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Dream High. Chapter 48

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???? Who I Choose (Part 15) ????

An India love action story….

Chapter 4️⃣8️⃣

Written by
©️ Ifeoma Isabella Silver Okeke Ozoemene.

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Continuation From the last Episode;

????️ Writer Pov ????️

“I want you Rohit.” Ashwini said softly.

“What are you doing to me?” Rohan asks aloud to no one. He stared at his Aishwarya with intense eyes. He was and still is in love with her. He shouldn’t do this, fall in love, not after the promise he had made years back. But he was already in love with the princess before tragedy struck.

He only made that promise to that boy because he thought his love was dead, his heart only beats for one person, and that person is his princess.

Damn the promise. He is going to risk it, risk his life, he wants her just as badly as she wants him and he won’t say no or back down but then again….he was scared.

Scared of what Aishwarya would think about his body once she sees it. Will she still be interested in him? Will their love story still continue? Would he lose Aishwarya forever?

Well only one way to find answers to all his questions.

“Let’s go in.” Rohan said and didn’t waste time to lift Ashwini from the ground and carried her in a bridal style inside. “My adoptive father is sleeping.” He added as he took her into his room, the lights were on.

He hardly locked the door when Ashwini kissed him, still on his arms. They kissed, first lightly, then more urgently, his tongue in her mouth, her body pressed against his, her breasts against his chest, her whole body sending a message that was undeniable.

He heads for his bed as they kiss and lower her on it. He hovered around her as they kissed hungrily.

Her tongue fluttered against his, and his hands were deep in the softness of her hair.

He will always keep her warm, he will always keep her safe, he will always keep her with him, always and no one will try to separate them.

He wouldn’t allow such to happen.

The lack of air forced them apart and as he lowered her on his King size bed, she nibbled at his chin, his ear, touching his face with her fingertips, sighing, whispering, “You feel so good Rohit.”

“It’s Rohan.” He whispered back. “My real name that you gave to me is Rohan beautiful.”

With a strength Rohan didn’t know she possessed, she turned him, his back now to his bed as she sat astride him, on his huge bulge.

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“I want to see you.” She said as she tried to unbutton his shirt but he caught her hands before she could unbutton one. At that moment, Ashwini saw his ungloved hands.

Rohan was scared and was having a second thought.

“Aishwarya, my body is like the rest of my hand.” He said, trying to remember her of their old conversation they once had.

Touching his palm.

“How did this happen?” She asked.

“It’s a long story which I will tell you when you recover your memories.”

“I want to see you, all of you Rohan. Allow me.” She holds his hands, wanting to take the next step with him more than anything. She could see his scared reaction. She kissed him on his lips briefly. “It’s okay Rohan, everything will be okay.” She said, trying to assure him.

“What if it is not? Let me go and switch off the light in that way you won’t see me.” Rohan said trying to push her from him gently so that he could go and switch off the light but Ashwini held him firmly on his chest.

“Leave the light on Rohan. I want to see you, please do not say no.”

“Honestly I am nervous about letting you see, I don’t want you to be disappointed with the way I look.”

“You can never disappoint me hotshot.” Ashwini mumbled as she once again began to unbutton his shirt. “It’s going to be fine.”

He sits upright as he watches Ashwini’s expression when the shirt slips out from his body.

He waited to see that familiar disgusting look but didn’t see it. He was surprised when he felt Ashwini hands on his horrible disfigured body.

“I am surprised you don’t seem repulsed or disgusted.” Rohan’s eyes were filled with tears. “Or is it just that wishful thinking on my part?”

Ashwini paused to look at him. “What are you talking about, don’t be crazy.”

“Crazy? I have been through this before, back then when I had survived. People distance themselves away from me once they see my scars, that’s why I am always wearing clothes that are long to cover up my horrible scars.” Rohan said, trying hard not to break down in tears. He closes his eyes and lets out a long sigh “Maybe you are just trying to spare my feelings. Maybe you are just being the nice girl I had known before.” He opens his eyes and stares at Ashwini. “A disgusting disfigured body is all I have to offer, Aishwarya. If you want to end this, I will understand.”

“End this? We’re just beginning. I don’t want to end anything.” Ashwini said and pushes him gently back to the bed and caress his stomach slowly. Her hands traveling down to his trouser, kissing all over his chest. “I am looking at the pinnacle of male beauty. You are so handsome and hot with this body Rohan and I am glad you are mine.” She added and Rohan moaned.

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She moved slightly to capture his lips and they kissed in urgency.

* Warning Sexual Content Ahead *

He felt her slip down the bed. She unfastened his trouser, ignoring the burns all over his legs, eased his briefs over his hips, and brushed the length of his cock with her palm before taking him in her mouth. He sighed, eyes shut, thinking about how unbelievably good it felt, when Ashwini gave a throaty moan, then rolled her mouth from base to tip.

“I want you to look at me Rohan.”

Rohan did as instructed.

She pinned him with her eyes as she leaned down again and took his impossibly hard flesh in her hand, drawing him upright to lower her mouth toward his hard thick long length. He moaned the second her breath hit him. She’d never had anything so thick inside her mouth before, but the throaty growl he released as her lips enclosed the head made her feel there was nothing she couldn’t do.

Suddenly her mouth was full of rich, hot hard flesh. With her hand wrapped around the base, she kept her eyes on his face as she stroked the upper half of his cock with her moist lips. He groaned deeper, harder, reaching for her face and brushing her dark, luxurious hair aside as he gazed at her sucking his cock.

She stroked his shaft with her mouth faster. The emptiness of her pussy was clawing at the walls of her consciousness.

She finally released his pulsing cock from her mouth.

Quickly removing her pajamas and everything she was wearing, leaving her naked, she pulled his trouser and briefs the rest of the way off. His eyes were constantly on her as she moved back over him to sit astride his hips once again.

“I am clean, Arjun hasn’t done skin to skin with me before and I am so glad he didn’t.” Ashwini said as she held his hard cock in place, she finally lowered her smoothly waxed pussy onto his rigid shaft.

They groaned at the same time, and he pulled her forward to kiss her as she began to ride his length with the rocking drive of her hips. He clutched her ass tightly, pulling her open as he met the rock of her hips with his thrusting cock.

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She felt the power in his hips, in the unrelenting push and pull of his impossibly thick cock while he kissed her with a hunger that made her head swim. She started to cum, but he held on, holding back his explosion as he drove into her deeper and faster.

Finally, he rolled, taking her with him, until she found herself lying beneath him. His cock was still embedded deeply in her pussy as he gazed down at her.

This was Aishwarya, his beloved Aishwarya that he had always dreamt of rescuing after that night. He drove his throbbing stalk deeply into her body.

The slick, friction of his solid girth was turning her into some raw, writhing thing. Some helpless organism fed on its own needs and desires. Just as she felt the ripples of another climax, he reared upright and pulled his cock out of her body, leaving her panting and inflamed.

“I want you from behind,” he said simply.

Between his growling tone and wild look of need, she couldn’t speak. She took one, lingering gaze at his cock as it stood up, glistening with her honey, then she rolled over and tucked her knees under her body, raising her ass for him.

He clutched and squeezed at her cheeks while his wet cock ground back into the sheath between her swollen sex lips.

“Oh, fuck, Rohan…yes,” she mewled as he thrust hard and deep into her pussy.

“Oh Aishwarya, my beautiful Aishwarya.” he growled.

Ashwini couldn’t control her loud moans. Her pussy wouldn’t stop rippling from within as he drove her hard to the edge.

As she started to cum, Rohan gripped her hips and thrust with a force that rocked her entire body. His cock exploded with blossoms of wet heat inside her while he moaned and gasped for precious air.

When it was over, he slowly pulled his cock from her pussy, and they lay together on the bed, facing each other.

“I love you Rohan.” Ashwini said with a smile.

Rohan frozen, everything inside him wants to say it back to her, but he couldn’t.

They are just three little words. So easy to for someone to say but very hard for him.

So instead he just kissed her.

Maybe if he didn’t die in the morning he would tell her he loves her back.

‘Please dear Creator if you are listening, don’t let me die. Now that I have found my only reason for living please I don’t want to leave her. I love her, I truly love Aishwarya.’

He prayed, pulling her into himself.

Until tomorrow…..