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Crazy Oppas. Episode 7

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 7

(Did y๏ย d๏ That ๏ภ pยгק๏รє??)

‘Uhhh…uhmm’…Min Ah mumbled trying hard to remember something from one of the French dialogues she watched on YouTube…

‘Rosetta I’m waiting??’..Nam Woo muttered in a gruff tone but with pleading eyes…

The last thing he needed was to be embarrassed by the clumsy maid..

‘Lé Al ecolé??’..Min Ah finally spoke up…

‘What did she say??’..The model asked and Nam faked a smile..

‘Uhhh she’s asking me why you’re more beautiful than the others??’..He said..

‘Ohhh really?? Aww thanks Rosetta and maybe when Nam brings me over again you could teach me some French??’..She..

‘Sure ma’am’..Min Ah almost said in a guffaw as Nam ushered his new conquest to his room…

‘Thank you’..He whispered silently and Min Ah nodded in acknowledgement…

Poor model..

Once Nam has his way with her she’s gone for good..


‘Harder Shin!! Fight with all your energy!! Punch the f**king bag!!’..Shin’s personal trainer screamed and in return the flaring angry boxer punched his punching bag with every living strength in his body…




Jealousy all flowed through his veins as he finally succeeded in ripping off the leather pouch…

‘Haha!! Kanga has no advantage over you on Friday!! You’re going to win this fight for sure’..His trainer praised and he frowned at his boxing gloves which were already battered out..

He needed a new one…

He even needed to go shopping for some supplies and since punching has helped him suppress his anger he was in the mood for some free time…

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‘Cut out my meeting with the company I’m going somewhere’..He murmured and before his personal assistant could say another word he had already bolted out the door…


‘Min Ah go change your clothes’..Manager Ho murmured as he walked into the kitchen..

‘Gbo??’..Min replied..

‘Go change into something suitable,Master Shin Woo needs you to accompany him to the mall’…The grumpy manager retorted..


Meaning that she’s going to be alone with her favorite boxer of all times??..

‘D..deh Ahjushi’..she said in a gasp and quickly rushed to her room to change into something suitable…

No one wants to look stupid in front of Shin Woo..

‘Otukeyho!! Otukeyho!!!’..She cried out looking for something to wear..

All she had was the first hoodie she bought with her first salary and since there was no other option she changed into the outfit..

Shin Woo paced around the living room angrily and when he spotted her in the green hoodie and faded jeans he frowned..

‘Did you do that on purpose??’..He asked..

‘What??’..Min murmured..

‘Did you waste my time on purpose just to look pretty??’..

‘S..Sir…No I didn’t’..She stuttered..

‘Well you did waste my time whatever your name is,now go upstairs and change into your maid uniform!! I don’t want anyone thinking you’re my girlfriend’..He ordered and Min Ah almost cried but held herself as she walked back upstairs…

He’s a bastard..