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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 13

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 13. {First Night Together.}




I stare at him my mouth hang open as I try to comprehend what the hell he’s even trying to say right now. He couldn’t meant that I’m supposed to sleep in this same room with him, right?

“What do you mean by that? ”
I glare at him, crossing my arm against my chest and he chuckles before bringing his hand slowly to his belt while I gulp in hardly.

“What are you doing? ”
I whisper, my throat dry and my eyes fixed in his hands that are still moving slowly around the belt.

“I don’t know. I’m taking off my clothes, why? Are you getting nervous? ”
He chuckles, shaking his head and I roll my eyes. Just then, he removed the belt and drop it in the bed and my heart beats faster against my chest. Oh god, what sort of a jerk is this?
“Cmon baby, we just get married. Are you really going to deny me my right and not let me have what I’m supposed to? ”
He raises his eyebrows at him and I scoff.

“Are you drunk? ”

“You think wanting to touch my wife in the night of our wedding means been drunk? ”
He raises his eyebrows again and I move away immediately, Ethan’s words echoing once again.

He may hate you but he’s a man and blood flow through his vein. What assurance do you have that he isn’t going to touch you?

I gasp and quickly move back once again, using my hands to cover my chest but instead, Bryan seems to be enjoying this moment as he smirks, moving even more closer to me.

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“What.. what. Wh-what are you doing? ”
I stutter, different thoughts running through my mind with my thoughts focused on one thing.

As long as he tries to come towards me and touch me. Hit him.

“Wifey, I have stayed single too much without touching another woman. Common, I’m more than ready for you and I want you so badly right now, get on the bed. ”
What? Is he kidding me right now? When did it changed from I wouldn’t even touch you if you’re stark naked in front of me to.. I want you badly?

He takes another step towards me and I’m already prepared to hit his head as soon after takes another step towards me.

Then he starts chuckling and my brows goes up in confusion. He just kept laughing and I groan, realizing what he had just did.
“God! You should have seen your face, common Tamara. I think we both know by now that I wouldn’t touch you no matter what. That look on your face was priceless though. Damn! ”
He said still laughing and anger surges through me.
I can’t believe he just did that.

“This isn’t my room by the way, you should know I can’t stand been in the same room with you. Have a good night sleep, tomorrow. We get up early for the interview or trust me, I will wake you in the most impossible way you could have ever thought. And if you would like something to eat before going to sleep, you can go find the maid downstairs, they would give you something to eat. ”
He winks before walking out of the room and I sigh, dropping down on the bed.

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I grab my phone from the bed and drop down in the bed, scanning through my contacts and clicking on Ethan’s contact.

I can’t believe that I would be away from him for a while year. I just can’t wait for this deal to be over with.


I let out a deep breath before sitting on the chair and turning on the screen, staring at it as her view comes in and she’s sitted on the bed with her phone in hand.

I didn’t have much time to look at her earlier before I was just too busy pretending to hate her and not even having the chance to spare a glance at her.
She looks really beautiful even from afar here and I just wish that everything could have been in the opposite way then things would have been so much better.

The truth is that. I really do like her. I don’t just like her, I love her. Right from childhood but she never notices me.
She never gave me a chance to be with her. She never does.

She hurts me every single time. I have tried to get closer to her but she’s always pushing me away every time.

The final was when she had done something. Seven years ago, I know that she doesn’t recognize me as that guy anymore but I would never forget what happened seven years ago.
But.. Even after everything she had done, I’m still madly and absolutely in love wit her.

This one year is to make her feel all the pains thar she had caused me but it’s also to allow myself to finally let her go and move on.

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