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Celebrity Boyfriend. Chapter 9

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{She’s my grandma }



We sat by the diner having lunch, yeah still hungry for more. Jayden sat opposite me tryna get on my nerves without his mom noticing.

Blake and shan tel ain’t back yet .

“So you didn’t get to tell me why you decided to dismantle the band. I mean you guys were more like brothers.” Mrs Knights asked and I almost choked on my meat ball.

“Nothing to worry about mom just wanted to go solo , there’s nothing wrong with that right?” He said and my lips curved in a smile.

He always knew what to say to calm the heat .sometimes I wonder if he was actually a billionaire..

“It’s OK love I understand.I guess zoey baby would still your manager?” She asked and I lowered her head.

I thought she’d forgotten my middle name.

“Zoey?” Jay asked surprised as he stared at me and stuck out his tongue at me.

“What’s up people!!” I heard shantel’s voice as she gave jay a hug from behind.

“Hello baby brother.” She pecked him on the cheek.

“Nice to see You too mommy.” He grin and got a smack from shantel.

“Learn to behave young man.hey mom,  Oh hi zoey its been ages.” She moved over to my side and peeked my cheek too.

I chuckled softly. Funny how they still remembered my middle name than Katie.

“I missed you though.” I confessed and everyone laughed.

She pulled out a chair beside mine and one of the maids served her meal.

Jay wanted saying something but got a glare from her making him shut the hell up.

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Finally there’s someone jay is actually scared of.

“Don’t tell me Jojo ain’t home yet ” shan tel spoke and Blake popped outta nowhere.

“Having lunch without me? Ouch am hurting ” he said playfully and sat down beside jay.

They did their brotherly handshake while the ladies stared at them .

” hey man .”

“Right at you Bro.” They kept mumbling things to each other.

“Zoey right?” Blake finally noticed me.

He’s the exact replica of Jayden just the hair color
Shantel made things worst sometimes I feel she’s jay’s twin.

“Yeah yeah that’s me.” I blurted out foolishly.

“How’s life with jayden treating you?” He smirked .

I glanced at jay who had an expressionless face on.

“Well you know how it goes.” I chuckled softly.

“Tell me if he’s been messing with you let me beat his ass up.” Shantel winked at me and he huffed.

“Am still seating right here ladies.” He rolled his eyes.

“Alright kids ve got a flight to catch see you all around.” Mrs knights stood up and ruffled my hair.

She’s fond of doing that.

“But I just got to see you mom.” Jay whined like a baby.

You should see his face.

“Am sorry baby but mom’s gonna go duty calls. I’ll be back before you know it.” She went over and gave him a kiss on the cheek while blake and co watched from the sideline.

Everyone knows jay’s mom’s baby boy.

“Bye mom.” They said simultaneously.

“Bye babies. Take care of your lil Brother shantel .” she said.

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“Bye mrs knights.” I waved and she waved back before walking towards the exit with s maid behind holding her luggage together they left.

There was an awkward silence between all three. Was getting little bit uncomfortable.

“So JAy how’s Keisha doing?” Shan tel asked and I choked .

“Omg are you okay?’ She asked as she tried to get me to calm down.

I nodded negatively as she handed me a glass of water.

“Here have some water.” She said

“When do you ever do something right huh?” Jay glared and left the table angrily.

I knew he wasn’t mad at me just the thought of Keisha gets him upset.

“Don’t worry about him  , he can be d”ck head sometimes.” Blake says and left too


“I heard that jojo!” He yelled from upstairs.

Such drama king.

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