March 29, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 4

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{She cheated on me }


✔ Jayden Alejandro.✔

I staggered backwards as my eyes had become so red.

“Am sorry man but its not what you think.” Ian opened his mouth to even try to lie to my face.

I wanted to charge at him but katie held my hand firmly and I stopped…

“Please Jay listen to me its…” I signaled her with hand to shut the f*ck up.

“Let’s go boss.” Katie says and drag me along.

Keisha tried to run after me but katie stopped her .

“One more step closer swears am gonna kill you myself.” Katie stood up for me and led me outta the car.

“Take me home.” I managed to say as I could think of were all the memories we shared.

I made sure she lacks nothing. I loved her with all of my heart and never for once cheated on her.

Ian had been my childhood friend and I trusted him with my life.
Won’t have believe all of this if I was being told by someone.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Katie asked but i ignored her.

“Just drive.” I barked and she nodded sadly..


I didn’t wait for her for to park the car I got down immediately and rushed into my mansion ignoring all the servants.

I went upstairs to the master bedroom, how could she do this to me ? Did I do wrong by loving her with all of me?

I went to closet and took out all of her stuff and throw them through the balcony..


Grandma was right after all  when you fall deeply in love then prepare to get hurt.

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I paid deaf eyes and loved this bitch! Whole heartedly.

“Argh!!” I screamed and smashed the glass table in the room  hurting myself In the process.

I really don’t care , was bleeding profusely but its nothing compared to the hate and pain I feel in my heart right now..

I took my hockey stick from the closet and smashed everything with it.

Katie ran into the room immediately I guess she heard the noises.

” what the heck! Do you think you’re doing boss?” Katie half yelled.

“Get outta here katie!!” I growled and grabbed a drink from the mini bar in my room..

“As your manager I refuse to let you torture yourself this way.” She tries to come close but I barked at her making her flinch in fear.

“Don’t tell me what to do grandma!! What do you know about love huh?? You know nothing because you haven’t ever been in love before.” I said and looked at me disappointed .

“I don’t care what you think but I can’t let you do this okay?” She took the bottle from me and I took another one and I sat by the bedside.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone ??” I shouted at her but she stood her ground.

She sat down beside me and sighed.

“I’m your manager and practically am supposed to look after your ass plus if something goes wrong who’s gonna pay?” She chuckled and I glared at her.