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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 24

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 24. {Meeting The In Laws.}




“No mom, I won’t be home. ”
I sigh as I move out of the room with the maid carrying my bag behind me as we both walk downstairs.

“I don’t know either mom but he did say we are going to meet his parent. ”
I mutter as I stare around for Bryan but he’s no where to be found so I just assumed that he walked out of the house already.

“I just told you now mother, I don’t know where it is. How the hell do I know where I’m going when I have never been here before? ”
I groan loudly and she chuckles on the phone, her laugh filling my ears and it’s nice to have my mother laugh like that again.

When she had thought that we are going to lose everything, she has been so sad. She barely smiles and now, everything is actually Alright. Nothing can give me greater happiness than knowing that I did this to her.
I made her smile again.

“Mom, please don’t say that again. ”
I groan loudly, my cheeks heating up in embarrassment when she starts lecturing me on sex education with Bryan.
Seriously? Bryan fucking hall?

“You should do that Tamara, or you will lose your husband to one of those whores and you will end up regretting it. ”
She had said on the phone and I roll my eyes, huffing.
Losing him is probably going to be the best thing that would ever happen to me. I don’t want to keep him either.

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“Mom, I’m not doing that and that’s final. ”
I scrunch my nose up together as the maid drag the bag to the car while the guard opens the door for me and I get inside, sitting beside Brian who has his eyes focused on the laptop that’s on his laps.
I assume that he’s working and I don’t know why I feel so weird about him sitting right next to me and my mother is talking about having sex with him in the phone.
God. This is so embarrassing.
I hope Bryan doesn’t hear anything.

“Mom, I really have to hang up now. I’m leaving. Say hello to dad and others for me. I hope you’re all catching up. ”
I smile to myself, hoping that this jerk beside me had been keeping his end of his deal or he’s gonna die by my own bare damn hands.

“Yeah, your dad is fine. He went to the office, be started again and everything is actually going back to normal. I think Bryan did what he had promised and your little ones resumed schooling also. ”
She seems genuinely happy as she says those words and I nod even though she can’t see me right now.

If my family will always be happy like this then I don’t mind spending a year with this jerk. Less than a year now.

“Alright mother take care of yourself. ”
I smile and she hums against the device before I hang up the call, turning to Bryan whose eyes are still focused on the screen of his laptop and he’s typing away endlessly.
I still feel weird about what had happened hours ago.
I can feel my own cheeks heat up as I remember I spent almost hours trying to calm myself down after running out of his room.

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I stare at his face and he glows when I’m this close to him. I sigh as his hair covers his face and I badly want to reach out to push it back but I shake my head.
Tamara, what the hell are you thinking about now?

I must have missed Ethan so much that I have started seeing Bryan as him.
This definitely won’t do me any good, I will have to go see him as soon as I’m back from this trip.

I rest my head against the window as we drive past the city light and it has actually been so fucking long I had been out like this thanks to Bryan fucking hall.

I turn back to look at him and his eyes are closed already with his arms crossed against his chest while I chuckle, he’s sleeping. I assume the driver knows where we are leaving for.

I sigh as I stare around his face. He really is handsome, I wonder why and how this relationship developed between us. Why did he hate me so much?

I turn my face away from him and suddenly, I feel his head drop on my shoulder, I gasp as I turn back once again. Trying to move his head away from me but he wouldn’t even budge.

He must have been so tired after arriving late last night. I wonder what he was out doing anyways.
I grab the laptop on his laps and drop it on the floor while I reach out to his hair that’s draped against his face before slowly pushing it back with my heart beating so fast against my chest.

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I stare at him and the way his eyelashes drops on his skin with his eyes closed. He looks perfect and why in the hell am I thinking of his looks right now. Let’s not forget this is Bryan and I hate him.
I shake my head to turn to the other side when his head drops from my shoulder… And then it drops on my lap!