March 22, 2023

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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 1

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 01.

{The Beginning Of Everything}



“You have got to be kidding me right now dad! Please tell me that you’re joking with me cause there’s absolutely no way you could just tell me to get married to this guy! I don’t wanna get married to him! ”
I yell louder, trashing the chair to the ground and standing up, trying to make my way towards the living room that my father has gone to.

“You have no other choice here Tamara. You have to get married to Bryan if not for anything but for the sake of your family’s reputation and honor. Think about your sisters and your brothers. Their future would be ruined because you’re too selfish to want to get married to a billionaire just because you hate him, you have to Mara. Please! ”
He says and I shake my head immediately.

“Dad, you don’t understand this really. I don’t just hate Bryan. I despise him so much that if I’m given a gun to shoot anyone I like, it’s gonna be him. I’m gonna shoot a fucking bullet through his skull. How the hell do you expect me to get married to someone I have so fucking much! It makes me sense! Absolutely no sense! ”
I yell and he rolls his eyes before settling down on the couch as if what have said has no use to him and he isn’t even listening to me.

“Whatever difference it is that you guys have between each other. Find a way to settle it cause you need Bryan. You have to get married to him and that’s all I know. With getting married to him, you would be saving us. Mara, just please. ”
He stares at me.

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“Just because he can restore your company back to how it was before doesn’t mean that you should use me as a fucking bait! You don’t need his money we can go take a loan or something or you can just work hard to restore the company back to how it was cause I refuse to get married to that son of a bitch! ”
I shout before storming pit of the room angrily and heading towards mine.

I bang the door hardly and slip down to the floor, holding my hair and pulling at it as if I want it to just come out. I can’t believe father. I can’t believe he wants me to do that, get married to Bryan hall.

Bryan is the biggest jerk I have ever seen in my entire life and he’s so fucking annoying. He makes me so fucking mad that I could kill him if I had the chance. I wasn’t joking when I said I hate him.
He has embarrassed me, made me go through things that I wasn’t supposed to. He disgraced me and now they are saying I’m just supposed to be married to him after everything! Who does that! That’s fucking insane and I’m not gonna do it. Never!
It will be over my dead body for me to get married first Bryan hall.

A knocks comes to the door and I sigh before standing up and walking over to the bed, staring at the door from afar before mumbling a come in and the door opens immediately.
My younger sister. Ashley coming in, she smiles at me and her eyes brightens as she makes her way towards me, running and opening her little arms for me to hug.
I chuckle before hugging her to myself and patting her hair slowly.

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She’s just three but she’s almost like my other half.

“Tara. Ashley sad. ”
She says and I drop her on my lap, cocking my eyebrows at her in a way I know she would understand.

“Mommy crying because mommy sad the house die. Ashley dislike mommy crying. ”
She says in her little baby voice and I chuckle, patting her hair. She means to say, mom is crying because mom is sad we are gonna lose the house and she hates it when she sees mom crying.

This must be some kind of set up by dad to make me agree to get married to that son of a bitch.
It is true that we are gonna lose the house soon if we don’t find some money and along with the house, we lose the company also and soon, my brothers and sisters would have to stop schooling altogether. Dad is right, no amount of jobs would be able to save us all but does it really have to come to this.

Do I have to get married to Bryan Hall before everything is alright once again? I can’t! I just can’t. I can’t bare even thinking of it talkless of doing it.

How the hell am I supposed to get married to someone I want to kill?