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On The Lioness Tail. Episode 10

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Episode 10.

It was a cold evening, almost all the villagers were indoors trying to keep warm.
Mario and his son went out on a “royal” tour.
They made sure nobody was following them or around them.
They were quiet sure that they are the only people along the royal part.
Only the guards and maids were few meters away from them.

Mario moved round the palace with his son, he was showing him plots of lands and structures owned by any man that assumes as Chief of Zukumo.

Mario wanted him to know where the land started and where it ended.

Kaya sat outside the palace on top of a crowded fruit tree.
She watched them in silence as they go around claiming ownership of the chiefs properties.

“Dre is as weak as his father chief Pasi, my dear elder brother. Drema’s weakness is like a person’s shadow…it follows him wherever he goes. He is so naive and doesn’t know what is coming for him. I will deal with him in a way he won’t see what hit him. He’s very lucky that he never had a son.

Romo interrupted his father.

“I still thank the gods that he doesn’t have any heir after him. If he does I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to the throne.

Mario laughed out hard.
He adjusted the thick cloth he wrapped around his neck just to keep warm.

“My son, Dre is indeed lucky that he has no heir. The gods turned their back on him and focused on us instead. Even if he had a son…I would have find a way and put an end to him. I will eliminate anything that poses as a threat to the throne. Anyone that wants to prevent your chance to the throne will be automatically removed from the way. He is very lucky that he has no heir, if not he would have been thrown into mourning the lost of his son. There was a time I wanted to overthrown Chief Pasi but he wasn’t an easy target. I decided to wait for his son. I’m glad it has finally worked out is just a little time and we will be counting our gain.

There was silent as they stopped at a place.
Romo said after yawning loudly.

“Chief Dre needs to be removed as soon as possible so that I can start ruling. Is long overdue already father. His leadership is almost five years. The zeal to rule is burning hot inside me.

Mario smile. He was enjoying the way his son was vibrating to take over power. All his years of training him was well displayed.
He was certain that Romo was going to make the people’s life a living hell.

He will rule alongside his son because he will always dictate to him what to do and what not to do.

Mario began pointing at the lands.

“All this belong to you my son once you become chief of Zukumo, You have many things to enjoy. Not just the wealth of the land but many uncountable blessings entitled to you alone. The people will pay homage to you and you will be so wealthy. Don’t concern yourself with the kingdom’s problem, when you assume the throne focus on turning everything around, try to acquire more wealth and don’t spare anyone that crosses your part, be brutal, be a authoritarian, let the kingdom quake at the mention of your name, let them have great fear for you. The other Chiefs wanted the people to love and respect them… that is a total rubbish. My son, how will the people respect you if they don’t fear you…. how exactly? We have successfully gathered enough followers, Keep mercy, love, kindness and self pity out of your leadership skills. All this attributes are for the weak. Instil fear in people. Lead them with iron fist. Make their life miserable. Remember what i told you before, a great level of punishment for anybody that refuses to go in line with your orders…. anybody. Remember that.

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Romo keep nodding to every of his father’s word.

“Father, I know all this already. You have prepared me enough. All your years of preparation is still intact in my memory. I can’t wait to take over what rightfully belongs to me from Chief Dre. Time is flying and my only desire is to be in that throne seat and ruling like I’m born to rule. Zukumo kingdom and many neighboring kingdoms, be it far and near will hear of me, they will smell my wrath, they will see my actions and feel the dust of my anger. People will tremble at the mention of my name. They will run into hiding, they will crawl up in fear of the unknown. I will unleash terror upon the land and nobody born of a woman will stop me…

The tree branches started shaking and suddenly somebody spoke very loud from up the tree.

“,I was born of a woman, sadly for you I’m the woman that will stop you.

Mario was startled, Romo was looking all around wondering where the voice was coming from.

All of a sudden, Kaya jumped down from the tree and started moving closer to them.

Mario burst out laughing, Romo joined his father in laughing.

Kaya stood and waited for them to be done with their laughter.

“Is this not the village royal monkey that moves from tree to tree. She practically lives in the wood and rumour has it that she went about threatening the life of those gullible villagers. What is your father waiting for before giving you over to a man in marriage. Look at how breast has filled up your chest? Is it untill it starts producing milk that your father will realized that you are over ripped for marriage? Your mates are nursing their babies in their husband’s house while you are here jumping from tree to tree and disturbing the entire village.

They started laughing again, Kaya said.

“Why is Romo, your son not married and please don’t tell me that he’s a man and can marry anytime it pleases him. A mare look at him shows that his manhood balls are begining to shrink, is just a matter of time it will flatten down like a roasted meat and by then he won’t be able to father a child. He won’t be able to have a child of his own because he wasted such precious time in your useless training while thinking there’s still time.

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Romo looked at his father, as he lowered his hand to his manhood terrified.

“Son, don’t mind this useless hen who knows nothing but takes shelter in the wood, in the midst of the animals. She thinks and behaves like the animals. She is obviously part of them. Kaya or whatever your name is, you think you can always use your father’s influence as a Chief to threaten villagers like I have been told, don’t worry your father will soon be sent out from the throne. A new era will emerge, then you will have no choice than to address my son as chief Romo. I can’t wait for such a day to come. Be prepared because this kingdom will soon quake at his command… You will regret ever challenging us. You and your father’s house will know no peace.

Kaya began to laugh sarcastically.
She looked up at Mario and Romo and started making fun of them

“Lord Mario I’m so scared, I’m shevering all over at the mention of your son’s name, Romo. Look at how grounds are breaking, trees are falling, fire burning everywhere just by the mention of Romo. I knee before thee Chief Romo his royal majesty, the only Chief that will rule Zukumo in his dreams. What a night mare. Listen Lord Mario, you have wasted your time and your son’s time for far too long all in the name of training, try to focus in getting him a wife before his manhood start malfunctioning. Is a little advice from me, you don’t have to thank me for it. Just run ahead or better still continue to show him possession that can never be yours or his. My father, Chief Dre needs me, let me return to him. By the way, I won’t tell him the part you mentioned about eliminating any son born to him or your whole insults to the chief which makes you a threat to the throne. I will start keeping a close watch on you two before you totally gets out of hand.

Mario was watching her angrily, Romo looks from his father to Kaya as he waits for his father’s command on what to do.

“Father, aren’t we going to do something. She just insulted us.

Kaya took a step closer to Romo.

“I don’t have time for insults…I only returned back the jabs that you and your father threw at me. I also gave you a good advice which is to stop following your father’s counsel, he’s only wasting your time that can be put to a better use. You will never smell the throne Romo…my father may not have a son that you can see with your physical eyes, but he already has a heir. Don’t bother asking questions or going around looking for the heir because no matter how you search you will never find. your eyes are covered with a veil. But when time comes you will be surprised that what you seek so that you can squash was right under your nose all this while. The gods are wise, their ways are not our way.

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Kaya tapped Romo on the shoulder gently, to him and his father’s bewilderment.

She walked away leaving them to stare at her back.

“Just as the villagers said, there’s something about her. But the good thing is that she is a girl whose mouth runs like a stream of water. Next time I’m giving you a full permission to strike her hard and firm for all the insult she just brew at us. Chief Dre needs to be removed as soon as possible and I will see to that.

Romo nooded as he followed his father back to the house.
As thye got home, what Kaya said about his manhood shrinking off kept ringing in his ears.
Romo decided within himself that he was going to find a way to tell his father concerning getting a woman for him to marry.

Dre was begining to pay more attention to his daughter than before.
Her every counsel were fair and right. He was begining to see that she was indeed special and blessed by the gods.

He wondered why he was just realizing it now after all this years.

Some women in the village even brings gifts in respect to Kaya.
They sang her praises and thank her for fighting a just fight for them.
Some contributed greatly to the girl’s camp that Kaya started which was growing by the day and they have to build another extension to accommodate more children. Opa helped her in achieving this.

Dre breathed out as he watched Kaya sitting all by herself in another far end before Ivan and her step sister came and sat beside her.
she said something which made them laugh out real hard she joined in the laughter too.
Suddenly Zain came out of nowhere and drag her daughter away from them.

She started shouting in top of her voice.

“I have warned you severally to stop hanging out with this two especially this one that they call Kaya with eyes like an owl…I wonder why she haven’t seen husband to marry, is probably that men don’t fancy a weirdo like her. She and her mother have an evil heart. They killed my son and didn’t give him a chance to life. Like mother like daughter… evil women. Very soon they will be disgraced and put to shame then it will just be me and my dear husband…

Dre shakes his head pathetically as he listened from where he sat.

Kaya didn’t pay attention to her step mother as she continued to rant.
Zain walked away while still shouting.

As days went by.
One day a messenger from another kingdom came with a message that Maya’s husband was dying.
Maya sent for Kaya immediately.

Kaya rushed to the stable, jumped on a horse and rode off to see her sister.