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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 20

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 20. {Love. Games. Lies.}




“I swear to you that I didn’t stool you up. You should know that I would never do something like that to you, you mean more than that to me. Please Ethan, you have to understand that it was against my judgment also. The bastard fucking drugged me! ”
She pleads on the phone while I try not to let out a moan from her friend that’s in between my leg, giving the best head ever.
Damn! The girl is fucking crazy when it comes to giving heads.

“You really mean that he drugged… ”
I stop talking immediately as she swipes her tongue over my shaft, oh dear fucking lord. These two bitches would not be the death of me.

“I know right? I couldn’t believe it myself. He dared to drug me but I made sure that I taught him a lesson this morning. How dare he drugs me just because he doesn’t want to go see my boyfriend?! ”
She huffs on the phone and I nod and I hum, placing the phone on my shoulder and using both my ear and my shoulder to hold it while I grab her hair, pulling her more closer to me so she could take all of me inside her mouth.


“I’m very sorry Ethan. I really didn’t mean to make you wait like that, would you please forgive me? ”
She pleas on the word and I had to retrain myself from moaning as she uses her hand on the other that her mouth can’t take.

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“Yeah. I will…”
I say shortly, momentarily stopping to make sure I wouldn’t moan in between my words and taking in deep breaths before starting again.

“I don’t have any choice, do I? You know that I can never be angry at you. ”
I can feel my body tense up and I know that I’m close to my release.

“I know but you got me really scared when you sent that text. I would have come to you right now but he placed a guard with. It’s like I’m on fucking house arrest. It’s so annoying. ”
She groans as my body relaxes after I jerk into Violet’s mouth and she licks me off completely while I sigh. Not even realizing that I had did that and forgetting that I’m still on the phone with Tamara.

“Ethan, is everything alright? ”
She asks on the phone and I breathe out, she must have noticed that I sigh.

“Nothing. I just miss you so much, I wish I can see your face right now. ”
I smile at Violet as I pull her to sit on top of me and gently rub myself against her while I clamp my hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound.

“I miss you two babe and I just can’t wait for this stupid year to be over with. I can’t wait to be with you and in your arms once again, I miss you so much. ”
She mutters on the phone and I hum as Violet goes down, before standing and pulling my boxer off completely.

I watch her keenly as she gets on me and slowly sits on me, relaxing and slowly going down, allowing me to fill her completely and I watch as her eyes rolls to the back of her head.

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When I’m sure that I can’t take it anymore, I drop the phone on the bed and continue listening to listen to her rantings as I take my hands to Violet’s hips and slowly hold her up before letting go and she circled her hips round me which let’s me gets even more deeper into her and I quickly clamp my hand over her lips when I’m sure that she’s gonna moan.

“Ethan, are you there ”
Tamara’s voice booms through and I roll my eyes before taking the phone once again, why won’t she just hang up already and let me have my fun? Fucking bitch!

“Yeah, yeah sorry babe. I’m just doing something at the moment. ”
I mutter, hoping that she would get the cue and hang up but she just doesn’t seem to be fucking serious when she should be and instead of hanging up, she continues.

“It’s okay babe. I need to tell you something that you might see later on and get angry because of it. ”
Her voice is low and I couldn’t help but to roll my eyes as I slowly pull violet tank top off her and her breasts pulls out.

“Um. Okay, I’m all ears. Tell me. ”
I mutter, grabbing her one breast and flicking her nipple between my thumb and my forefinger and she quickly places her hand over her mouth to stop herself from moaning which I’m glad for.

“I… I kissed Bryan. ”
She says and I stop my movement for a second before continuing with my action after gulping in.

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“I need you to know that I didn’t do it intentionally. He caught me off guard when he kissed me on live. It was asked by one of the fan but trust me when I say that I pulled away immediately. ”

“It’s okay babe. I know you wouldn’t do that. ”

“Alright. I love you so much Ethan. Never forget that. ”
I will surely. After getting my d°ck in your little wet p°ssy.

“I love you too. ”
I groan before flipping violet and slamming into her, hard and fast.

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