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Dream High. Chapter 39

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???????????? Like Before Reading, Please ????????????

???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Who I Choose (Part 6) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 3️⃣9️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

The plate of rice on my bed I had probably forgotten fell down and I glared at him.

“What is wrong with you Arjun? Don’t you know the meaning of knock before you enter someone’s room?” I asked, getting off my bed to meet him. He was at the door already so I didn’t allow him further into my room.

I wonder how long he has been here.

“Who were you talking to on the phone?” Arjun asked.

“And how is that your business Arjun?” I asked him, crossing my hands beneath my breast as I stared at him. Seriously he is now getting on my nerves, I need to put a stop to this rubbish.

“I want to know who it is that has the guts to steal you away from me. So who were you talking to on the phone.” He said with a shrug.

“Arjun, who I call or talk too is not your business, you don’t own me.”

“That’s where you get it wrong Ashwini, I own you, I fucking own you!” He yelled out the words.

“You don’t own me Arjun and I am not your property. I will choose whoever I want to choose and it’s obviously not you.” I told him.

“It is me because there is no one in this world who will love you the way I do. I was your first Ashwini, I was the one who you let in between your legs and I won’t let any other take what is rightfully mine.” Arjun literally growled out the words.

“Are we married Arjun? You can only have the right over my body when we are married and the last time I remember, you told me how I was just a ‘hot fuck’ to you and I don’t love you any more Arj-” He interrupted me rudely.

“That came out wrong that day. I wasn’t myself Ashwini, I said a lot of things which isn’t true, which hurt you a lot and I am truly sorry for that, can’t you let bygones be bygones and let’s start afresh again. I will marry you, we won’t be living in this house, I will buy you a house, I will buy whatever you need. I just realized how much I love you these past few days.” Arjun told me cupping my face in his hands. I nearly, nearly fell for his lies but the image of Rohit came into my mind and I brushed off his hands.

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“You know when i was just an, ‘hot fuck mate’ to you. I realized I was the one who was doing everything to please you. I called you darling, you were my everything then.”

“I can still be your everything now Ashwini, just give us a chance and I promise, you won’t regret it. I will give you very beautiful names, when you wake up in the morning, I will bring you breakfast to bed, afternoon roses and night love making. I love you Ashwini.” Arjun said with hurt in his eyes when I removed his hands from my cheeks.

“I loved you Arjun, I really did, but I am just happy it ended this way. You have Janvi now and I have my hotshot. It ended well for the both of us. Be happy for me as I am happy for you, now whatever feelings you have for me, demolish it right now because you are only chasing after your own shadows.”

“You and I are forever Ashwini whether you choose to believe that or not. I am begging you to consider me so that you won’t see the ugly side of me. I told you earlier on that I will kill him, his time starts now.” He said and left my room.

What have I gotten myself into?

I close my room door and locked it, all these stupid threatening conversation wouldn’t have happened had I locked my room door after my mother left.

Well he is going to eat his words when he sees Rohit’s.

I quickly sweep and pack the rice on the floor and put it on my dustbin, putting the empty plate on top of my table.

I went to bed, and slept off Immediately. Dreaming of my hotshot.

My handsome Rohit.


Goa Palace:

????️ Khan’s Pov ????️

I was laying on my bed that night, my thoughts were filled with Ashwini.

Ashwini….. Such a befitting name for a pretty damsel.

I want her for myself. Her kissable lips, her eyes, dark, midnight dark… felt as if I had met her before but I couldn’t place my hands on where.

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Ashwini is my type of woman, strong, smart, reliable and to top it all, very beautiful.

When she pointed her gun at me and demanded I call my father, I was surprised at her courage and of course, I was turn on.

“Son.” My father called out my name as he stepped into my room bringing me out of my thoughts.

Sitting up right on my bed, I faced my father.

“Yes dad.” I said.

“I have spoken to Bobby about Ashwini.” He told me.

“Thanks Dad.” I thanked, smiling. “So how do I get to see Ashwini. I want to see her like right now.”

“On Saturday son, you will be having a party and I have invited Bobby and his family, including Ashwini.”

“Ok but do you know his house?” I asked.

“Yes I know where Bobby’s stays. Why are you asking?”

“Because I will love to visit Ashwini tomorrow.”

“Alright, whenever you are ready, just tell me and I will give you directions.”

“Thanks Dad, you are the best and I always count on you.”

“Your happiness is my wealth Khan. If you are happy, I am happy.”

I smiled at that. “Good night Dad.”

“Good night son.” He said and left my room.

Wow, can’t wait to see my Ashwini tomorrow.


????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

The next morning, I woke up to see Rohit text message ???? which read;

???? Good morning beautiful. Happy Sunday, I hope you dreamt about me. ????

I smiled when reading it and quickly sent him a message.

???? Yeah, guess what I dreamt about? ????

“Ashwini I am going out, do you want me to buy you anything from the supermarket?” My mother’s voice was heard outside my room door.

I quickly left my bed and went to open my door, unlocking it.

“Good morning Mom and no, I don’t need anything from the supermarket.”

“Okay, I won’t waste time there. I will be back soon.” She left.

I close my door and lock it, not trusting Arjun.

I quickly have my bath and put on a bum shot and blue vest. Since I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow.

Grabbing my phone, I headed downstairs to the parlor and met Arjun already there.

Doesn’t this guy sleep anymore?

I sat down opposite him and I noticed Rohit had sent another text message.

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????What kind of dream did you dream about beautiful? ????

I smiled widely and Arjun cleared his throat loudly, staring at me, I totally ignored him and was about to reply to Rohit when we heard the sound of the gate opening and that was when I glanced up to look at Arjun.

“Are you expecting someone, Janvi perhaps?”

He didn’t reply me, rather he stared at my phone.

Bobby came rushing down the stairs.

“I can’t believe the Prince is here.” He announced as he rushed past us to open the front door since I nor Arjun made any move to get up.

I return my gaze to my phone and begin to type out a reply for Rohit when Khan and Bobby entered the living room.

“How are you doing Ashwini?” Prince Khan asked and didn’t wait for me to speak before he did the unexpected, he lifted me up like I weighed nothing, sat down and dropped me on his lap, holding my waist. “I have been thinking about you all through the night baby.”

I was uncomfortable and when I opened my mouth to speak, Arjun beat me to it first.

Arjun spoke my mind.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I am doing Arjun?” Prince Khan asked. “You should be happy that I am interested in your sister.”

Arjun laughed, a dried laugh and stood up, closing the space between us, with an unexpected pull which Khan nor I was expecting, he pulled me out of Khan’s hold which I was grateful for. Rather than letting go of my hand, he held my waist and pulled me closer to his chest. “Point of correction Princely, she is my step-sister not blood sister and secondly, she is my fiance so I will advise you to cast your net elsewhere because this fish is M.I.N.E.” Arjun said with gritted teeth.

Khan stood up, he was a foot taller than Arjun.

“And what if I want the same fish Arjun, what will you do?” Prince Khan asked as his eyes briefly stared at Arjun’s hand around me and then back to Arjun’s face, staring at him in anger.

“I will kick both your asses because I am not interested in both of you.” I said.