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Three Months Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 29

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 29

By: Blessing Arubuola

Dylan’s Pov

My eyes glinted in shock with what I heard. I just can’t believe my ears.

“What did you mean? ” I asked him again as I walked closer to him.

“Riele was my ex, she broke up with me because if Kayden. ” He explained.

“What! ” I shrieked in surprise.

“I was cheated. I really loved Riele and I want her back in my life that’s why I was stalking on her.” He added

I need to update Kyla about this. She needs to know about this.

I turned around…

“I hope am still in the contest? ” He asked me

“if you keep your mouth shut about what you told me and if you answer me anytime I call u so it’s a yes. ” I replied and I headed outside.

I scurried off to where I parked my car, I entered with hurry and I ignited the engine.

I reached for my phone and I dialed Kyla number immediately.
The phone rang for 4 times but Kyla didn’t pick it up.


“Pick the damn call Kyla. ” I grunted as I tried her number again.

After years of calling her, she finally picked the call.
????Hey girlfriend.
She beamed on the phone

????Kyla, I’ve something interesting for you….

????You can’t even answer my greetings, well what did you want to tell me?

????it’s about kayden girlfriend.
I said in a manner that arouse her curiosity.

????What about her?
I heard her anxious voice on the phone.

????Her ex is one of the contestants in Kay’s contest. I dropped the news.

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????What the heck!
I heard her flinched

????yea, I’m telling the truth. I’m coming to your place right now. We need to discuss

????Yes! Please make it snappy, I can’t wait for you to give me the full details.
she said and I hung up.

“Incredible news! ” I exclaimed as I turned to a lane.


Unknown’s Pov

I glared at the television with a broad smile plastered on my face.

She is taming the rich boy’s heart. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

it’s high time I come out of my hiding place. I need to appear in front of her .

It’s time for me to get rich again. But what will I do to appear in front of her?
Suddenly my eyes fell to a sticker that was pasted on the pole in the restaurant .

I quickly removed it and I scruntize the information on it. Yes! This is what I need.

A job in a place where you will see me. Nice!
I didn’t even bother to ask for my change and I left the restaurant happily .

I beamed from ear to ear as I walked home. It’s time for Riele to meets me, it’s time for me to acquire kayden’s wealth.



Riele’s Pov

I watched him as he got down from the car angrily, he didn’t wait for the securities to open the door for him.

I came outta the car and I glared at his fading shadow. What’s wrong with him.

Isn’t that the guy that was playing the role of a romantic man in the elevator?

What has came over him again!

I heaved a sigh and I walked inside the house, I headed for the elevator.
I pressed my floor number and I waited patiently as it conveyed me up by room.

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I came out of the elevator and I scampered to my room.
I bed a bath and and I also need a cool breeze on my body.

I dropped everything that I carried on my bed. I shrugged out of my jeans and top and I hurried took my bath.

Then I went to the dressing room and I changed into something simple. A knicker and a top. I don’t want to wear bum short or crop top tonight.


I came out of the elevator and I saw kayden in front of it.

When did he came downstairs. He didn’t even spare me a greetings neither did he look happy.

He wanted to walked away from me but I held him by his wrist.
I know that the look on his face will be a surprise one.

“I wanted to say a thank you to you but why are you acting like a d**khead? Huh? ” I smirked as I turned to faced him.

He was looking surprise! He’s becoming too unbearable for me to handle.
He dragged me from Mateo and we almost indulged in an elevator romance and now he is, proving stubborn again.

“What did you think you’re doing? ” He asked me with a scoff.

“I’m doin’what I should have done before. What is wrong with you huh? You’re always acting like you’re a demi god. You’re too snobbish even with your fame and wealth. It’s too bad! I can’t believe that I once had a crush on you!

“You dragged me from that guy and made me to faced my greatest fear and here you are, acting like a asshole…. ”

“Did you just call me an asshole? ” He asked me with a smirk.

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“Yes and I can call you that again!”


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