May 26, 2024

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 25

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{ in love with my neighbor }



We walked to the Venice tower the home of pigeons.

Kylie had a bright face on and I was glad she’s happy.

“So what do you think about Venice?” I spoke breaking the uncomfortable silence between us..

“I spent three years in Venice and the Venice tower is one of my favorite place in the world.” She smiled at me.


” hmm? How about we leave Venice? You know and go somewhere else?” I stopped to observe her reaction.


” thats sounds like a good idea but I can’t. I mean the only place I would go to is probably not an option. ” she rolled eyes.


“What if I say we are going to Paris to meet my family?” I raised my eyebrows and she stared at me in a strange way.

“Wow thats a big blow for me. Let’s talk more on that later shall we?” She pinched my cheek playfully.


“Fine if you say so. Let’s go see Mrs Anna, she’s probably worried about  me.” I changed the subject and she nodded affirmatively.


Kylie is such an intelligent lady anyone else could see this except one speck of insignificance.

I wish I could strangle his ass right now.

“Taxi!!” I flagged a cab which pulled up in front of us and we both got into the back seat.

The car zoom off towards the neighborhood.

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