March 29, 2023

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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 5

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{My Boss Demands}

Episode 05. Old Habits Die Hard.




“Wow, so you got fired and now you have got a job at global tech, I would say that’s a blessing in disguise. ”
Kate, my friend grins as I tell them all about how I got fired from constructing tech then got employed at global tech.
Alexander said to start on Monday which is tomorrow. His words are still very much ringing in my ears, I don’t know what he means by his demands. What demands?

“So now you get to see the popular Alexander every single time. Damn! You are one lucky girl! ”
Ria rolls her eyes and I chuckle before sitting around my circle of friends.
These are the friends that have always been there for me.
The one that has been with me right from my childhood, these are the friends that I trust more than anything in life and the friends that I would do anything for. Anything!

“It isn’t like that. Don’t say it like that, let’s not forget he will soon be my boss please. ”
I roll my eyes knowing what’s going on in their minds.

“Oh please! Just because he’s gonna be your nose soon doesn’t mean you don’t have to fuck him if you want! ”
Kate grins and I glare at her, my cheeks heating up immediately. Oh god. These girls are crazy.

“It isn’t like that you horny asses! I have a fucking boyfriend! Let’s not forget that. ”
I roll my eyes at them before turning to the TV.

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“A relationship without a cheating partner is always boring. Take my word for it. ”

“You’re crazy Kate. Full on crazy. ”
I laugh, shoving the popcorn in her mouth.

“So anyways tell me how does he look, is he really as handsome as he looks on TV? ”
Rim asks, totally interested in what she’s gonna get.

I smile, remembering when I had walked in to that office I have never seen eyes that blue before and I have never seen a face that clean and glowing. He looks out of the world and those tattoos, damn! He looks like a model that jumps out if a modelling magazine.

“Well? ”
Kate says, snapping me out of my thoughts and I shake my head to get the thoughts out.

“To be honest with you guys, the pictures did his absolutely no justice. He’s far handsome than he looked in those pictures and he glows. ”
I shrug before turning back to the TV.

“Damn! I wish I could just see him one of these days. I will visit your office and you will have to take him to me, I just can’t wait to see him and maybe have a one night stand with him. ”
Ria says dreamily and I shake my head, chuckling before shoving popcorn into my mouth.

I’m still troubled about what he means by he has demands. What demands exactly and am I supposed to feel threatened or safe by them? I don’t understand.
I guess I will find all that out as soon as I start work tomorrow. I just can’t wait to start.


Groaning, I push the leg that’s sprawled over mine before standing up, looking around the room.

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The sun ray from the window hits my eyes and I groan, stranding up and walking to the window. I closed these curtains yesterday, I’m sure Ria must have opened them.

I stare at the clock and it says seven forty. Fuck! I can’t believe I slept that long. The girls ended up forcing me to have beer yesterday and I was blatantly drunk.

I stare at the clock even harder. I don’t know why I feel like I’m forgetting something. Like I should be doing something right now and not just standing here.
I feel like I should be doing something urgently or…. Oh my god! Be somewhere urgently!

Today is Monday! Today is fucking Monday!
Christ! I can’t believe I’m late to my own first day at work. Geez, this is such a disaster.

Why the hell didn’t the alarm wake me up? I turn to look at the alarm clock and it’s set to ten am. Who the hell could have set that?
It doesn’t matter right now, what matters is that I’m fucking late to my first day of work at global tech.

Oh god! Alexander is so gonna kill me!