February 3, 2023

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Crazy Oppas. Episode 12

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 12

(The Camping Trip️;Day 1)

Shin groaned loudly as the alarm clock blared loudly.Still in his subconscious he reached for the snooze button and when he couldn’t turn it off he just simply threw it towards the wall..

‘Uhmm sir..Uhh everyone is waiting for you downstairs’..he heard and when he opened his eyes he found Min Ah by his bedside….

She was naturally beautiful more than any other women he’s dated..

Naturally beautiful and foolishly clumsy too..

‘Who gave you the permission to enter my room??’..He asked with a frown on his face as he stood up from the bed..

Min with her cheeks flushed turned around already embarrassed seeing his broad muscles…

In all her 23 years of living she’s never seen a half naked man before and even though he knew her cheeks were burning he clearly didn’t want to put any clothes on..

‘Here pack up’..He murmured as he opened his wardrobe making a mountain of clothes and gear fall over her..

‘Deh?’..Min queried with a spiteful look on her face..

‘I said pack up Min Ah!! Pack every single thing i need for camping in my bags and you’ve got ten minutes to do so’..He replied in a harsh tone as he walked into the bathroom..

Yeah he’s a terrible jerk..


Hours Later Nam Woo,Shin Woo,Kim Woo and Hyung Woo all stood near their cars respectively as if they’re modeling for a show room or some thing as they waited for their mother..

Min with her own bags packed with instructions came out wearing a simple green frock dress that looked worn but still she still had an effect on the four men..

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Hmmm cute,Shin thought..

Maybe I could seduce her cause she’s finnne,Nam said to himself..

How is her hair so silkly like that??,Kim thought rubbing his chin..

‘Breathtakingly beautiful’..Hyung said aloud as she walked towards them..

‘Great now he’s complimenting the maid!! Can you get any less dumb??’..Shin sneered adjusting his glasses and Hyung frowned..

What was his brother’s deal anyway??..

All he said was how beautiful their maid looked??..

‘Shall we go now??’..Min urged and they all got into their cars..

This was definitely a trip worth remembering