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Three Month Stay With Mr Popular. Episode 5

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????Three Month Stay
With Mr Popular ????
{He is Hot }…

Episode 05

By : Blessing Arubuola

Kayden’s Pov

He stood up from the bed, he walked closer to me.

“What did you mean that the concert has been cancelled ” He asked me with his head on his palm.
“yea. You heard me right. ” I replied him bluntly

“Why would you cancelled the concert with it was just a day ahead. ” He carped

“It’s my concert so I can whatever I wants with it. ” I stated with my attention still fixed on my phone.

“What? Did you just said your concert? What about the people that has already paid for tickets or the artist that cancelled their schedule just because they wanna perform at your concert and here you are, telling me that it was your concert. Really? When are you gonna stop acting like you got no heart huh. ” He half yelled but I didn’t flinched neither did I shrieked.

“Kay.. ” He calmed himself down.

“They must be a reason why you cancelled the concert. ” He said to me prudently.

I ran my fingers into my hair before I answered him.

“it because of my dad’s company, the people from the headquarters had a meeting concerning me. I’ll be 23 next year and I was supposed to be in charge since last year but they couldn’t hand over the company to be because I was yet to marry…”

“How does it affect the concert. ” He chipped in with a question.

“Their meeting was based on me, they want me to get married after my concert. ”

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“What! “he exclaimed. “A concert that was just a day ahead “. He added

“But have you gotten a lady that you wanna marry. ” He asked me again.

“No! They gave me a month to look for a bride and I couldn’t find a bride within that one month, they would have to do matchmaking for me. ” I said with a sigh.

“Why would they do that? But it’s still easy, you can just hire a lady to be your bride and after you gain your right, you guys will separate by divorcing each other. ” he suggested.

“They had planned everything, they knew that am gonna do that. They gave me a rule. I can only gain half of the company when I get married and I’ll get everything when we give birth to our first child. ” I explained to him again.

“That’s also easy, you will fake a pregnancy and when it time for delivery, you will buy an infant child from the orphanage. ” He suggested again.

“It still the worst! They would have a scan to see if the baby is real or not, they planned this. ” I half yelled at him.

“Wow, they are really crazy In your dad’s company. But must you have the right to your dad’s company? ” he asked me with a crumpled look.

“Do you I have time for all this nonsense ,my mom forced me into it and you know that I don’t like disobeying her .

“I objected at first but she told me that my dad’s company will be inherited by an outsider.” I informed him.

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“Woah! what are you gonna do now? “He asked me.

“I’ll call my mom to settle everything, I don’t like shits like this. ” I groaned.

“But when did you want the concert to happen ”

“My mom should have find a solution to the whole thing before next week, so I’ll have postponed it to next week ” I replied him as I stood up from my seat.

I took two steps forward and I turned back to faced him.

“Stop wasting your sperm into cheap girls like that bitch. ”

“Well, why won’t I do that, she offered herself to be and yunno I love free pussy. ” He licked his lower lips , I huffed at his attitude before I left his room.


Riele ‘s Pov

“I can’t believe that you have paid for my surgery. ” Amber beamed.

” I told ya! ” I boasted.

“so I would be doing the surgery tomorrow, I’m really scared. ” she said to me tautly

“You don’t have to be amber, am here for you OK! When you closed your eyes just remember all our happy memories and you will get over the pain. ” I encouraged and I snuggled her to myself.

“I guess you have finally get over your stupid boyfriend Mateo. ” She changed the topic when she disengaged from my cuddle

“I’ve to move on. ” I mumbled sadly.

It wasn’t easy for me but I gat no choice, I need to move on with my life, to a higher level.

“It’s OK. That bastard doesn’t deliver your love OK, and talking about the woman that helped us, I guess we are indebted to her. “She stated and I nodded my head.

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“Yea and I’ll repay her back by working her ” I said to Amber

“That ‘s good decision. I love you riele. ”

“I love you Amber. ” I cooed before I pecked her on the forehead.