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Billionaire In Disguse. Episode 29

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{ in love with my neighbor }



The rest of the night was abit awkward as we stayed in the cab in an awkward silence..

Several times i kept stealing glances at her.. I don’t get why everything is a bit complicated at the moment..

Kissing her wasn’t like anything have ever felt before.

It feels so different and I felt a spark between us.

” why are you being silent all of a sudden?” We said at the same time.

“I asked first.” We simultaneously.

“Hmm okay you go first.” I decided to let her speak first.


“Are you ignoring me?” She asked and i sighed in relief..


“Of course not. Why would i? Not that you did anything wrong tho.” I explained and she nodded slowly.


“Relax okay? No matter how hard I try I just couldn’t avoid you.” I said in a flirty tune and she shyly looked away .


I paid the cab fair and we both walked towards the entrance of my penthouse.

“Hey would you like to eat something?” I raised an eyebrow.


“Nah I think I’ll pass.” She responded and I shrugged.

We went upstairs to our various rooms after saying good night to each other.

I went straight to my closet and got rid of my clothes before hitting the shower.


Thats what I needed at the moment.


I came outta the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist.

Feeling so refreshed at the moment. In the mean time I’m gonna think of how I was gonna make that son of bitch pay for hurting her.

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I picked up my phone and dialed mom’s cellphone number.


hey mom. Are you doing?” I asked the moment she picked up the call.

jeez you gat me scared to death Chase. What’s up with you ? Why are you pushing yourself further away from me?” She said and I could sense sadness in her voice.

I sighed tiredly..


“Its nothing like that mom. I promise to explain things to you when I come over with a friend ” I blurted out even though I know I shouldn’t have said that.


” huh? Really you got a friend? Why does this friend sounds like girlfriend?” She said and I chuckled


“Come on mom there’s nothing going on with us okay? She’s just a friend.” I defended. Mom never gives up an argument easily .

“Wow so I was right after all. So tell me dear is this friend of yours cute?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.


Thought she was sad awhile ago?

” yes she’s so pretty mom.” I accepted.

“Yeah! That’s what am talking about. So when you coming with this friend of yours to see you darling old momma?” She asked and I hung up.

I know she was gonna pester me alot if she gets to know when I was gonna come see her.

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