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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 12

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 12. {First Night Together.}




“So you mean that this stupid girl still thinks that you’re in love with her? ”
Derrick laughs, throwing his head to the back and I chuckle before nodding and grinning, obviously proud of myself.

“Including her stupid friend also? ”
Charles mutters, finally stop kissing the bitch that on his laps.

“She actually think that I do. She’s so fucking stupid and I already got her virginity, I showed you guys the proof. The rest that’s left of me is to get Tamara innocence and I’m going to win this bet just like I had told you guys that I would. She’s so fucking stubborn. No matter how much I try, she doesn’t get it and now that she’s married to that stupid billionaire, it might actually take longer that I planned for it to. ”
I groan and they all laughed, shaking their head.

“Damn! You’re one bad guy Ethan. I didn’t actually thought that you would be able to screw two friends over. Two fucking best friends. ”
Derrick says with his eyes widen and I just shrug.

“I told you guys that I would have them  you never believed me. I hope you’re all preparing my bills, you already lost this bet as you all know. ”
I laugh, grabbing my drink and taking a sip from it while the guys join me.

This is why I am and this is what me and my friends do. We take random girls and we place a bet on them, money been the reward.
Usually, it’s always about one girl but this time, they had dared me to do the two best friends which I had agreed to. They weren’t as hard as I thought, especially Violet.
The girl is fucking easy to get through but Tamara is the one giving me the problem, she refuses to give in and I won’t stop until I make sure that I win the bet.

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My phone rings and I bring it out, staring at the name across the screen as a smirk makes it way across my face. Speaking about the most easiest and dumbest target I have ever come across.

I move away from the guys so that they don’t ruin things for me before I finally end everything.

“Babe. ”
I mutter, nodding at the barman for a drink.

“Hey, I didn’t get to see you again after the stupid wedding. That bitch is just always ruining things for us. ”
I almost laugh but I have to control myself.
If only she knows that she’s a bigger bitch than Mara.

“Yeah, she wanted to just say something before going and now that she’s gone, we would have ourselves to each other just like you have always wanted. ”
I smirk and her chuckles booms through the entire phone. Fucking idiot.

“Yeah, just like I had always wanted. Could you come later tonight when you’re done? I’m feeling cold. ”
You mean you want me.

“Yeah, sure. I will once I’m done with the boys. ”

“Alright, I love you. ”
And I love the money I’m gonna get from winning the bet.


I love the inside of the house. Its actually cool and at least, I should enjoy my one year if I’m going to stay here for that long.

There are maids around the house so we won’t be the only one alone which I’m also glad for.

“I filled the wardrobe with the clothes that you would be pitting on always and you can also buy some others if you don’t like the ones that are in there. You have to be early tomorrow morning, we have a interview to extend to concerning the wedding and I expect you to provide the media with the accurate answers. ”
He says and I roll my eyes before nodding slightly while he walks away from me and goes to the center of the room.

I thought he was just going to leave until he starts doing something that surprised me by unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt. Why is he doing that here? This possibly couldn’t be what I think it is, right?
He couldn’t possibly be thinking of staying in the same room with me.

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“What do you think you’re doing right now? Why are you taking off your clothes here? ”
I raise my voice and he chuckles before turning to me.

“Why else would I take off my clothes? I have to rest after the stressful day I had. ”
He shrugs and I scoff, crossing my arms against my chest.

“And why exactly are you doing that here is what I’m asking right now. Don’t you have your own room? ”

“You are standing on it. ”

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