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Crazy Oppas. Episode 23 and 24

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(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 23

(The boss,the witch and the maid)

Min Ah angrily walked inside her room slamming the door so hard that her room rumbled..

Who does Jennie Kim think she is?!!..

If it wasn’t for a fact that they were from different backgrounds she was a maid she would definitely beat her to a pulp..

‘Min Ah!! Min Ah open the door!!’..Seo joo yelled from outside…

‘I want to be alone!!’..She replied burying her head on the pillow but Seo Joo came in anyway…

‘Min Ah you don’t have to listen to her?? We all know Jennie Kim is a trouble maker so you don’t have to be hurt and besides how did you even give her hot bottled water??’..

‘I did it on purpose Seo Joo’…

‘Gbo?!! You did it on purpose?? Weh(why)??’..Seo Joo exclaimed..

‘I wanted to get her out of the house and trust me I’ll make sure she leaves this house one way or the other’..Min replied and she chuckled..

‘This is like a movie…The boss,the witch and the maid!!! Master Shin is the boss,Jennie Kim is the witch and you’re the maid’…


The Next morning Shin Woo came out of his room and slipped into his jogging pants and top and went outside for his usual routine of physical fitness…

He was so engrossed in the song blasting through his ears that he didn’t notice Min walking towards him and in a minute they collided into each other…

‘Ahhh!!’…Min cried as she plummeted to the ground and felt a twist in her ankle..

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‘Are you blind?!! What is wrong with you?!!’..Shin Woo yelled at her and as she tried standing up she was hooked to the ground..

Her ankle was broken..

Well this was as a result of her fragile bones and his huge structure…

‘My..Owww my leg’..she said in tears and Shin stared at her ankle only to see that it was already swollen..

‘Aigoo’..he sighed and before Min Ah could think of anything else Shin carried her up in his arms…

The pain Min felt as excruciatingly painful but it still didn’t push her away from the fact that her greatest crush of all times was carrying her right in his arms..

He smelt of danger and honest male sweat which wasn’t a bad smell at all..

‘Hold on’..Shin murmured as he dropped her on the sofa in the living room and she nodded sniffing loudly..

Of everything that could happen to him today he just had to break the Maid’s leg..

This wasn’t a very welcome development for him.

‘Hey you get me a glass of old orange juice’..Jennie ordered as she walked down the stairs..

‘Deh?? Gbo?? My leg is broken Miss Jennie’..Min replied and Jennie scoffed loudly..

‘Do I look like I Care about your leg you disgusting maid?? Go get me a..

‘Jennie leave her alone!!’..Shin came in just in time to stop all the drama…

‘Last time i checked you aren’t the boss of the house so I can do as I please!! Besides why do you Care anyway??’..Jennie spat back and he smirked..

‘The maid’s leg is broken Jennie Kim so just leave her alone!!! Must you always act like a wounded dog every time??’..

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‘Shin did you just call me a dog in front of the maid??’..

‘Yeah i called you a dog and let this be a clear warning from me to you.The next time you bully Min Ah again I would make sure I kill you and feed your corpse to the dogs’.


(A Maid for the Woo’s)

Episode 24

(My responsibility).

Jennie blinked hard staring at Shin Woo half shocked and flabbergasted at his action…

He was choosing the maid’s side over her???..

He was really defending the maid??..

This is so unbelievable!!!..

‘I would surely make a complaint to Nam Shin Woo,he would do something about this nonsense’…she said angrily and stopped away…

‘Are you okay??’..Shin Woo asked Min who was also shocked and she nodded blinking hard..

He defended her!!!..

He really defended her!!..

‘You are my responsibility now Min Ah and sorry about your leg’..He murmured and walked away..


Hyung Woo came in minutes later all tired and worked up only to see Min Ah with a cast on her leg..

‘What happened to you Min??’..He asked..

‘Uhmm we..welcome Master Hyung’..Min stuttered and he frowned..

‘That isn’t the answer to my question Min Ah!! Why is there a cast on your leg??’..He questioned further..

‘Uhmmm Master Shin and I collided into each —’..Her voice trailed off as Kim and Nam approached the scene equally shocked to see their pretty maid’s leg broken..

‘What happened??’..They asked in unison and..

‘She broke her leg and it’s my responsibility to take Care of her’..Shin replied coming out of the kitchen..

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‘You broke her leg?? On purpose??’..Hyung asked furiously..

‘The only bone I’ll break on purpose is yours if you don’t keep your mouth shut..Min Ah is my responsibility so I’ll take care of it!’..He fired..

‘She’s my friend so she should be my responsibility’..Nam spoke up..

‘No she’s my responsibility’..Kim objected..

‘I think you all are dreaming cause she’s my responsibility!!’..Hyung said aloud and they all started arguing..

‘STOP!!! DO you guys fight about everything?!!’..Min screamed..