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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 2

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????

Episode 02

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

I paid the taxi man before I started dragging my leg inside the house. I twisted the door knob and I entered the house.

I didn’t even bother to close the door, I dropped my bag on the floor, I walked closer to the couch before I plonked myself on it.

I buried my face in the pillow and hot tears was streaming down my eyes. Am a big fool! I hate myself and I hate Mateo.

I couldn’t erase the picture of what I saw earlier. The way he embarrassed me in front of that whore and how I felt stupid.

Why would I trust that son of a bitch in the first! Amber warned me about him but I was blindfolded with the love I had for him.

I remembered how I used to shun her, I always tell her that he loved me and he will the source of our riches since he is a singer and a dancer.

I gave him all of my savings, all! Including the one am supposed to used to pay for Amber surgery.

I was still thinking about everything when I heard a voice.

“Riele, is that you? ” I heard Amber’s voice and her footsteps.

She mustn’t see my tears ! I quickly dried my eyes before I raised it up.

“Amber! ” I called trying to sound happy.

“What happened to you that you left the door opened. ” she asked as she sat down beside.

“I….. I’m fine. I just forget about the door” I added but she wasn’t convince.

“Are you sure? And why is your face pale?” she further asked and she turned my face around

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“My face? OH! I haven’t eaten since morning. ” I defended.

“Why did I have a feelings that you’re lying to me? ” she furrowed her eyebrows.

“I need to rest, I’ll be in my room. ” I said before I stood up from the chair.

“You didn’t even bother to ask me about the place I went to? ” She groused and quickly turned back.

“I forgot about that too! How was the place? Hope you were given the loan? ” I defended.

“Riele! When did you started forgetting important things? ” she grumbled.

“And this pillow, why is it wet? Don’t tell me you have been crying .” she said and my eyes drooped.

What am I gonna tell her ,I can’t tell her about what I saw. She will admonish me in blame

“when I was coming in, a sand blew into my eyes. ” I lied.

“you’re lying to me ” she said as she stood up from the couch.

“He has broke up with you! Tell me riele! ” she yelled at me and I was forced to nodded my head in tears.

“I knew it! ” she huffed and I opened my eyes.

“I warned you about this Riele! I told you that he didn’t love you. He’s only a Lier looking for someone to sponsor his stupid musical career, but you were too blindfolded with love.

“I thought you would have learnt from our parents mistake. Because of their useless love, they shattered our lives. Dad abandoned us with Mom, did you know why he was able to do that? It because he didn’t loved mom, she was the only one in love in their relationship.

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“When he felt that we are no use to him again, he abandoned us with Mom. It was because of this,Mom died! She couldn’t fulfilled her wishes for us. Useless love killed her!

“And here you are, trying to follow mom footsteps. Look at where it leads you, it shattered your life! Did you think I didn’t know how you wasted all your savings on him?.

“The money that you can use to pay for my surgery bills, the money that we can use to take care of ourselves but you wasted it on a useless and stupid Mateo! ” she chided at me with tears already running down her eyes.

“I’m sorry Amber. ” I whimpered with my head down.

“Sorry? did you just said sorry? Why are you sorry? are you sorry for the fact that your stupid boyfriend dumped you or for the fact that I’ll soon die without the surgery? ” She taunted with tears running down her eyes.

I couldn’t lift up my head to look at her.

“Amber forgive me. ” I pleaded and I raised up my head.

“I know that I was foolish for not doing my right as your sister but please forgive me. ” I apologized as I walked closer to her.

She was glued to her spot, I seized that opportunity and I hugged her.

“I won’t be so careless again ” I whispered to her as I pet her back.

“Riele, I’m dying! ” She said to me in tears.

“No, I’ll save again for your surgery . I’ll go to the loan company. I ain’t giving up on you.” I said and I hugged her again.

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Suddenly, her breathe became tensed. No! Not again. She disentangled from the hug before she collapsed.

No! Not now!

“Amber! Don’t do this to me, you ain’t dying yet ” I shakes her lifeless body on the floor.


I paced around the hospital waiting for the doctor result. God please save my Amber!

I prayed silently in my mind. Suddenly the door opened and the doctor came out.

I quickly rushed to him.

“How is she? ” I asked him

“I told you last month that she needs to do a surgery ASAP but you didn’t listen to me. The cancer has gotten worst and if you need your sister alive, you need to bring money for her surgery before next week. If not, I’m sorry but you will lose Your sister. ” He said and he left me.

Oh no! I’ve destroyed my sister life because of the love I had for Mateo.

How am I gonna gather the money for her surgery with two days.?