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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 21 And 22

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{My Love coach }



He pulled away when it was getting intensed.
The driver stared back at us through the rare view and I looked away shyly.

“Erh. Sorry I just wanted to clarify something.” He darted his lashes in a sexy way.

“And what would that be if I may ask?” I shrugged.

” never mind tho.” He brought his phone and paid less attention to me.

Woa that was abit awkward i must say.

The car pulled up at the mansion. The chauffeur opened the door for me and bow slightly.

“I guess I’ll see you later yeah?” He scoffed.

” yeah yeah sure .” I raced upstairs to my room gush I smell like tig.

I took off my trainers and sluggishly walked into the bathroom for a quick shower.

A body wash would do.

I took off my clothings and mixed a bath before stepping into the bathtub.

Man the water is freakishly cold.
What’s up with jay kissing me whenever he felt like and leaving me stunned.

Why would he kiss someone he doesn’t feel a thing for.

Whenever he touches me adrenaline rushed through my veins , my body wants to pull away but my heart doesn’t.

I sighed tiredly before stepping outta the bathtub with a towel around my chest.

Never knew jay was in my room. I walked in unaware of the fact that he was in my room.

” wow!!” I flinched back in fear as he held on to my towel tightly.

“Wtf!! Are you doing in my room uninvited? What if I was naked?” I barked at him.

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” obviously You ain’t naked. Not that there’s much to see so don’t flatter yourself .” he rolled his eyes and I felt hurt by his words.

Didn’t know he found my body worthless.

Omg!! My glasses.

He won’t stop staring at me. Where the f*ck!!  Is my glasses??

” goddess lord Katherina Montez?” He caught me.

Yeah had hazel eyes and was scared he would recognize me  without glasses.

He stood up and moved closer while I moved back till there was no where to run.

He caged me with his arms against the glass and whispered into my ear softly.

” you look beautiful katie!’ He bit my ear lobe teasingly and I felt tangling feelings with adrenaline coursing through my veins.

My lips trembled at his touch, He’s so toxic yet un resistable.

” tell me why you kept this hidden from me? Why you prefer saggy glasses?” He planted soft kisses all over my neckline making sure he left hickeys.

” I didn’t.. Can we please don’t talk about it right now? Fine you caught me .” I frown deeply tryna mask my emotions.


He smiled at me before letting go of my arms. He stared on with an expressionless face.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding as he walked away.


{Hazel eyes }



I was right after all she was the same girl from elementary school.

But why is she hiding behind that crazy look?

I shrugged and went downstairs , Blake was making out with his chinese girlfriend.

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“Jeez get a room bro.” I rolled my eyes and slumped on the nearest couch.

“Who do we have here? Just when i thought he screwed zoey.” He winked at me and i groan softly.

” yeah tell us bro did you get to screw Zoey and how does it taste like.” Shan tel came outta nowhere.

“Gush you such a pig.” I glared at them and left them to Their crazy self.

Wanted to check up on katie but I figured she needed space.

Was,gonna ask the maids to bring lunch to her room..

4:00CAT .

Katie finally came outta the room all dressed up this with no glasses on , gush she looked so dangerously beautiful.

All this while I was with my mystery crush and I failed to realize that.

“Shall we?” I stretched forth my arm and took my arm.

Attending a royal gala with katie as my date , galaxy records sighed a partnership deal with me and a gala was hosted.

Her palm has become sweaty as we got into the car and she avoided eye contact with me.

I guess She’s still embarrassed about what went down earlier.

Have somany questions to ask but am afraid she might not wanna talk to me.

I trailed my thumb on her cheek bone and tuck a strand of her hair behind.

A kiss won’t be a bad idea but am afraid she might have my head on a stake for me.