March 29, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 11

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 11

(The Camping trip️)

Min Ah walked back and forth with a pen in her hands chewing lewdly as she thought of an idea for to bring the Woo Oppas back together…

‘What about a family vacation??’..Seo Joo suggested..

‘Yes you’re right a family vacation is what they need,uhmm when last did the Woo Oppas go on a vacation??’..Min asked in reply and Seo Joo laughed..

’They’ve never gone on a vacation to be honest,ever since I’ve started working for them they’ve never gone on a vacation,they can’t even stay and eat dinner on the same table without hitting on each other!!’..Seo Joo exclaimed and Min sighed..

Maybe she bit off a little more than she could chew..

‘I think what the Woo Oppas need is time away from social media,no phones,no electricity,no nothing just alone time with each other’..she murmured jotting it on her thinking pad…

Her father gave the pink journal before he left for the war..

‘Always use this to write your thoughts’..Were his last words before hopping into the bus and unfortunately that was the last time she ever saw him…

‘Like a camping trip??’..Seo Joo muttered bringing her back from her reverie…

‘Yes a camping trip is what they need it won’t be easy convincing them to do it though’..She said excited for her ongoing plan while Seo Joo just shook her head..

This would most likely blow up in her face…


‘No I won’t do it!! I’m not going to do it!! Really?? A camping trip?? Who’s going to run the company while I’m gone?!’..Kim yelled as he walked into his mother’s office..

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‘Ohhh so you got my message then?? Great and now your brother’s would be…’..Mrs Woo’s voice trailed off as the rest or her three boys barged into her office..

‘What’s the meaning of this?!!’..They all asked in unison raising their phone..

‘Good now that you’re all here—We are going on a vacation’..Mrs Woo said trying to remain calm and collected in front of her boys..

‘A vacation Omma(Mom)?? Is this a joke??’..Shin sneered and she shot him a dirty look..

‘No it’s not a joke and you would listen to what I have to say!! Now we are going on a camping trip whether you like it or not!! Any plans made for next week should better be canceled by your respective managers cause for years I haven’t been able to have some alone time with my boys without a camera in my face’..Mrs Woo said and her boys grumbled like teenagers..

‘For how long is this trip going to last??’..Nam asked..

‘For 10 days so get packing cause the maid is coming’..She replied..

‘Min Ah?? That idiot??’..Shin scoffed and walked out..

Something like this sounds like a conspiracy to him and he was going to find out what..