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Dream High. Chapter 9

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T.H.I.E.F (Dream High)

A Twist in their Fate

An India love action story….

Chapter 9️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

“Yes I can keep a secret Mehek, so tell me you can trust me on this.” Doctor Amol told her.

Mehek told him what had happened except for the magic secret place. “Aishwarya’s life is in danger, Amol, and only you can help me. If they find out she is still alive, we are dead. I have some money with me, about twenty five million Cores.” She added putting the bag of money on the doctor laps. “Once she wakes up and everything is under control, I will tell her about your kind heart, please.”

“You don’t have to beg me Mehek, I will do it for old times sake, and for free, you can keep the money.” Doctor Amol said.

“Thank you.” Mehek said close to tears.

“You are welcome Mehek.” Doctor Amol said. “Come with me, let’s get to work.” He said standing up as Mehek did also, he carefully carried Aishwarya in his arms and led the way to his lab.


The old Treasurer was surprised when he saw Lady Meera after he opened the door to whoever was knocking. He hoped she didn’t see Mehek leaving his house.

“I have brought bad news.” Lady Meera said as tears clouded her eyes.

“Bad news? What bad news?”

“Princess Aishwarya is dead and her husband, Prince Khan, barely escaped the assassin’s. They burned down the penthouse we were to use in celebrating their engagement party.” Lady Meera told him and couldn’t control herself, she started crying, wailing out loudly.

“What? The princess is dead?”

Lady Meera nodded her head meekly. “She and her personal handmaid, Mehek, were burned along inside the penthouse.” She said.

The treasurer’s eyes nearly popped out of it’s sockets at that news. Wasn’t Mehek the one he had given twenty five million Cores few minutes ago? Or was it her ghost he saw? If truly that was her ghost, what does her ghost want the money for?

“Mehek is dead?”

“Yes, she died along with Princess Aishwarya.” Lady Meera answered, still crying but managed to speak. “I have to start going now, I came here to tell you the news.”

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“But weren’t you there with her? I mean with Princess Aishwarya?”

“I was and left her and her betrothed to get something quickly from the castle. When I returned, I saw the assassin’s dragging the dead bodies of Aishwarya and Mehek and setting the house on fire. I was hiding and they didn’t see me” Lady Meera lied with ease, sobbing more loudly.

“This is so hard to believe my Lady but may the soul of our departed Princess rest in peace.” The treasurer said. As for Mehek, he was hundred percent sure it wasn’t a ghost but he kept his mouth shut and didn’t tell Lady Meera about his brief encounter with Mehek who came to ask for money.

Lady Meera left afterwards.


Before the morning sun was fully out, doctor Amol was through with the surgery and called Mehek to come in.

Aishwarya’s whole face was bandaged except for her eyes, nose and mouth and Mehek seeing that, wanted to cry.

“I gave her this dead child face.” Doctor Amol said, giving Mehek a picture of a little girl of about seven years old. “She was an orphan who died of cancer a few years ago.” He added.

“Thank you.” Mehek thanked him. “But why is she not waking up yet?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I have checked her pulse and everything seems to be okay, I guess she’s a bit stressed out and will regain consciousness once her body fully recovers.” Doctor Amol answered her.

“Can I go with her? I want to leave this city and go somewhere else, far from here.” Mehek said, staring at Aishwarya.

“I would suggest you leave here by nightfall since you are hiding yourself and the princess away from the bad people.” Doctor Amol said. “Stay here until it’s night time Mehek.” He added.

He was right.

Mehek thought.

It is morning already and coming out with Aishwarya is very risky. They would been seen by Lady Meera or any of the king’s.

“You are right Amol, I will stay here until it’s night.” Mehek told him.

“Good, that would give me enough time to prepare the drugs she will be taking once she wakes up.” Doctor Amol said, prompting Mehek to smile at him.

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It was towards afternoon when Mehek decided to go to the nearest bank to put the twenty five million Cores Amol didn’t collect for safe keeping.

The money belongs to Aishwarya and maybe in the future, she will make use of it.

She quickly left Amol’s house without his knowledge. Her face was fully covered with a scarf and she walked to the bank, opening a new account and depositing the entire money in it. Luckily for her, no one recognized her as the handmaid of the former Queen and Aishwarya when they wanted to take her picture, passport.

Once she was sure the money was in the new account she left for Amol’s house.

“Haven’t you heard the news yet Mehek?” Doctor Amol asked once he saw her entering his living room.

“What news?”

“That you and the princess are dead. That assassin’s attacked and killed you and Princess Aishwarya in the penthouse and burned it to ashes.” Doctor Amol said. “Lady Meera who had been interviewed was crying and I almost believed her. She is truly a lying bitch.” He added.

“Please on no account must you tell anyone you saw me or that you changed the princess face.” Mehek pleaded.

“Don’t be scared Mehek, I cross my heart I won’t tell a single soul so don’t be afraid I won’t betray your trust.” Doctor Amol said sincerely.

Mehek stared into his eyes for some minutes before breaking into a brief smile, “I know I would trust you with this Amol and one day we shall repay you, thank you.” Mehek said.


At 8pm Sharp met Mehek and a sleeping Aishwarya which doctor Amol helped in carrying outside his house. He had called a cab to take Mehek to wherever her destination is. He paid the taxi man a really huge sum of money.

Two hours ago, Doctor Amol went out and came back with two nylon bags filled with clothes, Mehek and Aishwarya size.

Mehek had thanked him profusely and quickly went to have her bath in his guest bathroom and changed her clothes to one of the new sets. She cleaned up Aishwarya and also wore the princess one of the clothes.

She then burned their old clothes so she won’t leave any traces.

Mehek had covered Aishwarya’s face with a handkerchief as Doctor Amol gently put her in the back seat of the cab.

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“Thank you once again for everything Amol. I shall never forget this day.” Mehek said.

Doctor Amol smiled.

“And thank you for trusting me with your secret Mehek.” Doctor Amol said. “Oh and before I forget, don’t remove the bandage from her face until a month time by then everything would have healed. I wish you and her a good life and perhaps one day when you are needed, I will still be here.” He added.

Mehek surprisedly hugged Amol who quickly wrapped his arms around her inhaling her familiar scent for the last time. He really hopes to see her. He has a crush on her and he didn’t want her to know for fear of being rejected. He doesn’t want her to know about his feelings for her so for now, he was very okay with the hug even though it was hard to let her go. Seeing her yesterday was like a dream come true but now she is going away just like she always did.

Once they were separated, Mehek entered the cab which drove out of the premises of Amol.

“Where to ma’am?” He asked.

“Just keep on driving until you are out of Delhi city.” Mehek replied, rolling down the window glass a bit to allow the free given breeze to blow inside the car.

“Okay ma’am.” The driver said.

Mehek turned to look at the doctor for the last time and saw Amol cleaning his eyes turning and heading back inside his house.

Was that tears she saw?

She shrugged her shoulders and focused on Aishwarya.

The drive was quiet until the driver spoke two hours later.

“Ma’am, I want to stop and pee.”

“Okay.” Mehek said.

The driver stopped the car alongside a big forest and got down to urinate.

He was zipping up his trouser when he and Mehek heard it. A voice crying out for help. It wasn’t audible but they could still hear him.

“Help me.”

“Quickly get into the car and let’s leave here.” Mehek ordered holding Aishwarya closer to herself. She was scared half to death. What if that voice was a trap from Lady Meera?

The driver quickly entered his cab and they drove off quickly.

Rohan continued to call out for help.