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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 1

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????Three month stay
With Mr Popular????
{He is Hot}….

Episode 01

By : Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

“Mateo! Mateo ” I called his name as I entered his apartment. It is so unusual, his door isn’t locked.

I have been calling his number since morning but it was switched off. I’m just worried about him. I walked in fully Into the sitting only to see two empty glasses of wine on the table.

While an empty wine bottle was lying on the floor. I scampered to the table and picked up the wine to perceive it’s odour, the smell was too strong for me that had to dropped it down immediately.

I thought he has stopped drinking alcohol, what the hell is happening here. And what’s with the second bottle on the table. Did he had a visitor?.

I left the sitting room and I headed for his room, on my way to his room, I saw clothes lying on the floor. Not just a male clothes but a female dresses with pants and bra.

No! I hope it’s not what am thinking. I bent to a crouch and I picked the bra up. Just as my guess, I began to hear moans from his room.

I slacken my pace to his room and I was shocked to the bone with what I saw. Mateo was making out with a lady.

The lady was on top of him, she was riding him like a whore. Oh my goodness! I don’t want to believe this.

“Mateo! ” I screamed his name and the tears that I was holding fell down freely from my eyes.

The lady came down from him and both of them sat upright.

“What the f*ck are you doing here? ” He yelled at me as the lady rubbed his chest.

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“Mateo how could you do this to me.. ” I whimpered.

“I didn’t do anything Riele! You are the one at fault. ” He chided at me.

“Who is she? ” The girl asked him as she shot me a deadly gaze.

“She’s my ex girlfriend. ” He replied her and she chuckled.

“She is the one that didn’t know how to satisfy her boyfriend with sex. ” She taunted before she kissed him.

“Mateo, I thought you loved me. I gave you everything you ever asked, how dare you betrayed me.? ” I yelled with tears streaming down my eyes.

“com’on, you only know to give me money not sex. I asked you for sex but you decline telling me I should wait for our wedding night. I can’t wait till that time, am an upcoming artist, I need sex to stay alive yunno. ” He said in an annoying way and I felt like slapping him.

“You lied to me, I thought you said you will wait. ” I screamed and I fell down on the floor.

“I didn’t lied to you, I just changed my mind. If you won’t mind, we would like to get back to business. We were in the middle of hot marathon before you came in. When you’re through with your lost, you can make use of the door. Holy virgin! ” He said to me before he lied the girl on the bed and started f*cking her.

oh no! I can’t believe this is happening to me. I couldn’t hold the pains again, I stood up from the floor and I ran out with hot tears streaming down from my eyes.

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How could he do that to me? I spent on him, I gave him everything he could ever asked for. I even sacrificed my savings for him when he wanted to publish on of his albums.

I was still on the run when my phone buzzed!

Please nobody should call me Now! I didn’t bother to check the caller. All I just want to do right now is to soak my pillow with tears.

I wiped of my tears as I tried to stopped a taxi. where all this God forsaken taxi! I even felt like dying right now!

Amber will make jest of my foolishness, she will be very mad at me is she should know about it.

I was able to stopped a taxi, I hopped into the taxi immediately.

“Where to MA “The man asked me.

“Old town street please ” I said to me before he started driving.

My life is a mess right now, am so foolish and stupid to trust him. Where was my senses when Amber was warning me about Mateo.

I thought he will wait for me . I was insane for thinking like that.


Kayden’s Pov

“Men, when are you gonna stop being a snob?”Nolan said as he entered my room.

“And when will you stop being a pervert! I’ve warned you several times to always knock ” I replied bluntly.

“Like seriously? Must I knock before I enter my friend’s room. ” He said as he decanted whiskey into a cup.

“Geez! ” I huffed.

“Why did you embarrassed Dylan? “He asked me.

“Who is Dylan? ” I asked in pretence and I fixed my attention to my phone.

“Diva! “He yelled.

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“Oh, you mean that popular bitchy dancer? ” I taunted and he smirked.

“I didn’t embarrass her, she did! Because she danced for me at the concert doesn’t give her any right to hug me not even talking of trying to kiss me. ” I replied him with a angry look.

“She was only trying to express her feelings to you….”

“I don’t need her feelings because I never ask for one.! ” I cut him off with my eyes glinting with annoyance.

“But that doesn’t mean you should shove her away, at least when she tried to kiss you, you should have play along. The picture of yesterday is all over the net. Her image has been tarnished because of your snobbish attitude. ” He stated calmly.

“She should have think about that before she tried to kiss me with her stinking mouth. ” I replied him and I snatched the glass from, I emptied the whole content in my mouth.

“I couldn’t believe that you’re still acting like this. ” He said and I scoffed.

“I only shoved her lips away, that doesn’t mean I snubbed her. I’m tired of your counselling session, right now, I wanna sleep. ” I said and I lied down with my eyes closed Pretending to be asleep.

“Wait! Are you gonna ignore me right now. I can’t believe this, you are so unbelievable ” I heard him groaned before he left my room.

Immediately he left, I opened my eyes. I picked up phone to checked the picture and I wasn’t surprise to 2.1 M comment and 2 M reacts.

The video of the short incident has been posted on YouTube. Well that will teach her some manners.