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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 23 and 24

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{Hazel eyes ???? }




We arrived at the city hall in which the royal gala was being held.

The door was opened for me and stepped out looking abit nervous.
Jay came over and took my hand without my permission and together we headed towards the entrance door.

Whenever he held my hand I always felt safe but sadly my feelings would never be returned.

The hall was filled up with folks of different calliba, and nation.

Celebrities nation world would be present hopefully Derrick and Ian was gonna show up.

“Champagne?” A waiter asked politely.

“Yes please.” Jay took two glasses of champagne from the tray and he walked away.

He handed me a glass and I muttered a thank you.

” so what yah say we have some Fun?” He smiled and took the glass from me.

“I don’t really know how to dance plus am terrible at watz.” I chuckled softly.

“Omg!! Jayden son how are you.” A middle aged woman said all smiles as she extended her hand for a handshake.

It was obvious they knew each other.

“Hello mrs Duke , its a pleasure meeting you again.” He smiled at her and her gaze landed on me.

“Wow you never mentioned how pretty your girlfriend was.” She examined me all over and I blushed.

“Oh mind my manners. Katherine meet Mrs stailey Duke, CEO stailey foundation mrs Duke this is Katherine my girlfriend.” He introduced and I feel my cheek burning.


“Nice to meet you ma’am.” I smiled half way trying not to share an eye lock.

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“The pleasure is all mine sweetie.” She pinched my cheeks playfully.

“So mrs Duke what brings you over to paris?” He asked professionally.

“Business as usual. Anyways enjoy your party guys byee.” She waved and walked into the crowd.

I let a breath.

“Glad that’s all over.” I chuckled softly.

“ERM jay baby?” I heard that familiar voice.


{Hazel eyes }




I turned and behold it was Hailey what is she doing here? And why is she everywhere?

“Wait! Are you following now?” I glared at her.

“No no of course not. Was invited to the gala by my friend and its a coincidence I met you here.” She explained and I huff.

“So what can I do for you missy?” I rolled my eyes dramatically.

“Look am sorry about earlier was actually pissed at something and I let it all out on her can you please forgive me?” She pleaded.

“If there’s anyone you owe an apology then its her.” I pointed at Katie who in turn kept a modest face.

She turned to katie and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry okay? Believe me it wasn’t intentional.” She apologized to katie.

“No no its fine okay? Besides am over it already so lets forget about the past and focus on the future okay?” Katie smiled and gave her a hug.

Touching tho.

“Thanks so much guys so what do you say we hve fun and talk about our success?” She suggested and katie glanced at me.

“What do you think jay?” She asked

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“Nothing. Its fine as long as you are fine with it .”he shrugged.

“Then i guess its settled then.” We went over to the dance floor and did lots of nasty shit.

Katie was terrible at dancing tho but it waa fun.


Finally the whole thing was over. The driver drove us to the mansion and everyone left for their rooms exhausted.

All i wanted at the moment was to sleep plus i got Hailey’s number .

We could go out on a date sometimes.

I sluggishly walked to my room and slumped on my bed.

Man am hungry.  Boy needs a snack.

My schedule for tomorrow is gonna be a bit tight but am gonna make time for Hailey.

Promised to go on a date wirh her.