March 22, 2023

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 10

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{She’s my grandma }




I know I shouldn’t have taken it out on katie like that I just couldn’t help it.

I better get on her good side again else she’s gonna eat me up.

Got into my room and took off my clothes before walking towards the bathroom for a quick shower.

Left one of shan tel’s in Katie’s room who knows it might just fit.

I turned on the shower letting the cold water beat against my skin as I thought about how I would make love to Keisha in the shower.

Love on the counter tops , sofa and the floor. I literally gave her everything she’d asked for.

Why the hell did she choose Ian over me?

F”ck! He was my bestfriend!

I ran my fingers through my water hair enjoying the cold shower.


I came outta shower with a towel around my waist.

I took it off and wanted applying lotion on my skin when my door pushed open revealing Katie.

Her face had become so red with embassment as he tries to look away.

Why am I not embarrassed that she saw my manhood?

“You should at least knock sometimes though.” I shrug still not trying to get my towel.

“! I should go.” She stammered staring at the floor.

“No! Not until you tell me why you had barged into my room without knocking.”I smirked playfully and moved closer to her.

Her forehead had beads of sweat as she fell to the floor in a squat.

“ERM ..actually I wanted to borrow your hoodie didn’t” She shuttered still on the floor.

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I chuckled and moved back.

“Its right over there you can go get it.” I bit my lips at how naughty I was becoming.

She nodded and crawled all the way to the table top and crawled back to where I was standing trying so hard not to stare at my d*ck.

I burst into laughter when she crawled outta my room.

That should teach her not to ever barge into someone’s room. Uninvited.

I took out a military baggy jean , white  hoodie and a white air max sneakers.

Styled my hair in fancy way , the girls are gonna go gaga with the look.

Glanced at the mirror one more time before walking outta the room.

Next stop was Katie’s room. I also didn’t knock and barged into her room to see her looking so different in my hood which stopped at her mid thigh.

It was a white and black strap hood , she wore a white Louis Vuitton sneakers.

They belong to shantel i guess but hey katie looks more like a teen and I kinda love it.

“Wow grandma got boobs.” I scoffs.

She was still ashamed to stare at me .

“Just tell me how horrible it is and stop joking around.” She said tryna maintain an emotionless face.

“I must say you look abit good though ,it would be more nice if you took off those glasses.” I tried to take it off but she moved back immediately.

“No ..n, i can’t see without those.” She said nervously.

Why was she nervous?