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Crazy Fake Wife. Episode 21

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{Forcefully Betrothed}

EPISODE 21. {Meeting The Fake In Law’s}




I sigh as the maid packs my clothes into the box and every other thing that she thinks I would be needing for my trip to my mother in law and father in law. I wonder if there’s going to be sister in law or brother in laws. All are fakes anyways so I don’t have to worry too much about it.
I still can’t get over the fact that that prude had the mind to call my attitude bitchy, I will surely make sure that I teach him a lesson he wouldn’t ever forget in his entire life and throughout my stay here.
I think I might actually have been going easy on him, I will need to make sure that this place is hell for the both of us.

I breathe out again as my mind drifts off to Violet. She hasn’t even for once called ever since I have been here and I haven’t called to check on everything that’s happening and make sure that everything is alright. God! I’m such a terrible best friend.
She must have been very angry at me.

I shake my head as I think about earlier when I called Ethan. A smile makes its way to my lips when I recall that he had told me he loves me but again, what was wrong with him is what in thinking about.
I could tell that he wasn’t paying full attention to what I was saying and Ethan never acts like that, something must be bothering him. I will have to see him and talk to him anyways it, I don’t care what Bryan fucking hall think about it.

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“I’m all done ma’am. Is there anything else that you would be needing? ”
The young lady that’s dress’s in maid attire whom Bryan has chosen as my personal maid should be nothing less than twenty and I smile at her before shaking my head.

“That would be all Camille and I have told you times without number, don’t refer to me as ma’am please. Call me Tamara or you can call me Mara. ”
I smile at her and she raises her head to look at me before nodding.

“You are really such a beautiful woman and you have such a pure heart and nice attitude. Master I really lucky to have you as his wife. ”
She says again and I must shrug, that’s if I’m even something as much as been just his friend. We are enemies and nothing else. Nothing else would ever happen between us.
No other relationship would ever occur between us.

“Thank you. ”
I smile at her and she nods before bowing once again while I glare at her for and she chuckles before smiling and walking out of the room while I grab my phone from beside me and dial violet’s number.

It goes to second ring before she picks it and I smile as her voice comes through.

“Hey babe. ”
Her voice is cheery and she seems to be in a really good mood which means that nothing bad had happened to her like I had been thinking.

“You couldn’t even think of calling me? I had taught something happened to you. Why didn’t you call? ”
I say in a pretended angry voice and she chuckles on the phone.

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“You’re cute when you’re trying to be angry and I’m sorry I didn’t call you earlier. I just didn’t have enough time, I have been so busy ever since you left and I was just thinking of calling right now when your call came in. ”
She says and I hum back in the phone.

“Alright. I just miss you so much and I can’t wait for these days to be over with… ”
I stop taking when I heard a voice that sounded so much familiar. So very much familiar thar I couldn’t just let it pass.

“Babe, I need to go. ”
The voice says and violet goes all quiet while that voice remains stuck in my head and I know that I could recognize that voice from anywhere.
I listen to it too many damn fucking tines not to know it.


“Hey, sorry. I had to go attend to him. ”
Violet voice comes in minutes later and I furrow my brows even though she isn’t right here to know what I’m doing.

“It’s ethan. That’s Ethan, why is he with you? ”
The words leaves my mouth in a rushed way and violet chuckles on the phone.

“You must have miss your boyfriend so much that you’re now hearing his voice from anywhere. That wasn’t Ethan, what would Ethan be doing here? He’s just a recent colleague. ”
She says casually but I’m still not convinced that the voice I just heard minutes ago isn’t his.

“I need to go really quick now. I will talk to you later. ”
She says again and before I could even say anything, she hangs up immediately while I just stare at the phone in my hand.

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What the fuck just happened?