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Trillionaire Surrogate. Chapter 23

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Trillionaire Surrogate

Chapter 23

Mike’s POV

I didn’t kidnap Sam and Dan because I wanted to kill them, I kidnapped them to make them loyal to me even while working for Jason.

I released Sam and Dan two weeks after they were kidnapped but they had already agreed before then to be working for me.

It’s easy to turn the heart of men that likes money excessively. I used money as one of the tool in turning Sam and Dan against Jason.

I had sent Sam to get me Angela’s baby. I heard rumors that that Angela was with Jason because the baby seems to be his.

I will hold this as a leverage even as I claim what rightfully belongs to me.

My phone rang few hours later, at that time, I was sitted on the sofa that was a bit close to the swimming pool at the backyard of my house.

I knew who it was before I even picked it. It was a private number.

“Hello, Jason.” I said before the caller could speak.

“Oh! You already know I was the one. Are you with my baby?” Jason asked.

“Your baby?” I chuckled. “Did you see me at the hospital?” I asked.

“You must not necessarily be there before you kidnap my baby, did you send Sam?” He asked.

“Sam! Thought Sam was working for you?” I asked.

“He was working for me until few minutes ago when he kidnapped my son, only you could have made him to. What did you need my son for? Are you going to kill an innocent baby?” Jason asked and I grinned.

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“You haven’t even confirmed that the baby is with me yet.” I said

“You must be a coward for been scared to tell me you kidnap my son.” Jason said and I laughed

“Scared!” I repeated and scoff. “When I could kill you right where you are now.” I said.

“Where is my baby?” He asked and I kept mute for a while.

“Right here with me?” I finally let out.

“Interesting! What do you kidnap the baby for? Remember the baby needs natural food from her mother.” He said

“I don’t care…There are two things I need you to do; first Is that I want you to live California, second is that I need you to convince Angela that I use to be her lover. If you can do that, I’ll give you your baby.” I said.

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