March 22, 2023

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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 8

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Trillionaire Surrogate.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8

Angela’s POV

“What’s going on here?” Jason asked.

“She received a letter from a stranger without informing us, what ordersity.” Sam said proudly.

“Is that true, Angela?” Jason asked and I nodded.

“Where is the letter? ” he asked and Sam handed the letter over to him.

He tore the envelope that sealed it and brought out the leaflet inside to read. After he seems to have read it all, he gave it to Sam and signalled permission to read.

Sam read it and his face expressed shock at the moment.

“Boss! We are not living, are we?” Sam asked and gave the letter to Dan to read.

Jason leaned by the wall and seems to be deliberating.

I wondered what could be inside the letter.

“What’s in the latter?” I asked when I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer.

“Ask that again!” Sam said and hissed.

“The guy that came to deliver the letter to you wants us to vacate California today, otherwise , he will strike. ” Jason answered.

“Oh! ”

“Just oh! I’m sure she has nothing else to say or do.” Sam said and shot me an angry look.

I wonder why this men loathe me this much.

“Dad sent me here and sent both of you to protect me.” Jason said affirmatively.

“Yes boss.” Sam confirmed.

“You should be able to protect me from this men. ”

“Sure boss.” Sam assured him again.

“Dad must have seen that you guys are skilled before he could recommended you guys to me. My life is on the line here, protect me with all you can.” Jason said.

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“Evern with our lives sir, no harm will befall you.” Sam assured and Jason walked back inside

“You guys are just two, do you know how many they are?” I asked Sam.

Sam smirked and walked away with Dan.

I sighed and thought of why they would want Jason to leave. Didn’t he just come to manage his father’s company, why do they want him to stay away. Hum! I hope Sam and Dan will be able to protect him.

Hum! How in the world did that man know my name cause he’s obviously not part of us, how?

I couldn’t think enough, I went ahead and continued my training.