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Crazy Fake Wife. Chapter 23

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 23. {Meeting The In Laws.}




I groan as my eyelids flutters upon and I yawn slightly, staring around my surroundings and I realized that it’s in the bright of the day already.
I must have slept off after thinking about everything that has been going in.

I gasp and I’m on my feet immediately, running out of my room and down the hallway towards his study room since that’s likely where he’s always every morning.
I open the door immediately and it’s as empty as anything, not even a single thing could be heard.

I sigh, staring down as I slowly close back the door. Could it be that something really happened to him? Why isn’t he back yet since yesterday?

I decide to try my luck and check his room and I’m on my way back to the hallway, the room which is just across mine as I pull it open and peep in. I have never been in his room before and it looks a whole hell lot better than I had actually thought.

I smile and step inside, the scent of him engulfing me and welcoming me and I know that he’s here with the clothes that he wore last day on the bed.

I heave a sigh of relief as I hear the running of the shower and I stare around the room, it looks really good and it smells like him also.

I turn back, quickly making my way back to leave the room when I hear the opening of the door and I breathe out, realizing that I have just been caught.
Oh god. This is so embarrassing.

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“Tamara ?”
He call and I slowly turn back to look at him, trying on my best fake smile as I shift uncomfortably between my legs.

“Hey sorry, I came in here. I was just checking out the rooms and I didn’t know that this is actually yours. ”
I smile a little at him and he chuckles, shaking his head.

“You suck at lying. Just so you know, you know this is my room so why are you here? Were you missing me? ”
He grins and I grunt, shaking my head before crossing my arm against my chest and rolling my eyes.

“As if, we both know that ain’t gonna ever happen. You weren’t here yesterday and I just thought I would check up on you. For now, I still need you alive and not dead, I’m not sure if you know but you would be of no use to me if you’re dead. ”
I smile at him once again and he smiles before nodding his head and turning back.

I use that opportunity to allow my eyes linger down his body, he’s in nothing but just a towel draped around his waist and I’m just realizing that.
I feel my cheeks heats up as I stare at his wet body, water dripping down it.

My eyes trails down the numerous tattoos that occupies his whole body and I couldn’t help but to wonder how someone could have many tattoos.

His back muscles flexes as he raises his hands to pull a shirt over his head and when I’m sure that he about to turn back, I look away from him immediately staring at my feet like its the most important thing to do which is really the most interesting thing right back apart from getting caught watching him.

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“Are you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna tell me what you’re really here for? ”
He smirks at me when I raise my head up to look at him and I roll my eyes before staring around the room once again and shifting once again, between my legs.

“I didn’t see you as the shy type. ”
He laughs and I raise my head, staring at him and watching him closely as he walks over to me, with a smirk across his face.

He stops only few inches away from me and we are already breathing the same air.

“What.. What are you doing? ”
I try to keep my voice steady but it’s gradually falling me as he moves yet another step towards me once again.

“What do you think that I’m doing? ”
He raises his brows at me, moving another step towards me and we are finally breathing the same air.

He looks down at me then up again before staring down at something and I trace his stares to see that he’s staring at my lips.
I raise my head to look at him and my eyes widens as I watch him lean down towards me. What the hell is he thinking of doing right now?!

My breathing gets heavier as he stares into my eyes before leaning down again and my own senses finally come back as I realize that this is Bryan and not Ethan. This is Bryan fucking hall! The guy I hate more than anything.

I raise my head even highly before kneeing him straight in his groin and he groans, while I walk out of the room with my heart beating so fast

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