September 26, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Chapter 8

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{She’s my grandma }




The gates of the knights mansion opened automatically as our ride drove in steadily.

Home sweet home how  much have missed this place.

Katie on the other hand has been trying to avoid me well am still gonna annoy her later right now am so exhausted.

The door opened By the chauffeur.

“Welcome home young master, miss?” He said respectfully and I nod and patted his shoulder in a friendly manner.

“Shall we?” I smirked playfully and she pushed my hand away and got outta the car like a angry bird.

” I can carry my own weight.” She grumpily said.

” suit yourself Bruce Lee.” I mockingly said walking towards the entrance door which open automatically after running a security scan.

“Who do we have here.” Mom said as she got outta elevator.

“Hello mrs Knights.” Katie said cheerfully.

“Aww Lolita you finally decided to come! A hug would be nice.” Mom said and she shyly gave mom a hug.

When my family were still in Vegas Katie was their favorite girl. She got to be my manager, courtesy of mom.

Let’s just say she share a special bond with my mom like no one else.

” a hug would also be nice for me too.” I said with a sting of jealousy.

” look who’s jealous.” Katie stuck out her tongue at me.

“Come over here baby have missed you so much.” Mom said and pulled into a hug too now that’s better.

” its good to be back mom. Where’s everyone?” I asked for the mansion was awfully quiet.

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“Well your dad and I ain’t exactly together anymore, Shan tel is at Mara’s. Blake should be around .” She smiled.

I sighed and turned to look at katie. Wont want her to be part of my family mess.

” we’ll talk about this later right now I need to show grandma her room.” I tried to mask my emotions.

Mom and dad relationship wasn’t really working out anymore ever since she found dad had been cheating and lying to two years ago they lived like enemies under one roof.

Guess they finally decided to Get divorced.

Me and my dad never had this father and son relationship. For some reason he hated me so much and would always take out his anger on me when I was a little kid.

I took katie around the place and finally upstairs, her room was right next to mine.

“And this is where you’ll be staying.” I said and opened the door.

“Its comfy I like it ” she looked around and then her glaze landed on me.

“Are you okay?” She asked calmly.

” yeah am okay. You don’t worry about me just get some rest okay? We’ll meet the rest of the family later okay?” I winked and and nodded.

“Wait? Where’s my stuff?” She asked.

“Oh you mean those saggy old stuff? Actually I burnt them we’ll go get new advance stuff when you done relaxing.” I said and I knew she would flare up any moment and I was ready to make the move.

“You what!!!!!!” I quickly shot the door before she could charged at me.