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On The Lioness Tail. Episode 18

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Episode 18.

“…Like the soft beat of the first rain in winter. The cool sound from the hemispheric region of my heart. Like the breeze that graces the skin on a sunny day so are you to my soul Kaya…”

Kaya blushed and she listened to Dhaki showers her with praise.

“… your beauty is like undivided moon, it Shone so bright and full, giving light even to the darkest corner. Loving you feels so easy and cuddly. Your smile lit a spark that glows up like the shooting star. You are….

“Okay… okay. I have heard enough already Dhaki. Your poet is intriguing…

Kaya said while smiling.

“Is not just a poet Kaya…is the way I feel about you and how you make me feel too. I just can’t get enough of you my love. Open the door to your heart and let me in so that I can love you forever. We will have beautiful children who will look exactly like you. Both in braveness, in beauty and in wisdom. I want you Kaya.

Kaya gasped out heavily before turning to him.

“I like you a lot Dhaki and wants you too but there is a lot on my mind right now. Pardon me but I’m a little distracted at the moment. My people are dying Dhaki, they are critically ill. I’m thankful to the gods for keeping them till date but if nothing is done soonest they will all die. I won’t be able to live with myself if such happens.

Dhaki try to hold her hand but she withheld back.

“Death is certain Kaya. we will all leave this earth someday, this place is not our permanent home. You can’t possibly help everyone. You have done your best by praying to gods to still preserve them. Stop beating yourself continuesly over situations that you can’t change. I’m here for you my queen and I will always be here anytime you needs me. You are going to be the next chief of Zukumo according to your father, chief Dre. first woman chief in history and I’m the luckiest man alive to be called yours.

Kaya smiled sheepishly.

“Thanks Dhaki but is yet to be endorsed by the people. Everyone’s opinion matters towards chosing a leader that will govern them. If they find me incompetent to rule i will respect there wishes. Is not just about my father’s household but about the entire kingdom and beyond. And there’s a lot of requirements for any man that will become my husband…

Dhaki interrupted.

“I know already my lady. I’m ready to accept any rules. My father, chief Binu is also aware of it. Your father said any man that will marry you will have to settle in Zukumo kingdom. Since you are going to be the people’s Chief your home will remain here with your kind. There is nothing difficult in the terms. I’m the second son of my father, my elder brother will take up the chieftain after my father, his son will be after him and it continues like that.There’s no place for me in the line of chieftaincy. So leaving my kingdom and settling here with you, and maybe ruling alongside you is a great honor. wherever you need me to contribute or help out I will gladly do so Kaya. All I want is to always be by your side.

Kaya admire Dhaki’s intelligence but she needed to be sure of what she feels first before anything else.

after few days, a messenger from Maya came to inform her that her elder sister requested for her presence.
Her first son has fallen ill.

Kaya didn’t want to leave her people but Mario and his cohorts will not dare cross the line like they did the last time.

Kaya prayed to the gods for protection as she embarked on the journey.
When she arrives she sensed a strong presence around her and knew the evil perpetrator was around.

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Maya rushed out to meet her breathing heavily.

‘ Kaya… Kaya… thank the gods that you are here. Is my son this time…my first son is down Kaya. My husband returned from the medicine man’s place few hours ago and the mixed herbal liquid that he was asked to give to him seem to have worsen the whole thing. Kaya… I’m tired. What did I do to people, Why are they hurting my family. It was my husband first and thanks to gods who used you with that warrior whom you sent down to deliver him. now is my first son. Why is Maran after me…is none other than her. I told my husband to confront her and he did but she kept denying it. She even swear by the gods that she has no hand in it. Kaya, that woman is a bitter liar. She is a chronic evil woman. Seeing me happy is like an arrow to her chest. If anything happens to my son this compound won’t contain us. She will be so dead. Kaya please do something… you didn’t tell me that my son will follow suit after my husband. Please, use that tekah leaf, like the warrior did for my husband. Please use the leaf and heal him. I can’t take any of this anymore…

She continued talking and lamenting.

Kaya entered the house and saw that the boy was in a critically condition.

“Maya, I don’t have the leaf again. If I do I would have used it for the remaining sick villagers since. I wish I can lay my hands on it again…I wish. We can only pray to the gods and wait for whatever outcomes it will bring.

As Kaya was still talking, Maya’s husband came in and greeted her.
He was happy to meet her and also thank her for restoring his health.
He was grateful but sounds so worried because of his son.

Kaya couldn’t do much, she bent and took the little boys hand, pleading to the gods for their mercies and healing.

Kaya told Maya that the evil person wouldn’t have been able to strike again if she has followed the given instructions during the time her husband was ill.
She said the person behind all of this would have been exposed through that means and her family will be free but she failed to do the given task correctly.

She stayed that day till the following day.
While at night, she sense the same strong presence patrolling around Maya’s building.
It was late at night, immediately Kaya felt it, she awaken and stood from the bed.
She quietly unlocked the door, with her sword intact she moved out.

She noticed the person shadow coming towards her direction and quickly hide.

Maya, her sister was confident when she mentioned Maran as the evil one, but what if she wasn’t the person behind all of this?
Kaya will have to find out who was hurting her sister’s family.
Where she was hiding she saw an elderly man chanting something quietly while sprinkling a liquid that was inside a small calabash around the house.
Kaya allowed the man to walk past the spot that she was hidding before slapping him with her sword.

The man out of shock dropped the calabash on his hand which broke into pieces spilling all the content inside on the ground, he staggered back.
Kaya stood watching him with the help of the night lampthan stationed outside.

“Who are you…?
Kaya asked the man who was still in shock.

” Yo.. you are only a young woman…a…

The man spoke with a shaking voice, he was surprised to see that Kaya was just a woman.

But before he could say something more Kaya slapped him harder this time with her sword right on his hand.
The sharp blade cut through his skin and he started bleeding
A silent scream left the man’s mouth as he fell to the ground.
Kaya pointed the sword towards him.

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“I ask you one more time. Who are you and what exactly are you doing…?

He stammered and suddenly stood as he tries to over power Kaya
But just one strong blow from Kaya sent him crashing on the ground.
She hit him again more harder, he cried out in anguish.

He was bleeding on his forehead.
Kaya started speaking loudly.
The man began to plead for her to be quiet so that she won’t wake people up.

He started confessing quietly that he was behind all the trouble that his late brother son’s family was passing through.
He was only angry because the gods didn’t bless him like they did for his late elder brother.
He had children who are all girls, he was angry with his late brother which was why he killed him.
He planned to kill Maya for producing two sons for his nephew. He wanted after Killin her he will focus on the nephew and children but Maya was always lucky. No matter what he does Maya will always escape it unknowingly.

Kaya used the head of her sword and hit his shoulder and he screamed out, more loud as the pain became unbearable.

He pleaded to Kaya to keep his secret and not wake people up.
He was ready to do anything that Kaya will ask of him.

Kaya slapped him and he screamed out.

“You are the one waking up people. I want to comply with your wish to be silent but your scream is alerting people”

Kaya hit him on the head with the head of her sword again and another screamed left his mouth.

Sounds of doors could be heard opening around the compound as the noise traveled round the silent night.

Maya and her husband were the first to come out with an oil lamp.

They looked from Kaya to the man on the ground who was trying to hide his face.

Maya’s husband screamed.

“Uncle Niyor??? What happened… What are you doing here. What is going on here. Lady Kaya, that’s my uncle. My late father’s younger brother. He has been very supportive and kind ever since the death of my father. What did you do to him, Why is he bleeding all over?? Uncle are you alright…?

The man didn’t respond.
Maya’s mother inlaw and sister in-law ran out to know what was going on.
Kaya spoke out.

“This man is behind everything happening to you Maya. Your sister in-law is innocent. Your “uncle Niyor” is the wicked and evil man who smiles in front of you and stabs you on the back. He is evil. Is unfortunate that your son will remain sick untill the gods decides otherwise. but from this day onward, this uncle of yours will no longer trouble your family, he has a score to settle with the gods.

Maya and her husband pounced on him. Even Maya’s mother and sister in-law weren’t left out as they curse and beat him.
Niyor’a wife who was oblivious to the husband’s evil deeds cried in anguish as she watch.

Villagers troops out and wanted to set the man ablaze but the family pleaded.

The following day the man took poison and died.
Kaya asked Maya and her husband to continue praying to the gods for their son to recover.

She also asked Maya to go and apologize to Maran and she did.

Kaya returned to Zukumo because her people were already sending for her.

All the suitors that her father brought wasn’t appealing like prince Dhaki was.
She told her father that she may likely settle with Dhaki but she needed time.

Kaya thought of Yuri whom she hasn’t seen for long.
He may not be so poetic as Dhaki or a royalty but Yuri was a good man who cares not just for her but for others too.

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All through the time they stayed together Yuri never said if he wants her or not. During the time they spent in the wood she felt so connected with him and had this unexplained feeling for him but she was not in a stable mind to acknowledge it. And Yuri never said anything about his feeling either.
She wish he has.
She is probably not his kind of woman which is very understanding.

Kaya wished she could see him again but wherever he maybe she wish him the very best in life and pray the gods will bless him.

Yuri skin was torn open. he lost a finger already.
the lioness almost disemboweled him but he fought with all his might and overpowered the animal.
He fought like he has never done before. He speared the beast on its leg and while the lioness was trying to recover back, Yuri had the time to gather enough tekah.
He tries to escape but was confronted again by the lioness.

He began to pray to the gods to strengthen him because he was too weak to fight an angry beast.

He threw his sword at the beast that was charging towards him but missed.
Yuri gathered a handful of sand and poured it on the face of the lioness.

The Sand blinded him and before she could recover Yuri picked up his sword and ran with the last strength in him.

Chief Dre was making arrangements for Kaya’s wedding which has gone round the village that Kaya was getting Married.

Decoration was already ongoing but Kaya’s mind was still unsettled.
She was not only looking for cure for the sick villagers but also for Maya’s first son.

Yuri arrives Zukumo’s stream on his horse.
He was weak and tired as he wash off from one corner of the stream.

He was greeted by women carrying bucket full of water from the stream.
They were happy and talking almost at the same time.

Another set came to fetch water.
While Yuri washed off at the stream he overheard one of the women mentioned Kaya’s name.
She excitedly said princesses Kaya’s wedding will be the talk of the century.
Another lady said she can’t wait for her to get married and become the first woman chief of Zukumo kingdom.

Another laughed out loud and said she wish she has a man like Dhaki, Kaya’s husband to be. Who sings Kaya’s praise with every given opportunity.

Yuri was astounded. He moved closer to the women and greeted them before asking them who exactly was getting married again.

They bow as they greeted him respectfully before telling him that the Chief of Zukumo second daughter was getting married and preparetion was ongoing.

The ladies began to admire Yuri’s body size and fine face which looks swollen and has a deep cut on his eye brow.

They whisper within themselves that he must be a stranger and probably coming from a distance war.
They wondered where he got all the injuries that filled his body from.
The wound made him looks scary.

One of the lady’s summon courage to asked him if he needs food or new clothing but Yuri said he was fine.
He thanked them for their kindness before mounting his horse and disappeared.

When he arrived Zukumo fully he saw for himself that the ladies were right.
Kaya was indeed getting married.

Yuri was broken as he sat on his horse wondering if he should proceed to see Kaya or give the tekah to somebody to deliver for her while he returns back to Fiji and nurse himself back to health.

He can’t bear the heart break of watching Kaya get married to another man.

It was too much for him to take in.