April 15, 2024

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Billionaire In Disguise. Episode 10

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{ The crazy neighbor   }



It was another morning of maternity drama. Fortunately for me Kendrick left earlier than excepted.

At least I would get a bit of freedom from being a punching bag.

I quickly cleaned the whole house and did the dishes too. Did the laundry too.

I went back upstairs and took a bath. I stayed in the tub enjoying the warm water beat against my skin.

What if I decided to be happy today would it ever last longer?

This questions I kept asking myself every single minute.
Kendrick killed my dreams and hopes of becoming happy.

Happiness is not just my thing. Because I spent my days crying.

I got outta the tub and tied a towel around my chest. Ken warned me never to go anywhere close to his bathrobe.

I wore one of my clothes and went downstairs to prepare something for myself then his lunch.

I could remember vividly when I freshly graduated from Standford,I looked so beautiful and well cleaned.

Kendrick was my boyfriend and he showered me with love make me feel special.

What happened to that same guy from years ago? Maybe those are his tricks to make me believe that he truly loved me.

I was so blind not to see through his lies , my parents were against my wedding with him and refused the union but I was blinded by fake love and went against my parents.

Will they ever forgive me?

“Argh!!”I jerked outta my thoughts when I heard screams coming from the backyard.

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