. He felt troubled as all he could see was Kaya’s face.
He suddenly asked Leni to stop but she didn’t, her hand was traveling down his manhood when Yuri caught her hand half way.

Leni refused to be discouraged, she saw that Yuri didn’t push her away and knew he wasn’t in his right frame of mind.

She grabbed the opportunity by planting a kiss on his lips, so tender and making him angrily wanting her.
Yuri roughly kissed her but suddenly stopped as all that he continued to think about is Kaya.

Yuri was about to shuff Leni away when the door fling open.

He turned while Leni was still in his arm and saw Kaya standing beside the door and staring at them.
A naked Leni and him together in his chamber

He was shocked and speechless as he stare at her.

Before he could push Leni away, Kaya turned and ran off.

Yuri pushed Leni and ran after Kaya.