February 3, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 7

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



“Huh?? Did you just called her mrs?” I asked to be sure I know what I heard.

“Yeah she’s married to Kendrick Bane a very strict and possessive husband so you might wanna keep your distance.” He explains and I find it hard to believe.

Oh no don’t tell me he’s the one messing her up?

“Hmm? He’s an animal right?”

“He beats up his wife at any slightest mistake.” And I felt my heart bleed..

This is really bad. Is that why she won’t let any help her outta this frustrating thing she called married.

I sighed tiredly and stood up before taking the stairs.

Got to my room and try to search for her through the window but it seems she’s intentionally hiding outta sight.

I breath out and close the window before heading for the shower.




I ran into my house and hid behind the door watching him.

Really don’t wanna get him into trouble with Kendrick.

I went upstairs to my room and hid immediately I saw searching for me through the window..

I know he’s just tryna help but I can’t afford to put him into trouble so it would better be better I hide from him.

I waited till he was gone before crawling out of my hiding place and got on top of the bed.

All I could think of was how messed up my whole life is.

Kendrick turned me to his cook, his mother and f*cking sex toy.

Force his way on me whenever he’s horny. His this marriage or prison?

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