February 3, 2023

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 12

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{ The crazy neighbor   }




It was fun having her around. The last time I checked she was married to a pyscho who doesn’t value what he has.

We sat down at the relaxation tent and I brought orange juice.

“So tell me something about you.” I started a conversation.

She sighed sadly and I felt bad for asking.

“Am sorry okay? Its okay if you don’t wanna talk it.”i smile trying to make feel comfortable.

“No no its fine.. I’m Kylie Quinn daughter heir to Quin foundation but I doubt if I was still their heir not having going against them.” She paused and looked at me searching my eyes for answers.

“If there’s one thing have believed in all my life is no loving parents would cut off their kids okay?” I try to encourage her.

“It all started when I went against their order of not getting married to Ken but I was too blinded by fake love and disobeyed them . at least now I regret everything going against their orders but its okay its fine.” She tries so hard to fight Back her tears.

“What do you mean by regreting?” I asked.

“Kendrick is a beast. At first he was so sweet and loving I never knew it was just a trap to lure me into marrying him.and I fell for it.” She let out the tears.

I stood up and went over and squat infront of her…

” am so sorry I made you talk about thats hurting too much.”I took out a tissue and slowly wiped her tear.

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My heart was burning with rage as her words played in my head.

That explains why she doesn’t associate with folks.

“Thanks I better get back before he comes out.” She stood up and tried to leave but I stopped her by holding her hand.

“Hey be fine okay? And remember you’re beautiful no matter what.” With that she smiled and walked away.