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Crazy Oppas. Episode 17

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 17

(Clumsy as hell)

Shin didn’t want the herbal tea..

He detests it in fact but seeing the frustrated look on Min Ah’s face was satisfying as hell..

He watched on keenly as she vacuumed his already clean room and noticed how her hands shivered..

‘Are you okay??’..He couldn’t resist asking..

‘Gbo(What)??’..Min’s head shot up from the ground totally shocked at his question and he frowned…

‘I said are you okay??’..He repeated and she nodded but her hands were still shaking..

Clumsy as hell no doubt..

Shin coughed lightly and as he reached for his phone his cough became more chronic..

He held his chest painfully and in a mode of panic Min Ah rushed over to where he was touching his face and bare chest..

‘Are you okay?? Master Shin do you need anything??’..She asked obviously worried and Shin shook his head..

‘Stop touching me!!’..He retorted in more of a wince and when she realized what she was doing she quickly backed off…


Kim arched his brow as Min Ah walked past him with a mop stick and a broom…

Something about her just excites him and even though she’s definitely not his type he still felt himself drawn to her…

Hmmm a secret affair with the maid wouldn’t hurt would it??..

‘Hey there Min’..He muttered..

‘Ohhh Anyoseyho Kim Woo Oppa’..She replied nervously..

‘Mmmmh need some help??’..He asked walking closer..

Min Ah blinked twice totally flabbergasted at the nice gesture of her boss but was totally brought back from her thoughts at the sound of Shin Woo’s yell…

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‘Min Ah!!!’..

‘Kumoo(Sorry) Master Kim’..She whispered walking away briskly with her mop bucket..

One minute he’s all serious and business minded and the next he’s trying to help her??..

The Woo Oppas are more confusing than the sudoku game…

She walked into the room and just at that moment she almost let out a moan seeing Shin Woo’s damp hair..

How can someone so arrogant be this handsome??,she thought..

‘Are you going to just keep standing there or mop this place??’..He snarled blandly and she snapped back to reality..

‘Deh’..she murmured and began mopping the ground..

Even with hands on the mop her eyes still darted towards the muscular lad who was fighting hard to eat his chicken soup…

He’s so handsome,she thought moving her hands absentmindedly…

‘You clumsy maid what the hell are you doing?!!’..Shin screamed and she snapped back again..

‘Wh..Wh..’..Her voice trailed off as she looked down only to see..

‘Oh my…I..I’m so sorry Master Shin!!’..She cried out..

‘You’re clumsy as hell this costs a million!!!’..He screamed holding the mini gold statue of him which was already broken by Min Ah…