November 29, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 2

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{ Celebrity and his employee.}



✖ Jayden Alejandro✖

Rise and shine sweetie.” I whispered into her ear and bit her ear lobe playfully.

She groan softly and rolled over before opening her eyes. She frown immediately.

“You! So you decided to show up after keeping me up all night.” She whinned feigning annoyance.

” am sorry baby believe me it wasn’t intentional, was all tied up.” I stole kisses from her.

“Promise me you gonna create time for us.” She sat upright and looked me in a sad way.

I really wanna spend all my time with her but at the same time my career is hanging on the other hand.

” I can’t promise you anything love but just know am gonna be there for you always. I love you okay?” I stroke her hair and kissed her forehead again.

“Hmm so we gonna hangout all day right?” She asked.

And that’s where the problem starts.

“ERM sorry baby but that won’t be possible for now have got so many contracts to handle today. I promise we gonna hang out some other time ” I try to sound as convincing as I could.

“That’s what you said four days ago.” She slide outta bed and walked towards the glass view of the room.

I moved closer and slipped my arms around her waist and hug her from behind.

“Am sorry baby I promise to make it up to you.” I pecked her neck and walked outta the room.

I placed a call across to the guys Trent ( Ian) called in sick.

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He claimed he won’t be around for debriefing.

Also another call across to grandma katie to pick up a cup latte for me.



〽 Keisha POV 〽

I made sure Jayden was gone before quickly picking up my cellphone and placed a call across to Ian.

He picked up immediately.

???? hey buttercup.” I heard his ever deep sexy voice.

???? good morning love.” I cuddle up in bed as I played with a strand of my hair.

???? don’t tell me you missing me already.” He chuckled softly.

???? I really can’t wait to feel your body against mine. Scream out your name in a moan. Trail my fingers all over your harden chest.” I reminisce over last two days .

???? where’s Jayden?” He asked.

???? he just left the mansion. ” I smirked.

???? you know what time it is baby?” He said and I nodded like he could see me.

I hang up and toss the phone across the bed and giggle all the way to the bathroom.

Wanna look my best for him.

Never loved jayden , I dated him because he was the most influential member of the boy band. The most richest and to top it all

He’s the grandson of the current president of the united states.

Who wouldn’t wanna be with such a dude.

Just lurking around him because of his fame. My heart belongs to Ian his friend .

Once am done am gonna end the so called relationship.