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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 10

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

Episode 10. {Caught?}




After successfully getting out from the crowd of well wishers wishing me to have a very happy and healthy marriage life. Dummies if only you know the real secret behind this marriage.

I saw Ethan walked out earlier and I thought that he might have left because he couldn’t bare to see me like that anymore but however, when I went out. I can still see his car so I thought about the only one place that he could be. The restroom.

I groan as my wedding dress keeps me from walking any faster and it took me ages to finally get to the men restroom.
I stare around the hallway to make sure that no one is coming around here so it wouldn’t be awkward. What is a recently married women doing in the men restroom when her supposed husband is still here at the gall.

I chuckle at the thought of someone catching me here and I know that it would be a real mess if that happens.
I thought about barging in at first but what if it happens to be that this isn’t where Ethan is and I just barge in to see a complete stranger. That would definitely be awkward and wouldn’t go well so instead of barging in like I had initially planned to, I knock gently against the metal door, still staring around the hallway to make sure that no one is coming.

I knock impatiently on the door again when I hear no sound coming out of there. Could it be that he isn’t in there and I had just been mistaken.
I thought about leaving at first but what if he’s really in there, thinking about everything that happening.
I should be with him in there and assure him once again that I’m only his and no one is going to take me away from him since I got us into this shit in the first place. It’s my job to be with him when he needs me so badly.
I still remember the look he had on when I stared at me after the fake kiss with Bryan. He doesn’t look very good and I know he’s hurting inside, I would be also if I had been in his shoes.
Hell! I may not even have allowed it!

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So instead of walking away, I tap on the door I’ve again this time with a call if his name.
“Ethan, are you in here? ‘
I call out and wait for his response but I got none.
I sigh and finally give up, deciding that he isn’t in there. He would have answered me if he were.

Turning away in disappointment and just as I’m about to leave.

“Yes, I’m in here Mara. Hold on for some minutes. ”
His voice comes in and just hearing his voice alone gives me so much joy and I quickly stop on my track, walking back to the door and pulling it open even though he had just asked me to hold in.

“I told you to hold in. ”
He chuckles, buckling his belt and my cheeks heats up and I flush before quickly turning back, my heart beating faster against my chest.
God. I can’t believe I barged in just like that.

“I’m done. ”
He says and I turn back, my eyes unconsciously going down but I shake my head, pushing my gaze back to his face.

“Ethan, I know that you don’t want any of this to happen and seriously neither do I but you have to understand why I had to do this. You have to understand that I’m doing this for my family and nothing else. ”
I mutter, my lips going down to his lips. They look so pink and almost… Wet? So tempting. So so tempting.

“Yeah, I know why you had to do this but it doesn’t make it any less hurt when you’re like that with him. You have no idea how angry it makes me that he had to touch you like that and even kiss yiu including taking some stupid vows with you. ”
He groans and I chuckle, shaking my head.

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“He didn’t kiss me. I promise you, his lips were just almost touching my cheeks. We had to do it like that so that people would not notice and be asking what’s wrong with us and all stuff. You should know that I would never kiss him. I only want to always kiss yiu, not him. ”
I move closer to him, wrapping my arm around his neck to pull him down closer to me and he chuckles before leaning in on me.

Just as I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him, a sound comes from the toilet and I pull back immediately, looking at Ethan with my brows raised.