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Dream High. Chapter 45

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???? Who I Choose (Part 12) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣5️⃣

Written by

©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

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Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Ashwini Pov ????️

“You did well Ashwini and I am so proud of you.” Rohit continued his praises and I felt proud like a peacock.

“I did nothing hotshot, just trying to tell Arjun to learn how to stay in his own lane.” I said releasing my hold on him and turning around so that I was leaning into his embrace as we watched Bobby take his son to the car and use his good hand to open the car door for his son to enter before he went to the other side of the car and entered the driver seat.

By the time he had started the car, the gatekeeper had already opened the gate for him to drive out.

Bobby drove out of his compound, probably heading to the hospital.

Who cares?

“Have got to be going too beautiful. I have to see my doctor friend tomorrow.” Rohit said turning me around and pressing his lips briefly on mine. “I will be very busy from tomorrow but I will try and make a chance to see you, okay?”

I nodded my head.

“Auntie Mehek, I will see you soon.” He said, caress my face, then left my side to open his car.

I waved my both hands as he drove out of Bobby’s compound. I went to meet my mother.

“So mum, what were you and Rohit discussing about?” I asked as we both walked into the living room.

“You know I once told you that you are royalty.” I nodded my head, I remember that night she told me. “Well, Rohit happens to be someone you and I know back then.”


“Really?” I asked in surprise.

“Yes my dear.” My mother answered.

“But, why can’t I remember my past?” I tried to see if I could remember anything but the only memory I have are that of when me and my mother were still living in the village, the village where Bobby met my mother.

“Something happened to you Ashwini and Rohit is the only one that can make you remember everything.”

“No wonder we click so well and I love him.”

“Why didn’t you tell him that?”

“Well, it seems soon and we just met. Anyway I noticed your cold reaction towards Bobby, anything I should know?” I said and at that moment we both heard the sound of Bobby’s car driving in. “He is back.” I said.

Bobby came in looking at me with a death glare which I ignored. I noticed a new bandaged on his hands

“How is Arjun?” I asked.

“So that you can finally kill him? You did not succeed in your mission Ashwini.”

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“If you had cautioned your son not to intervene in my way, this wouldn’t have happened dad.”

“Just thank your stars that he is fine if not.” Bobby said, pointing his good index finger to me, “Just thank your stars.”

“How is Arjun?’ Mehek asked before I could reply to Bobby.

“He fainted on our way to the hospital, though he is responding to his treatment.” Bobby answered, eyed me once more before his gaze went back to my mother. “I will be in my room Mehek.” He said and left us, taking the stairs three at a time.

“Wow, you really beat up Arjun.” My mother whispered once Bobby was out of sight.

“That serves him well, when he is discharged from the hospital, he will learn to mind his business.” I said with a grin.

“I trust you and if he doesn’t mind his business….”

“Then I will send him back to the hospital.” I completed her statement and we both burst out laughing and I yawned afterwards. “Goodnight mum.” I said hugging her briefly before releasing her from my hold. “I feel tired and sleepy.”

“Me too, go, I will lock the doors my dear.” She said and I left her, taking my phone with me.

I quickly took my bath and changed into my night pajamas and sent Rohit a goodnight Message before I drift off to sleep, making sure my room door was locked.


????️ Writer Pov ????️

Delhi City:

Maharaja Palace:

Lady Meera was alone in her chamber, going through some books on her table, when Amar appeared before her and told her something in her ears, Lady Meera nodded her head and Amar disappeared.

“Rashmi!!” She yelled out the name and a knock sounded on her door. “Come in.”

The door to her room chamber opened and Rashmi, a middle age man, entered her room with his head bowed.

“Yes my Lady.”

“Quickly go and inform the palace messengers to send a message to all the kings and Khan. They should all be here first thing tomorrow morning.” She said and the man left to carry out her order.


Early the Next Morning….

All the king’s were present in the palace meeting room including Prince Khan.

Lady Meera sat at the chair meant for the King or Queen.

“I had to leave the comfort of my bed to be here Meera and you are staring at us, what seems to be the problem?” King Veer asked.

“There is trouble.” Lady Meera said.

“India can never be in trouble Meera.” King Baabul said.

“I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to King Sanjay.”

“Oh, and why me?” King Sanjay asked.

“Because someone wants the throne.” Lady Meera replied.

“How can someone want the throne when my son here is the next King, the only person fit to sit on the throne.” King Sanjay said. “I don’t believe that, nonsense.”

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“That was what I thought until I received this note last night.” Lady Meera said and passed a small piece of paper to him.

King Sanjay read the content out aloud for everyone to hear:

‘Stay away from my throne or you shall face the consequences. I am back.’

Such eleven words that held so much threatening.

“What’s the meaning of this?” King Sanjay demanded waving the paper up in the air as he stared at Meera.

“I don’t know.” Lady Meera replies with a shrug.

King Veer collected the paper from King Sanjay’s hand and feasted his eyes on it.

“I would have said this is one of Meera’s plans but the handwriting looks so different from hers.” He said passing the paper to the two Kings who looked at it and passing the paper to King Baabul who looked at it and shook his head.

“This definitely is not Meera’s handwriting.” King Baabul said and finally passed the Paper to prince Khan.

“So who do you think is behind this? I know very well that the four kings here want the throne but since it is written down that my son will rule India, none of them can take that away, and also, they are not the one who would scoop so low to write these mere words to my face.” King Sanjay asked Meera.

“Not only to your face Sanjay, but to the rest of our faces.” King Veer chips in.

“So who could that be? Any idea auntie Meera?” Prince Khan asked, staring at Lady Meera.

“Yes, there is only one person who will want to take the throne from you.”

“And who can that be?” King Sanjay demanded.


Prince Khan snorted loudly like a pig. “May I remind your memory auntie Meera, Aishwarya is dead. Even if the fire didn’t kill her, she would still die because you poisoned her drink and she drank it.” He told her.

“I know what I am saying, though I am still not sure if it’s truly her.” Lady Meera said remembering her conversation between her and Amar.

‘Though I am still not sure if it is truly Aishwarya, her aura is still different, but I am keeping my eyes on her and the boy my Lady.’

“No one is taking the throne from my son. He is the true ruler, if it wasn’t because Aishwarya had taken a liking to that slave boy, all these wouldn’t have happened, I won’t join hands with any of you to soul our hands with blood.” King Sanjay said, taking a deep breath before he continued. “And just like my son said, even if Aishwarya survived the fire accident, which I am hundred percent sure she won’t, then the poison will kill her.”

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“Even though I am not in good times with Sanjay here, what he said is true. Aishwarya can never survive, never.” King Veer said and the other three kings nodded their heads in agreement.

Lady Meera laughed at that.

“You seem to have forgotten what the late Queen, my sister, before her death was a witch, a dark witch.”

“And she gave up her powers because of Padas, we all know how the calm tame the wild.” King Baabul said.

“Then what makes you think Aishwarya won’t survive the fire and my poison?” Lady Meera said getting up to her feet. “Think about it, who will want the throne? The answer is simple, the only surviving child of King Padas. Aishwarya is still alive.”

“Okay she is alive, we get it auntie Meera, but wherever she is, she should know I am not a coward to back away. This is a new Khan.”

“Okay, everyone should be careful.” Lady Meera said.

“We always are.” King Veer said.

“Don’t forget this coming Saturday is my party and I want every one of you to be present there, please.” Prince Khan said.

“We shall be there.” Lady Meera answered for them. “This meeting is over.”


Bombay City:

Still that Morning……

Bobby called Taru who picked it up at the second ring.

“Dad, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow which is Tuesday as we agreed. But I will be coming back on Saturday instead.” Taru told him.

“And why is that Taru? We had plans.” Bobby said not hiding the disappointment in his voice.

“I am sorry dad but I can’t miss my exam, they shifted it till on Friday. I will be coming to the party, trust me, I don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

“Okay, I trust you Taru.” Bobby said with a smile. “Anyway, did you know that Ashwini beat up your brother and that landed him I’m an hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. They will have to check his brain tomorrow to be sure there is no leakage.”

“What? Ashwini did that to my brother?”

“Yes and she didn’t apologise one bit.”

“Send me her number dad, let me call her.” Taru ends the call and Bobby quickly sends Ashwini’s number to her.


Ashwini’s ringing tone woke her up from her sleep, she picked it up thinking it was Rohit.

“How dare you lay your filthy hands on my brother? Who do you think you are? You dirty scumbag picked up from the gutter.” Taru shouted.

“Oh.” Ashwini said, recognizing Taru’s voice. “You finally decided to call the girl who shaped your life for the better, good because if you didn’t call me to thank me for giving you my scholarship, you’d be beside Arjun before tomorrow morning.”