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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 27

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{ in love with my neighbor }




“I was so scared when you didn’t come home.” Mrs Anna said as she poured tea for me and kylie whose mood i dont seem to understand


“Am sorry ma’am had to go get something fixed. Didn’t mean to scare you like that.”I said sincerely and smiled.

She nodded and her gaze landed on Kylie.

“Hello beautiful neighbor who’s more of an introvert.” She said and I chuckled.

Kylie smiled and looked away shyly.

“Its nice to be in your humble home ma’am. ” kylie said politely and mrs Anna won’t stop smiling and winking at me.


What the hell is she doing right now?

“Am honored my dear. So tell me how’s your husband doing?” Mrs Anna asked the very wrong question.


Uh ohh. That’s the trigger word for Kylie.

“ERM ..ma’am I’m craving for pickles mind getting it for me?” I changed the subject.

Kylie stood up and ran outta the house.

“Kylie…” She didn’t stop.

Oh no that didn’t have. She’s definitely in tears courtesy of mrs Anna who knows how to put someone in a tight position

“What just happened? Did I do anything wrong?” She asked calmly And I ended up rolling my eyes.


“And you had to ask about him didn’t you. Great job in making her cry.” I huff and stood to go after her.


“Come on its just a friendly conversation.” She defended.

I was expecting that. Checked the whole place and found her by the road side staring at the stars.

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I moved closer and stood beside her.

“You know its okay to be sad but you don’t have to let that get to you. Come on  he’s not worth your tears.” I sighed and placed both hands on her shoulders.

She sniffed and turned to face me. Just as suspected she had tears at the corner of her eyes .