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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 11

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 11. {First Night Together.}





I step fully away from Ethan and walk closer towards the door. I’m sure that I heard a sound just now and that would was coming from in there. Who could be in there and could that person could have been listening to our entire conservation? What if it’s a stranger that already knows everything about the marriage or maybe it’s someone else.

Paranoia hits me when I realized that I haven’t seen violet in the hall either. So they were both there? What could they be doing here all alone?

I know that it doesn’t make sense cause I trust Violet with my life, same goes with Ethan but again, she has been acting so fucking weird when it comes to Ethan these days. Anytime I mention Ethan, she’s always acting so strange and trying to divert the topic from it but it could’ve been what I’m thinking right? Ethan wouldn’t do that to me. Violet wouldn’t dare to do that to me.

Just as I step a little more closer to the door and hold the handle to pull it open, a hand hold out to me and pull me back by the shoulder.
I turn back to see Ethan and I raise my brows at him, about to say something when he uses his hand to cover my mouth and pull me further away from the door.

“Did you forgot that this is the men restroom and that a guy could have been in there, using the restroom. What do you think you’re doing walking closer to it? ”
He says in a low tone and I breathe out. That’s right, I was just over thinking things too much.
That would never happen between the two of them. I trust them both.

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“That’s right but I just thought that… ”
I stop my words midway and shake my head to push away the stood thoughts. “Actually never mind it’s nothing. Can we go out now? I don’t want whoever it is that’s in there to come out and find the bride here.. ”
I chuckle and his face changes into a frown.

“I didn’t mean that in a bad way. Even if it’s fake, it’s still important. ”
I add to soften the mood and he smiles before nodding and leading me out of the room.

“What were you doing with Violet the morning you told me that you would be out of the city. When I told her about the marriage, she actually already knows and she said you told her that morning you told me you won’t be around. ”
I mutter as we both walk down the hallway and he falls into silence, not uttering a single word. When I turn to look at him, he doesn’t even look like he was listening to what I was saying.

“Ethan! ”
I raise my voice a little and he turns to look at him with his brows raised. “What are you thinking about? ”
I step moving to turn to him and I gently place my hand against his cheek.

“Nothing. I just thought about everything now. I mean you guys would be living together now, what’s the assurance that he won’t touch you. He’s a man you know and blood flows through his veins. ”
He turns away from me and I shake my head, deciding that I was just over thinking things.
This man right here is worried about another man touching me and I’m thinking about him and my best friend.
I feel guilty that I would even feel that way towards him and I’m glad that he didn’t hear that stupid question I had asked.

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I smile and stand on my tiptoes, placing a kiss on his cheek.
“I told you that even if I stay with him for a century. I would never allow him to touch me because I will always be yours. ”
I smile at him.

“But… ”
He starts saying and I place a finger over his lip.

“No buts. I love you and that’s it. I will never cheat on you. Okay? ”
Something flashes in his eyes but it was gone before I could tell what it was and he nods, smiling.


I sigh as I stretch and stare to at the house. After the meetings, taking the gifts and wishes. We are finally at his house and I’m just so tired.

The door is open my one of his guards and I stare at the house once again, a low gasp escaping through my lips.

I know that his house would be big but I definitely didn’t except it to be this big and so beautiful also.

“Are you gonna stand there staring or are you gonna come in and start your one year of hell? ”
He smirks and walks ahead while I breathe out before following him.

And it begins. Countdown for three hundred and sixty five days.