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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 21

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



It was morning already. I went downstairs to the kitchen. Kylie needed to eat something once she wakes for she refuses to eat anything last night.

I made french toast and green tea alongside scrambled egg.  I took to her room for find awake but still on bed.


“Good morning.” She Mumbled.

“I made breakfast and you dare not say no to breakfast.” I frown and she chuckled softly.

“Never. ” she sat properly while I placed the tray beside her.

I watched her eat like a,child. I feel so happy having her right beside me and really wish she could share her problems with me.

“Its been years since someone made breakfast for me. Except it has been the other way round.” She mumbled audibly and I sighed.

I wish I could take her away her pains and kiss her tears away. Keep her happy forever.

“You know I can always do that for you right?” I smiled and she played with her food not saying a word.

“He humilated me and killed the little self respect I had left.” Her voice had began to crack.

I felt pain In my chest as her words stuck to my heart. That bastard Is gonna pay for ever hurting her.


” he never loved me. I was just a pawn and I was so blinded not to see that I got married to the devil. My whole life is a mess all because of him.” She let the tears roll down her cheek.


“And you know the fun part? He invited me to his secret wife’s birthday only to humilate me publicly. I really wish I was dead right now .” she said and anger surge right through my veins.

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Am gonna find that motherfucker and break all his bones.

“Gush I’m gonna make him beg for mercy and regret every single day he made you cry.” I angrily stood up and wanted walking away but she held me by the hand and I stopped.

“Please don’t. Just leave him alone.” She sobbed and my anger subsided.

I squats in-front her and wiped off her tears with the back of my thumb.

“Its okay.  I got you ” I whispered audibly and she nodded slowly.

There’s no way  letting that bastard get away with this.

He needs to pay for messing with Kylie.

She’s way too pure to be treated like trash.

“Thanks .” she smiled amidst tears.

“Am here for you.” I said and stood on my feet.

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