October 3, 2022

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Celebrity Boyfriend. Episode 13

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{My Love coach }



I maintain a straight face so he won’t  notice anything.

“I …I can’t see without them.” I lied and he stared me for a brief moment before shrugging.

“Can we move down to the wears? ” he spoke and I nodded.


I helped me get dressed ,I looked so different in the sexy outfit.

“Rule number two. Don’t be desperate okay? Make sure you don’t call her just text msgs.” I said as I went through the wish list I’d made for this .

“Easy.” He smirked and I rolled my eyes.

I went through my laptop and did so many research on her , family, friends, work etc.

” found out your Hailey works at  club 69 as a bartender and will be on night dutie tonight.” I said briefly.

” interesting. What yah say we go over there?” He asked.

” we’ll but as a couple remember. Plus I could get you to play in the bar how about that?” I said ready to tick.

” sounds like a plan then. Be back in two.” With that he rush outta my room.

He must truly had eyes for this Hailey girl he’s ready to do anything to make her his girlfriend.

If that’s gonna make him happy am gonna do whatever it takes to make sure he’s happy even if it means hurting myself ..

I sigh and adjusted my glasses ,one last glance at the mirror and I was satisfied with how I was looking.

My long black hair had been dyed to brown. I kinda like the transformation.

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Makes stand out among my pairs.

“Hey.” I heard his voice from the door. Turned to his direction to see a gorgeous person standing there.

He looked so handsome I felt like licking his face.

“Hey!!” He snapped his fingers at me and I came back to reality.

“Sorry what?” I acted dumb.

” quit staring or we gonna loose an opportunity to win Hailey over.” He smiled and tuck a strand of my hair behind..

I couldn’t utter a word as my lips trembled.

He took my hand his ready to leave.

“Relax okay? You’ll do just fine.” He assured me and I calm down abit.

I nod like a child deprived of milk.

He led me downstairs to his car , opened the door like a gentleman and took the wheels.

I felt tangling feeling in my stomach when his hand came in contact with my skin even though it was unintentional, I felt a spark.