October 3, 2022

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 3

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{She cheated on me }




“Come on grandma we have go pay Ian a visit.” I stood up and grabbed my blazer.

” I doubt if you’ll ever stop calling me that.” She rolled her eyes and walked ahead of me.

“I love you too grandma.” I smirked as I tickle her and she ran away .

I love free and grumpy she can be makes me wanna tease her more.

“Who’s driving boss?” She asked.

I smiled and tossed the car keys to her.

She happily got into the driverside .

Katie is one of the craziest driver have ever come across.


The drive to Ian’s mansion was awfully dangerous because katie almost got us killed .

“Next time remind me never to let you go drive my Benz.” I scoff and got outta the car.

“Oh please don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the ride.” He played with the keys and I rolled my eyes.

My glanced at the parking lot and my glaze landed on a red Porsche. Wait I recognize it to be Keisha’s car but how did it get here?

I shrugged and walked towards the entrance , katie trailed behind me.

The living room was empty and the TV was on.

Maybe he’s upstairs resting.

“Try to keep up grandma.” I chuckled softly and took the stairs while she sluggishly trailed after me.

I could funny sounds coming from his bedroom. What could that be ?

The sounds became louder as I got to his door. I could tell this are moans but why does the voice sounds familiar.

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I glanced at katie but she had this strange facial expression on. My guess she’s so not comfortable with all of this.

I held on to the door knob but stopped halfway when I realized I was about to invade his privacy.

I turn to go back downstairs when I heard that familia voice again this time I was sure it was the same.

I twisted the door knob and pushed the door open only to meet the greatest shock of my life right before my eyes.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I watched him thrust in and outta the woman of my dreams.

Katie eyes darken at the sight before her.

The looks on the faces when they realized how screwed they were was priceless.

I stood there motionless and abashed.

Blinking rapidly tryna wake from this terrible dream but each time I look at the sight before me it keeps occurring to me that its no nightmare at all.