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Three Month Stay With Mr. Popular. Episode 4

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot}…

Episode 04

By: Blessing Arubuola

Riele’s Pov

“What did you said MA ” I asked her to be sure of what I heard from her.

“I’ll give you the money. ” she replied me with a sweet smile.

“Really? Thank you so much ma” I almost squealed.
“Let’s go. ” she said to me and her security helped me to stand up.

“Mr Hudson, I can’t sign a business deal with a company that has heartless in it. ” She stated before she walked out of the company while I followed her.

When we got outside, I opened my mouth in agape. Her car was the latest Benz, Men! She must be a very rich woman.

“Get in. ” she jerked me outta my fantasy.

“Yes ma. ” I stuttered, I was about opening the door for myself when her security stopped me and he opened it for me.

Must he do that?.

I munched a thank you before he slammed the car door. Immediately, the car started moving. Huh? What about her security.

I turned back and I saw another car trailing after us, woah! Her security must be in there.

“Would you like a lunch treat from me. ” She asked and I nodded my head like a lizard.

I gasped at how beautiful the restaurant was. It was a very classic restaurant. It just a restaurant for the whole country.

It was spacious, quite and dazzling with lights, statues of beautiful things were placed in the middle of the restaurant.

Beautiful and breath taking frames were used to decorated the walls. Woah!

“Amber, you need to see this ” I said in my mind.

Musical bands was playing a soft song. well I was able to see all this because we sat at the VVIP spot . The table and chairs looks more classical than the ones downstairs .

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If not for my state, I would snap pictures and post it on instagram. I was still admiring the magnitude building when the sound of a plant jerked me outta my thoughts.

“Your food is here MA. ” The waitress announced, she bowed down her head in an obeisance manner before she left.

I glared down at the food served in front of me, the sight of the food made my taste bud watering. It was fried chicken and waffles.

I licked my lower lips and I gulped down nothing. I watched the woman as she sighed her fork into the lobster roll.

“Riele, you’re not here for food. You’re here because you wanna save your sister ” I cautioned myself.

I stared at the food without even touching it.

” Don’t you like the food? ” she asked me as she dropped the fork on the napkin beside the food.

“No MA, the room is nice I guess. ” I muttered.

“What us your name? ” she asked me.

“Riele MA. ” I answered her.

“How much is the money you need? ” she asked me
I was shaken before I answered her.

“$200,000” I answered her with a shaky voice .

“Why did you need the money?” she further asked.

“My sister is in dire need of surgery. She has a cancer and she has few days to live without the surgery, but she’s the only family I had left. I just don’t want to loss my sister. ” I explained and a tear dropped from my eyes.

“That’s a pathetic situation. ” she sympathised

“Well like I said earlier, I’ll give you the money and I can offer you a job at my house. ” She said, I almost screamed out.

Is this for real? A job and free money.

“Thank you so much MA, thank you Ms ” I appreciated as I sniffed my nose.

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“My Security will give you the money and my complimentary card…” She was interrupted when her iPad buzzed.

My own phone also buzzed. We both picked up our phones to checked whatever disrupted our talk. It was a notification from instagram.

Kayden page made a post that he won’t hold the concert again, the concert has been postponed to next week.

Woah! I might be able to watch it.

“So… “she passed her phone to the security behind her before she continued.

“You can eat your food now? ” she asked me

“I’m sorry MA but I need to deposit the money ASAP ” I replied her, she smiled lightly before she told her security to gimme the money and he should drive me back to the hospital.

Today is surely my lucky day!.


Kayden’s Pov

“But why did you cancelled your concert? ” my PA asked me as he tried to catch up with me.

“It’s my concert not my concert not yours OK! Just do as I said to avoid losing your job. ” I replied him icily before I increased my pace.

She couldn’t catch up with so she stopped. I barged into Nolan’s room and I wasn’t surprised when I saw him screwing a lady.

I didn’t let them to noticed my presence, I glared at them for a minute before I sat down on the couch in the room.

I crossed my leg on the couch and I watched as they were displaying their F**king style. When I couldn’t hold in the lady moan again, I’d to voice out.

“Are guys so engrossed in the rubbish you’re doing right now that you didn’t notice my presence. ” I said and I clicked my tongue.

Nolan climbed down from the lady, the screwing bitch sat up and I was able to see her face.

It was one of the artist that performed at the concert here in Japan. This ladies present their selves useless.

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“Hey Kay. ” she called my name seductively.

“Can’t you knock before you entered. ” Nolan carped with a angry look.

“The last time I checked, you’re a pervert, you always intrude my privacy so why shouldn’t I do the same. ” I scoffed and I started operating on my phone.

“It’s OK Nolan, he came in at the right time. ” The bitch said and she climbed outta the bed naked.

Really! I hope it’s not what am thinking.

“Would you like me to entertain you. ” She asked me as she bent down to my level making her already sagging breast dinging in my front

“Did you want him to screw you too huh? ” Nolan said to the bitch who didn’t even spare him a glance.

“Will you take your sagging breast from my face before I cut it off for you? ” I said to huskily with my attention still fixed on my phone.

“Don’t you like what you’re seeing? ” She whispered.
I glared at her for a minute.

“You mean your sagging breast and water butts? Really? Well, I don’t like second hand things and over used trash. I don’t spare bitches like you a look. ” I huffed at her. She was already angry.

“You are just as arrogant and snobbish,just like how people used to say about you. ” she groused as she stood up right.

“You are as bitchy as I ‘ve described you to be. “Nolan replied her and he threw her clothes on her chest.

“You’re too cheap ” I added.

“I hate you guys. ” She grinned as she put on her gown and she left the room..

“I’ve cancelled the the concert ” I announced to him.
“What! ”