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Dream High. Chapter 44

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???????????? T.H.I.E.F (Dream High) ???????? ????

???? Who I Choose (Part 11) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣4️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

???????? ….People, some will fly beyond the stars. People, some will fall…. ????????

Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Rohan Pov ????️

“Mehek see to our guest, I will go and attend to my hand, excuse me.” Bobby said and left us, climbing the stairs.

“Auntie Mehek can I see you for a moment outside?” I said and leaned forward to whisper into Ashwini’s ear. “Don’t talk to Arjun, I will be right back beautiful.” I told her loud enough for Arjun to hear.

Me and auntie Mehek came outside of the house and just to be sure Bobby was not eavesdropping, I led her to my car and we both entered it.

“It seems like whatever you want to discuss is strictly private, right?” Auntie Mehek asked jokingly.

“Yes auntie, there is something I need to tell you.”

“Okay, I’m all ears.”

“Your husband is a murderer.”

“I don’t get you Rohan, what do you mean by that? I know my husband is into drugs but definitely, he is not a murderer.” Auntie Mehek said.

So, he is into drugs too. I have a perfect plan to destroy him and his drug business.

“Bobby is a murderer, he was the one who had killed Aishwarya father, King Padas, and those fake guards that night at the penthouse, they are his men.” I told her. “He wasn’t with them that night they had thought they killed Aishwarya.” I added staring into her shocked face.

“How are you sure he is the one Rohan? You might be mistaking him for someone else.”

I decided to tell her some truth.

“Auntie, I am avenging Aishwarya’s death and even now that I know she is still alive, that won’t stop me from killing the murderers. One has to reveal their master to me before he died and the man who had sent them to kill the King and us happens to be Bobby Poru.” I told her. “It seems Meera settled them well with huge money because everyone I had killed was rich. The only ones left for me to kill are Bobby Poru, Khan and his three friends, then the king’s and finally Meera. Their deaths will be worse than my Aishwarya.” I concluded my speech.

“This is hard to believe and I have been living with him for the past few years Rohan. If this is true then, I will personally kill Bobby Poru.”

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I smiled at that. Good to have someone on my side.

“Leave his death to me Rohan.” She told me.

I nodded my head. “But before his death, I want to crumble and crash his business.” I said turning one of my hands into a fist, “And when you kill him, I will make it look as if an assassin did the job.”


“I will take care of you and Aishwarya after his death, money won’t be an issue.” I assure her.

“I am not thinking about that, Aishwarya can take care of us. I am just worried about her lost memories, I don’t know when it will come back.”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan for that. I think I know of what to do to bring back Aishwarya memories.” I said.

“Please do that Rohan, I kinda miss the old Aishwarya.” Auntie Mehek said and sigh out softly. “I think you and Aishwarya are meant to be because if you aren’t meant to be, your fates won’t cross path but it did.”

“Yes, and I will do all my possible best to keep her and you safe. I am no longer that Rohan you know.”

“I know Rohan, you are now handsome, so cute that I couldn’t recognize you at all.”

“You did the right thing by changing her face, her parents will be proud of you.”

“You think so?”

“I know so auntie Mehek.” I said with a smile which she reciprocated back. “That’s all, let’s go back, I don’t trust your step-son around Ashwini who is now my Aishwarya.”

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

“So you won’t talk to me because he asked you not to?” Arjun said for the tenth time.

He has been saying that for the past few minutes that went by. He hasn’t left where he stood.

I kept quiet as I stared at the door which Rohit and my mother had left.

What is delaying them? What private discussion would Rohit want to have with my mother?

“I am talking to you Ashwini, are you now deaf and dumb now?” Arjun asked, getting frustrated with me.

I rolled my eyes and started whistling to myself.

“You think you won right? You think because he is more taller, handsome, than me and with those muscles of his that you won, right? Well sorry to break this to you Ashwini, you are mine, now and forever.” Arjun said closing the distance between us.

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I refuse to spare him a glance even when he is invading my personal space.

“You are happy that what I did earlier today did not break both of you, right? Don’t count your blessings yet Ashwini because I will rip whatever strings you both have. I am not and never leaving you for anyone or anybody.” Arjun Said.

Again I did not answer him.

I felt his hands on my jaw and he forcefully made me look at him.

If not for the brotherly love I have for Arjun, I would have broken the hand he used by now, but he shouldn’t test my patience.

“Well, since you don’t want to talk, I will make you talk.” He said and leaned forward to kiss me.

I heard the door open, FINALLY, and Arjun was being pushed away from me as an angry Rohit stood in his place and kissed me, it was brief and when his lips left mine, I yearned for more.

“I do not need your help to kiss my girlfriend.” Rohit today Arjun then grab my hand, which soon left and landed on my waist, and started to lead me to the open door where my mother stood with a smile on her lips. “Good night auntie Mehek, I will see you soon.” He told her.

I felt butterflies in my stomach as we went outside together, walking towards his car.

I glanced down at his hand realizing how I didn’t notice how warm his hand was, or how good it felt against my waist. I was so distracted thinking about how that hand would feel wrapped around a different part of my body that I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I was letting him guide me.

We stopped when we reached his car. He turn to face me, using one of his fingers to touch my lips.

“I am so lucky I found you Ashwini, you are my heart beat.” He said and I suddenly realized he was crying.

Rohit was crying?

“Rohit, what’s wrong?” I asked, feeling concerned. Did I do something wrong to hurt him?

“Nothing Ashwini. I thought I’d lost you but now, I just lost you.” He answered and pulled me into a surprise hug even though my head barely reached his massive chest.

Those arms around me….I want them to stay around me forever.

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“I am not leaving you again Aishwarya, sorry, I mean Ashwini.” He said, staring down at me, as he let his hands slide to touch my little hips. “I want to kiss you Ashwini, am I permitted to kiss you my Queen?” He told me.

I smiled widely. “You seem touchy ever since you and my mother discussed.” I said. “But you don’t have to seek my permission Rohit, you can kiss me whenever you want, my King.”

I tilted my head as he leaned forward to capture my lips, lifting me and I wrapped my legs around him.

We kissed like people possessed.

Our tongues mingled and sparred with each other, sucking and licking, tasting and immersing, again and again until I felt certain I’d melt onto Rohit’s chest and become one with him. Disappointment left me shuddering when someone roughly pulled away from Rohit.

“Do Not Kiss Her!!!” Arjun yelled out the words at Rohit in anger.

And I did it. I lost myself to my anger, I did what I have been holding trying to hold myself from doing, since.

I kick, punch, slap and beat up Arjun like a little kid.

By the time I left him, his handsome face was badly bruised with traces of blood in my hand. Although he was still breathing, I really focused on his stupid handsome face and his teeth.

“Next time, do not try such a thing.” I warned him and my anger faded away. “And I am sorry for beating you up brother but from the deepest part of my heart, you deserve this.”

By this time, my mother and Bobby came out, his broken hand wrapped up in a bandage.

“Do you want to kill him Ashwini!! Do you want to kill my son!!” Bobby yelled, rushing to help his son to his feet and I was surprised when my mother didn’t move an inch to help her step son which was unlikely for her.

I ignored Bobby and went back to my King who had his arms wide open for me. I went to meet him.

Rohit was smiling widely and I don’t know why. I just felt happy that he was smiling at me, not frowning.

“You still have that fire in you my Queen and I can’t wait for you to unleash it to those who truly deserve it.”

I smiled back at him even though I have no idea what he meant by that.